GetCurvyNow’s Quick Guide – How To Get Bigger Breasts Naturally 36

By Claire Mier

how to grow bigger breasts naturally has been around for over 1 year now and we have helped many readers achieve their desired body through natural methods. Many people who have searched for information about how to get bigger breasts naturally have landed on our website, taken our suggestions, and taken actions, have reported back with great results. So we gathered up the feedback and experiences from the readers combined with our original 30 day program. And the quick guide below is the result of the combination.



So do bookmark this page, and get ready to take notes because you’re about to discover the blueprint to your natural breast enhancement success.

The results may vary from one person to the next. But you can expect to feel some changes within 7 days (the tingling feeling, the increase in firmness, etc).

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How to Get Bigger Breasts Naturally – The Step-by-Step Guide

Remember to feel positive and happy about this whole process. I’d recommend you to NOT measure yourself too often. In fact, do not measure yourself at all for the first 2 months except right before you get started. It’s important that you feel motivated and happy with this.

Motivation is important because it can take a few months before you see results. The last thing you want is to give up just before the results start to show.

The key to staying motivated

So just relax, have a clear picture in your mind of how you’d like your breasts to look by the time you’re done.

How does it feel?

You feel great, right?

This is just a mental game and nothing serious; having a mental picture of your goal and a great feeling of acomplishing the goal has proven to keep people motivated.

chiyomilk before-and-after

1) Eat well-balanced diet high in lean protein.

Make sure to consume around 1500-2000 calories a day.
The diet should have a lot of lean protein (30%), fresh (preferably organically grown) fruits and veggies (30%), complexed carbohydrates or whole grains and high-in-fibre foods (30%), and water (10%).

2) Take herbal supplements.

However, before you start taking these herbs, speak with your doctors if you have any health conditions.

I do not recommend anyone who has liver, kidney, hypertension, or cardiovascular problems to take these herbs.

Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women should NOT be taking these supplements either.

Pueraria Mirifica – 500mg/ day starting day 1 of your menstrual cycle and continue for the next 15 days.

Recommended product: Puerafem

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After the 15 days, switch to fenugreek, fennel seeds, saw palmetto, wild yam for the next 15 days or until your next period starts.

Recommended product: Breast Actives

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3) Breast Massage (5-10 minutes / session, 2 sessions a day after shower)

You can read the complete article and instruction of the breast massage for growth here.

You may use the cream that comes with Breast Actives, and/or Purafem with the massage for maximum growth.

Alternatively, you can also add a tool to accelerate the results.

Breast enhancement pump from Noogleberry is among the most efficient tool for breast enlargement that you can use at the comfort of your own home.

You can read more about the pump here.

does noogleberry work

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6) Chest exercise

Note that the exercise will not increase the breast tissues.

What it does is increase or strengthen the pectoral muscles underneath the breasts.

This will create the look of perkiness and volume.

Make sure to do the exercise at least 3-4 times a week, 3 sessions of 12 repetitions each time.

You will begin to feel the soreness and results within 1 -2 weeks. It’s that effective!

Here’s a good video that demonstrate the chest exercise.


To Sum Up:

  • Write Down the Goal. Hold a good image of what you want to achieve and feel happy about already having achieved it.
  • Eat well, and take supplement. It’s best you plan this in advance. Make a budget for the program and get to it. This costs next to nothing compared to what you will achieve and how happy you will be having achieved it.
  • Start doing the massage now, even if you still haven’t got any of the breast enlargement cream or lotion. Use what is in the kitchen; do you have cooking olive oil, or coconut oil? That will work!
  • Start the exercise. Don’t make it into a chore and beat yourself up if you don’t do it. It’s more important that you feel happy about this incredible journey.
  • Keep records of your progress. Share your story here. We’d love more than anything to hear about your success stories.


36 thoughts on “GetCurvyNow’s Quick Guide – How To Get Bigger Breasts Naturally

  1. Reply Tess Isabel Dec 7,2013 8:05 am

    I am wondering if you can tell me more about a drug progynova and how safe it is to use. I recently tried it for two weeks and something made me very sick and I don’t know if it was the pills or something else.

