Breast Actives Frequently Asked Questions

By Claire Mier | Breast Actives

May 02

Breast actives FAQ

Here’s a list of all the questions about Breast Actives that people seem to ask most often. Browse through the list before you make an informed buying decision.

Question 1 – Does Breast Actives work?

The best way to answer the question without trying the product yourself is to find out what users are saying about it. You have to allot time to research actual unbiased customer reviews, visit feedback forums, read comments, articles and blogs about Breast Actives all over the Internet.

We have done our part in researching customer reviews and it appears that a lot of the women who have used Breast Actives have taken the liberty of sharing what they think about it – which is mostly positive. (You can see the feedback here: ) These happy women relate that positive results include fuller, firmer and larger breasts. Sagging, which usually comes with age, is also relieved and the breasts’ natural contours are regained. What’s more? A huge percentage of the product reviews are written by men who are glad that their wives and girlfriends have decided to use Breast Actives!

Question 2 – How Long Before I See Results?

The manufacturer of Breast Actives state that results should be seen in the first few weeks. There is no definite time-frame indicated though since natural products, or any other product type for that matter, work differently for people.

Some Breast Actives users observe that they are able to see changes within 2 months of using the product, others observe changes only on the 3rd month. The initial change users observe is their breasts becoming firmer. Growth is observed normally in the 4th month onwards. Breast Actives is a combination of pill and cream and it is a 6 months program.

Question 3 – How to Use Breast Actives for Best Result

Breast Actives worksThe best results can be achieved by using the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions. To ensure that you get the best results, here is a guide to using Breast Actives:

  • Take the pill and cream the same time every day. It is best to take the pill and apply the cream before or after breakfast everyday for 6 months. If the desired result is achieved before the 6th month, you can discontinue using the product if you want. There is no need to keep using Breast Actives when the desired results are achieved.
  • Avoid caffeine – it is very important to avoid drinking coffee, tea, caffeinated sodas and even eating chocolates while you are using Breast Actives. If you must drink coffee, opt for decaf or drink only 1 cup of coffee or tea a day. Caffeine impedes Breast Actives’ ability to increase breast size.
  • Eat healthy – you can increase you chance of getting really good results from Breast Actives by maintaining a healthy diet. If your body receives the nutrients it needs, then it can work to its fullest potential. Also, eating healthy is necessary when using Breast Actives. The product promotes tissue building but without proper nutrients, the body cannot produce healthy cells that will make way to the production of tissue. Include the following in your diet: grains like rice, soybeans and wheat, garlic, parsley, and vegetables like carrots, potatoes and beans.

Question 4 – Are there any scams out there?

Important Point to Remember when using Breast Actives There are unscrupulous people out there who are selling fake Breast Actives products so beware of these sellers. Make sure that you buy only from the product’s official website. Buying from here also ensures that you get the 90-day money back guarantee.

Question 5 – Are there any side effects?

Breast Actives is one of the rare products that have received mostly positive reviews and feedbacks from satisfied users. A lot attest to the ability of Breast Active to deliver on its promises and indeed it does appear that this product is capable of producing really good results. Nothing like the result a breast augmentation surgery can give you though, but good results that can satisfy women who are aiming for firmer, fuller and shapelier breasts.

All type of products, even one like Breast Active which makes use of all-natural ingredients, have side effects. So if you are searching for information about Breast Actives side effects before you decide to buy the product, you’ve come to the right place.

Breast Actives side effects are few and they are only minor ill effects compared to other similar products. The makers of Breast Active claim that the product has no associated complications but still there are some users who have come forth with issues associated with using the product.

The following are the reported Breast Actives side effects:

  • Skin irritations – no reported case is severe though, these irritations are frequently small and often caused by the cream so the area affected is the bust area. People who experience rashes report that there is also itching. When rashes and itching develop after using the product, it is advisable to consult a doctor.
  • Allergic reaction – this is mainly caused by some of the herbs included in the ingredients. Some users report that they have experienced allergic reactions such as inflamed tongue, throat problems and swelling of the lips. Consult your doctor immediately if such reactions develop when using Breast Actives.
  • Disturbed bowel movements – this is also caused mainly by some of the herbs in the product’s ingredients.

As you can see, Breast Actives side effects are few and don’t have any long-term effects to the body. However, it will still be a good thing to consult your doctor to get advice as to whether you should use it or not.

Question 6 – If I take birth control pills, can I still use Breast Actives?

Since the herbs used in the supplement pills are phytoestrogen, or female hormone from plants, you might not want to use them when you’re taking birth control pills. You don’t want your body to become estrogen-dominant or have too much of the estrogen. If that happens, you can risk a chance of not seeing results from using Breast Actives, and you can also risk the chance of skipping your menstrual cycles.

Question 7 – Where to Buy Breast Actives and Get the Best Offer?

Breast Actives is available for online purchase only. I recommend you buy from their official website which is the best place in terms of the price, the safety (secure payment gateway), and it’s the only place where you can get the money back guarantee as well as free offers on selected packages.

You can also get 2 month supply for free when you buy 4 months supply at once. This is the package I recommend as most women will be able to see more substantial result after 6 months of continuous using.

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