Are There Any Breast Actives Complaints?

Have Breast Actives’ customers made any complaints?

I have looked around trying to see if there are any  complaints on the merchant sites and also community forums and here are the list of the complaints I’ve found;

  • Many people complain that they wish the products were available at the local stores they when they ran out, they could get their hands on the supply immediately. Since it normally takes 2-4 months for most people to start seeing noticeable results, it actually is cheaper to buy in bulk.

On the official website, they do offer free 2-month supply when you purchase 4-month supply at once.  (Please note that by using this product or any other potent natural breast enlargement remedies, you need to give it a few months before deciding whether or not it works. The remedies are to be combined with the right diet plan with lots of protein, massage, and exercise…)

  • Some customers complain that they wish to see the results happen sooner than 3 months. Some people see the maximum results after 5-6 months but they started at Cup A and after 6 months they became a Cup C. 2 cup sizes within half a year with no surgery is pretty impressive!
  • Another Breast Actives complain is that after using the product for some time, the customers had to buy new bras and tops because the old ones no longer fit them. (So when you decide to buy the product, you should also start saving up for some new clothes as well…)
  • The last complaint that I would list here is that some people experience small funny sensations after a week of using this natural remedy. Some reported that they feel itchy around the breast area. The itchy tingling feelings are the results of increased blood flow. It is not the same kind of itchiness you get as the sign of allergy but more like when you run or walk and your legs rub against each other from it. Nothing to be alarmed about!

I do understand that you might feel impatient to see the result. I get that because I’m like that too! I remember not being able to wait to go bra shop and be able to pick ones that are bigger than cup A or cup B. (My goal was Cup D, and right now I’m getting close!)

But I have to tell you the truth that at some point I too nearly gave up because I was being too impatient. Nothing dramatically different in terms of the cup size until I was only the 3rd month. So when you decide to give Breast Actives a shot, make sure you stick with the program for at least 4 months before deciding anything.

So here you have it, all the list of the complaints. And if you decide to try it (as it comes with satisfaction or your money back guarantee), make sure to order 4-month supply to get 2-month supply for free as the thank you bonus! I’m not sure how long this offer lasts, so you should hurry up!

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