    • Reply Claire Mier Dec 9,2013 6:07 am

      Hi Tess,

      here’s the info based on

      Unexpected vaginal bleeding or spotting (breakthrough bleeding)
      Breast tenderness and enlargement
      Breast changes, including dimpling of the breast skin, changes in the nipple, or lumps
      Feeling sick (nausea)
      Stomach cramps or feeling bloated
      Wind (flatulence)
      Painful periods (menstruation)
      Swelling and redness of the legs
      Yellowing of the eyes and skin (jaundice)
      Headache or migraine
      Weight gain
      Changes in sexual desire
      Dizziness or vertigo (spinning or swaying sensation when standing still)
      Increased blood pressure
      Palpitations (pounding in the chest)
      Fast heartbeat (tachycardia) or irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia)
      Hair loss
      Infection of the vagina
      Breast cancer.

      Those are the listed possible side effects of using the drug as well as many oral contracentions (as they are estrogen based).
      So it’s best to stick to the natural remedy in my opinion. with that said, if you have family history of breast cancer, have your hormone checked and see if you’re estrogen predominant or not before beginning the program.
      best wishes,

  2. Reply M May 23,2014 1:25 pm

    I have a question about the “Breast actives” product. Do you have to continue taking it for the results to last, or is it a permanent change?

    • Reply Claire Mier May 27,2014 9:50 am

      Hi there,
      Generally once you reach your goal, you can stop taking the pills or reduce the amount. We recommend to take the supplement for 1-2 month cycle per year after that.

      We encourage that you continue with the breast massage, but it won’t be necessary to do the massage as religiously as in the beginning.


  3. Reply Dunniee Jul 5,2014 4:38 pm

    Please i have been looking for the Noogleberry breast pump everywhere but the produce seems to have finished everywhere and the official site not active.
    I have read the reviews and i am pleased with the comments and results.
    Kindly assist me because i am in dare need of it as i have breast Asymmetry (i.e one breast really bigger than the other) and i have been looking for a solution because i am not confident enough to wear some type of clothes i would have loved to wear or stand naked in front of my boyfriend.
    please i need your help as fast as possible. can i get it in the UK and if yes, where and how much?

    Many thanks for your anticipated response.

    Read more:

    • Reply Claire Mier Jul 7,2014 9:26 am

      Hi Dunniee,

      Here’s the purchase link :

      Just click on Noogleberry breast enlargement pump , choose the size , add to cart, and complete the online purchase and the products will be shipped directly to your doorsteps!

      The product company is from the UK and the set generally costs between 45-60 pounds.
      Best wishes,

  4. Reply booboo Aug 27,2014 9:34 pm

    Hi, I’ve been taking breast actives for over a month now and had done a big detox before taking the breast actives but I’ve noticed zero growing pains, is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

  5. Reply booboo Sep 10,2014 7:47 pm

    Thank you! I will give it a try, love your website by the way, its very informative! keep up the good work 😉

  6. Reply Cherie Sep 14,2014 5:23 am

    Hi Claire,
    I am wondering if you have heard or read anything about progesterone cream to increase breast size. I read this somewhere on one of the NBE forums and I bought a tube of progesterone cream to try. I would like to know what is your take on this? Do you think it will work to help me increase my breast size? (I am a petite 23 year old Asian girl, and unfortunately very flat)

    In addition, I am currently taking a combination of saw palmetto 450mg/capsule, fenugreek 610mg/capsule and wild yam 405mg/capsule pills. I would like to seek your advise on how many of the capsules to consume a day and do I have to consume them once or twice daily? Do I consume them throughout the entire month?

    I am also thinking of adding Pueraria Mirifica pills from St Herb into my routine but I do not know if it is necessary or is it too much herbs to take?

    Hope you can help me out with my questions. Thank you!

