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By Claire Mier | Get Bigger Buttocks

Mar 13
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I’m with you on this one; I had always been teased for having a boyish boy growing up. Nicer comments would be that I had cute body (who wants cute! We want to look and feel sexy, ain’t that right girls?)

As if it weren’t enough already to have a nearly flat chest. (I went through so much trouble and finally found myself natural ways to increase breasts size, hence the launch of this blog!)

Now it’s the rear end that requires some fixing? After all, we want to look sexy and feminine having the nice looking butt when wearing those favorite pairs of jeans, don’t we?

What options do we have?

Serina Branch endorses GluteBoost

Serina Branch
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Gluteal implants are just expensive, dangerous, and extremely painful! Buttock injections are life-threatening. So what would be the right way to go about this?

You can guess that I have been searching around for the answer and luckily, I’ve come across some natural methods that seem promising.

GluteBoost Butt Enhancement System

GluteBoost® system is an exciting product for me because never before had I heard of natural butt  enhancement programs.

So this naturally brings a lot of questions to my mind; does it work, how does it work, is it safe, and if there are any side effects when used in the long run?

does gluteboost really work

So I did look around online and it turns out, the product has been on the market for awhile. And it’s slowly gaining more and more followers and endorsement from famous female body builders.

One of them is gorgeous Serina Branch.

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What is GluteBoost? What do you get when you buy it?

The whole line consists of;

 where can i buy gluteboost pills

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GluteBoost pills – the ingredients in the pills are very similar to many of the breast enhancement products which are;

  • Dong Quai (helps balance estrogen levels)
  • Saw Palmetto (helps in muscle growth and enhancement female hormone production)
  • Fenugreek (Another natural female hormone)
  • Wild Yam (Balances hormones and nourishes female organs)
  • Soy Extract (helps maintain muscle mass, especially if you lose weight)
  • Rose hips (helps increase energy levels, and is known to be powerful antioxidant)
  • On top of that, there is also Maca root as the main ingredient (Read more about Maca Root here).
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GluteBoost butt enhancement cream – The company claims that their butt cream is one of its kind containing;

gluteboost cream reviews

  • Volufiline – This ingredient helps the body to increase volume; it supposedly gives your body a cosmetic lipo filing-like effect. It promotes lipid storage which means allegedly it is supposed to encourage your body to store more fat tissues on the applied regions.
  • Voluplus – this is supposed to increase the density of adipose tissue (body fat), acts naturally and safely on cells to retain the stored fat cells to maintain the volume and feminine curves.
  • Other ingredients such as aloe, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and watercress are just excellent ingredients providing moisturizing and firming effects. Users have reported having noticeably smoother skin with less visible stretch marks.

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Maca Stack – to complete the program and speed up the results, the Maca stack is an additional supplement for those who are serious about their natural butt enhancement program.

The company uses a higher quality of Maca roots and have them processed with good manufacturing practice.

The company designed these three products are to be used in combination for maximum results.

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Does GluteBoost Really Work?

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Every person reacts differently to the product. But what really grabs my attention and sets it apart from many other products out on the market are;

  • Users’ Interactive Community called – this is the company’s website set up for the customers to interact with each other and post progress to motivate each other. Plus, the customer support is present for customers to track their orders or post questions or concerns. This to me shows that the company is really confident and firmly standing behind their products.
  • A 4-month satisfaction or your money back guarantee (click here to see the conditions on the website). Most products on the market will give you 60 days max.

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Coupons and Discount

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Customer Testimonials from

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GluteBoost Reviews from YouTube


My personal opinion/review

I’ve been familiar with the herbs and known what they can do when it comes breast enhancement. The phytoestrogen is what’s responsible for promoting breast growth (and in many cases, hip and buttock growth). It is estrogen-like in plants such as Maca, Fenugreek, and Pueraria Mirifica.

But for the phytoestrogen to really work well, you need to combine it with anti-androgen, which can be found in Saw Palmetto and Wild Yam.

Combined with antioxidants in Watercress, and Rose Hips, it seems GluteBoost pills have the perfect formula.

If you have been reading up on natural breast enhancement for awhile you would know that many ingredients used in GluteBoost are used in natural breast enhancement program as well.

And they have been doing their job rather well…

Recommended Booty Exercise and Diet for Faster Growth


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With that said, I highly recommend that when you use GluteBoost products, combine them with the recommend exercises and diet in the guide book that comes with them.

Be consistent, and motivated. Make a decision that getting that nice round butt is your goal and that you’re not going to give up until you get it. I am sure that you will be pleased with the results you get.

Are there any side effects?

The products are generally safe to use. They are, after all, herbs and foods which unless you’re primarily allergic to any of their ingredients then you will be fine using them.

With that said, if you have liver/kidney/heart problems, it is probably best to talk to your doctor before taking any kinds of supplement.

Where to Buy GluteBoost and Get Discount?

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As far as I’m concerned, there is no promotional code or discount coupon you can find on the internet right now. So if anyone tells you they got one, I doubt that it is valid.

With that said, buying from GluteBoost official website is the best option for several reasons;

  • They offer promotional packages
  • You know what you get for your money (genuine products, and not cheap replicas)
  • You get the 4-month satisfaction guarantee
  • Free membership on interactive butt enhancement community

So if I were you I’d head over to the official website and get started with the program right now. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and a chance to gain nice perky bubble butt naturally and safely!

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