Actual Natural Breast Enhancement Experience with Pueraria Mirifica

If you’ve been reading up on natural breast enhancement on the internet, you might have also been familiarized with the forum Breastnexus.

There you will find a lot of information about natural breast enhancement as well as the real success stories and experiences shared by real people.

One of them that I’ve read up on lately is Kloe’s forum on her experience with Pueraria Mirifica and I thought it was worth sharing.

Why is it interesting?

Because she’s gotten amazing results from using Pueraria Mirifica combined iwth some other supplements (vitamins and minerals) she begins to see the results after 2 weeks!

That’s quite impressive if you ask me.

Basically, Kloe experienced some slight side effects with Pueraria Mirifica; she has increased appetite for food during the first 15 days of using the herb.

Kloe’s program:


  • 1 Silica complex pill
  • 1 multivitamin
  • 1 Calcium Citrate + vitamin D pill


  • Birth control pill (Belara)
  • 1 PM pill (Ainterol’s 500mg capsules)
  • 1 silica complex
  • 1 Calcium Citrate + vitamin D pill

Results after 2 months

The results after 15 days in terms of fullness and size of breasts was amazing.

Although she said that after 2 months it was not really growing much and feeling like they shrunk back to the original size.

But it is too early to say that her breasts are not responding to the remedy.

Kloe’s Positive side effects from using PM

  1. She noticed that her lips felt and looked fuller. ..
  2. Improvemen tin her complexion; her acne prone skin has dramatically improved…
  3. No mood swing during PMS…
  4. Increased libido…
  5. Less bloating during menstrual period.

For more updates on Kloe’s progress with Pueraria Mirifica, visit http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=16173

What GetCurvyNow will recommend;

Try as much as you can to eat clean diet.

As explained in Kloe’s forum thread that her weakness is that she likes eating sugary foods. That can dramatically slow down her progress.

Instead switch to high protein food and less sugary/high fat junk food and your results will last and be more noticeable.

The improvement for Kloe’s good, but it could be better by switching from taking 500mg of PM everyday to only 15 days a week and then..

Use milder phytoestrogen from Fenugreek, and top it up with Saw Palmetto (250mg/day) for the rest of the cycle.

Choose high quality Pueraria Mirifica such as that from Purafem is one way to make sure that the growth lasts.

How so?

High quality PM is grown in a controlled, chemical-free environment which means less toxins in your body. The nanotechnology used in manufacturing process ensures that your body will get the maximum absorption of the good stuff.

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