    • Reply Claire Mier Sep 27,2014 6:39 am

      Hi Cherie,
      So sorry for late reply.

      I think you’re on the right track and should begin to see some results already. Progesterone cream does help regulate hormone balance, and Saw palmetto helps block testosterone (male hormone).

      I would recommend taking the Pueraria Mirifica pills for 15 days (starting on the 1st day of your period) then switch to saw palmetto 450mg/capsule, fenugreek 610mg/capsule and wild yam 405mg/capsule pills for the rest of the month. The progesterone can be used in combination with or you can simply use coconut/flaxseed oil for breast massage (twice a day after shower).

      Keep me updated.

  7. Reply booboo Sep 24,2014 1:04 pm

    Tried your advice and its already wprking! (I think??) I’ve got ‘bruised’ pains in the side of my breasts and near my inner armpits, I take it those are signs my breast are going to grow? My nipples are very sensitive and my breast feel heavy. I found it helpful to do a mini detox each morning by drinking a pint of warm water with juice of 1/2 a lemon (to kick start my liver!) then after 20mins I take breast actives with breakfast. Really hopeful to see growth soon 🙂 thanks for all your advice! It’s really made a difference!

    • Reply Claire Mier Sep 27,2014 6:10 am

      Hi Booboo, That’s incredible! I am so glad to hear about your progress.
      The brush massage Chiyomilk refers to (when you brush the side of your breasts into the center) will give you more cleavage and prevent the armpit double boobs as well.

      Keep us updated. 🙂

  8. Reply Elanor Nov 6,2014 10:28 pm

    Thanks Claire. I have already increased one cup size.

  9. Reply booboo Nov 10,2014 11:42 pm

    Well, I’ve had noticeable growth of over half a inch and still growing! Can’t wait til I need to buy new bras! Thanks Claire

    • Reply Claire Mier Nov 23,2014 7:23 am

      Hi Booboo,

      Thanks for sharing your progress with us. I’m sure they are still growing. Keep up the good work and let me know if you have any questions 🙂


  10. Reply Kat Jennings Nov 18,2014 5:21 pm

    Try to use boob pop which is really work well and definitely increases your cup size by at least once cup. They are soft and comfortable and look real underneath your shirt.

    • Reply Claire Mier Nov 23,2014 4:34 am

      I havent used that myself but I will take your word for it. Most products can work if you’re persistent. 🙂

  11. Reply Teddy Dec 11,2014 8:36 am

    Hi Claire, I love the website!

    I’m 18-years-old and interested in NBE, but I know I’m unable to take herbs. This is my current plan, and I haven’t started it yet because I wanted some input first. (Just so you know, I’m a large B–loose C and am on a bit of a tight budget.)

    Do Chi massage with coconut oil after showering, then warm up my chest with a heat pad for circulation. After that, use the Noogleberry (with very gentle pressure) for about 10 minutes each session (twice a day), and do Chiyomilk’s fat brushing technique before going to bed with a ‘night bra’ from Japan (to hold everything in place overnight). All the while I’d be aiming to drink about 2L of water a day, some green tea, and a protein/nutritional supplement drink.

    What do you think about it? Should I make any adjustments?

    • Reply Claire Mier Dec 29,2014 6:58 am

      Hi Teddy,

      It sounds like a solid plan you have there to get started with the NBE program. If I may recommend, you can also add spearmint tea (natural anti-androgens), add fenugreek powder into the massage oil, and start taking some pure whey protein supplement and/or nano-peptide collagen powder (5000mg per day). This should be enough to get you growing a cup or two within 3 months.

      Best wishes,

  12. Reply Maria Jan 10,2015 6:07 am

    Hi Claire,

    I have been using Breast Actives that includes the pills and creams diligently since November 1, 2014 so I am now on my 3rd month (today is January 9, 2015), as well as incorporating the breast massages twice a day (300 inward circular motions) and skin brushing once a day (based on Chinomilk’s video). I have taken photos at the start of each month but I am seeing minimal results if any at all. In some photos they appear larger but I wonder if it was the lighting in my room on that particular day. I bought Fenugreek in pill form and Wild Yam in liquid extract but haven’t used them yet. Should I digest these additional herbs to enhance the Breast Actives products? Otherwise, is there additional steps I should take to ensure growth? Please advise. Thank you.

