Ingredients in Breast Actives

By Claire Mier | Breast Actives

Sep 04

The list of ingredients Breast Actives  (below) shows why it is the number one seller of breast enhancement system on the market over the past decade. All herbal ingredients are natural which makes this breast enhancement supplement so effective, safe and popular among its users. With a combination of herbs , vitamins and minerals , this breast enlargement system uses the best ingredients to promote breast growth and firmness.


Active Ingredients in Breast Actives Pills and Cream

Each ingredient has its own purpose of increasing the size of the breast tissue . Herbalists have known for centuries that certain herbs contain properties that allow them to mimic a woman’s natural hormone, estrogen. The estrogen works in the body to increase breast size and firmness as well as feminine curves and supple soft skin.

When estrogen as found in chemical plants and herbs , which are known as phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are found in almost all the ingredients in the product.

Any word of caution?

Although this product is found to be very safe and effective as proven by many testimonies and success stories, not everyone will find success with this supplement however. Many women who have a family history of breast cancer or other health problems should consult with your doctor about the safe use of this type of products (ones containing phytoestrogens). Since estrogen has been known to be a cause of cancer in some women, phytoestrogens should be avoided in the diet as well as a skin cream. Be sure to consult with your doctor before taking the supplement.

Zhang XIn Yu - Chinest model who claims that her curves are natural and without surgical enhancement  (Cr. photo to

Zhang XIn Yu – Chinest model who claims that her curves are natural and without surgical enhancement
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The ingredients  of this product also include vitamin E. Vitamin E has been used in a multitude of skin creams and has proven to be an excellent agent for adding smoothness and improve the overall quality of the skin. With that being said, some women have reported allergies to vitamin E, so check with your doctor if you start to notice a rash or hives that form on the skin where vitamin E is applied. Also if you’re planning on undergoing some sort of surgeries, it is best to avoid taking the supplement prior to the surgeries for at least 2 weeks as vitamin E is known to also have blood thinning properties.

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