  13. Reply Maria Feb 15,2015 7:02 am

    Hi Claire,

    I read the post and comments on the link to Chiyomilk’s program that you provided and would like some clarification.

    1. I understand using PM on the first day of my period for 15 days and switch to BA till my period begins again. Can you clarify if I’ll be using BA cream as well on the days I’m on PM?

    2. As previously mentioned I have been using BA pills and creams for 3 months and see no growth. I’m now on my 4th month using BA and wondering should I take a break and for how long? You also recommend a detox during the break. Should the detox be done at the beginning or towards end of the break? I drink G.T. Kombucha juices (low calories and sugar). Is that acceptable as juicing?

    3. I ordered PM and waiting for it. When I start using PM along with BA, should I also add Bovine Ovary and Nano Collagen?

    4. How many months should I stay on the PM/BA regimen before I try something else? If the PM/BA regimen doesn’t work should I switch to PM/Total Curve?

    5. You mention massaging twice a day after a shower. Is it necessary to take two showers a day? Also can you clarify the correct directions when doing the circular motions massage. Is it inwards towards breasts or away? Should I do this massage with skin brushing everyday or alternate days for better results?

    I know I’m asking a lot of questions and tried my best to read everything so I’m not asking you over and over the same questions. However, the more blogs and comments I read, the more I learn, but the more questions I have.

    I’m feeling hopeless at this point and really hoping Chiyomilk’s program will be the key that unlocks my breast growth potential.

    Thank you so much for your patience and for taking the time to answer everyone’s questions on this forum. 🙂

    • Reply Claire Mier Feb 15,2015 10:08 am

      Hi Maria,

      I love that you have questions. It shows you’re taking this seriously!
      So here are my answers to them;
      1) You can continue using the Breast actives cream on the days that you’re taking PM. The main ingredients in the cream is PM and vitamin E.
      2) Take one to two week break and hop back on the wagon. The juice should ideally be freshly squeezed juice. But if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, go for non-concentrate juices. The detox can be done on any days you like. You can even do it while you’re back on the program but want to take one day break per week. Its like pressing a reset button to prevent plateaus.
      3) I recommend trying just Breast actives and PM first before adding Bovine. If you want to add more supplements, collagen peptide is great as that promotes better skin elasticity and skin cell production.
      4) Take 6 months before you adjust. NBE is very personal and everyone reacts differently to different programs. But I’ve found Ba and PM to work wonderfully for me .. and many other biological females.
      5) The massage can be done anyway you feel comfortable… no particular motions needed really. Just not so hard so you injure yourself. The reason why I recommend doing it after shower is because when you use the cream to massage it gets absorbed much more easily when the pores are open (from the warm shower). You can use heat pads or blow dryer for that as well.
      Hope this answers your questions! Let me know how it goes! 
      Join our community here –

  14. Reply Kendra May 23,2015 2:58 am

    Hi Claire,

    I was wondering, if i use the Breast Actives and the PM alternativly, can i just buy the PM pills or do i need the PM cream and serum as well?

    • Reply Claire Mier Jun 24,2015 8:09 am

      Hi sorry for late response. Choose one of them.. The more important thing is to do it regularly (breast massage).


  15. Reply shRonheartz Sep 7,2015 7:48 am

    I need advice i want to enlarge my breast. I bought swansons bovine ovary. And plan on starting a high protein diet wiyh excerise am i missing something

    • Reply Claire Mier Sep 27,2015 4:26 am

      You got it right when you need to add high protein diet too.
      Make sure to each enough of the complex carbs to grow breasts or booty.
      Do the daily massage in combination with taking the supplements, and you will begin to see noticeble results.

      Best wishes,

  16. Reply Tiffany Sep 16,2015 1:35 pm

    Hi Claire, I’m interesting in starting NBE program soon but wanted to just clarify some things!

    1. You said to do a 3 day juicing detox before starting the program. Is that just drinking fresh juice only for 3 days? What particular fruits or veggies do you recommend?

    2. Am I right in thinking that: PM is taken (max 1000mg/day) for 15 days from day 1 of period, then Breast Actives (twice a day) is taken until the start of next period?

    3. Where does Bountiful Breasts/Swansons Bovine come in? Is this taken daily, and should I stop taking PM/BA when I take this?

    4. I saw in one of the sample Plans you wrote up had something called MSM. Is this the same as BB? How is it taken?

    5. Collagen can be taken daily or whenever I feel I need it?

    6. I also saw that you recommended taking “breaks”. So this means taking nothing, other than maybe just using the massaging cream? How long should the break be, and when (luteal or follicular phase)?

    Sorry that ended up being a bit longer than I planned!! Thank you so much, and your site is so informative and wonderful!

    • Reply Claire Mier Sep 27,2015 4:19 am

      Hi Tiffany,

      1) The detox is optional, and recommended for those who have given it a try and hit plateau or see little to no results. The juice recommend is freshly squeezed juice preferably within the citrus group (orange, lime, lemon). You can add some beetroots or carrots or other veggies of your choice. You might not need to only drink the juice. Just make sure to eat clean and avoid processed, high-sodium foods and eat complex carbs (whole wheat, brown rice, etc).
      2) In the beginning start with just 250-500mg of PM. You don’t want to overdose this; take this for 15 days starting day 1 of period then switch to Breast Actives (BA). You can take the BA for 10 days in the beginning. That gives your body 5 days without any supplement then the menstrual cycle should be regular.
      3. Bountiful/ Swanson Bovine may substitute the PM if PM is not working so well for you.
      4. MSM is a type of mineral that promotes body growth. Body builders take this sometimes to build more muscles or promote natural growth hormones.
      5. Collagen can be taken with the other supplements. Some say it’s best absorbed on empty stomach. But I do take it whenever I remember. 🙂
      6. Yes, there will be the time when you just want to give your body a break. So that it won’t get to accustomed to all the supplements and hit plateau. The break can be for a couple of days up to one month. You may continue the massage while you’re on the breaks.

      Hope this answers your questions! Sorry again for the late reply.


  17. Reply Coz Oct 14,2015 8:44 am

    I used bovine for a few months last year in Summer but then noticed it had started to plateau as Winter came around so I stopped taking it all together and then my growth had completely gone in a few months which was disappointing. I’ve decided to start BO again at the beginning of Summer. I’m wondering if I need to do something differently or if the colder weather had something to do with it in regards to body temperature as I think mine was a bit low. I have also bought creams to use. .

    • Reply Claire Mier Oct 17,2015 6:10 am


      Maintaining your body fat at the same level usually helps keep the gain.
      Try clean diet + more clean protein (whey, egg whites, fish collagen) in combination this time to see faster and longer lasting results.

      Best wishes,

  18. Reply Em Feb 8,2016 10:37 pm

    Hey, I have a question about taking supplements. Will I still have results if I don’t take Pueraria Mirifica before the other supplements? I started taking fenugreek, wild yam, and saw palmetto yesterday and I have no idea where to buy Pueraria Mirifica locally. I suppose I could buy online but I don’t really want to wait. What are your thoughts?

    • Reply Claire Mier Feb 9,2016 10:13 am

      I’m sure not sure if WholeFoods sells PM if you live in America. That’s one of the places that I can think of of the top of my head.
      For faster results, I ‘d recommend the program that you switch between PM and the Fenugreek / Wild Yam / Saw Palmetto combo (based on your luteal and follicle phases of the month).
      Read more about it on the chiyomilk post on our website:

      Good luck!

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