Brestrogen Side Effects – Is It Completely Safe?

By Claire Mier | Product Reviews

Dec 05
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Brestrogen is a new and exciting premium breast enhancement serum from the trusted pharmaceutical company in the UK who produces Triactol. This high quality serum promises to enhance the firmness of your breasts and increase volume and perkiness when used consistenly over 5-8 weeks.

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How does it work?

The main ingredient of this serum is Pueraria Mirifica which is widely known within the natural breast enhancement community for its powerful rejuvenating and enhancing benefits. It is the herb grown in South East Asia (Thailand and Myanmar) and women in those countries have been using the herb for many years. It is also known as a natural substitute to hormone therapy in menopausal women.

When applied topically directly on to breasts, the phytoestrogens from the extract in the serum stimulate the milk duct, encouraging more fat store and tissue production. Combined with massage, the serum can both increase volume and firmness of breasts. The results are noticeable when used over time.

Is it safe for everyone to use?

This product is produced under certified manufacturing environment. The ingredients used are approved by food and drug administration. This ensures the safety of the users.

With that said, there is nothing in the world that’s 100% safe to everyone. A person can be allergic to peanuts and that doesn’t mean eating peanuts should be avoided by everyone. So try it on the back of your upper arm for 12 hours to test your reaction to this specific product.

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There is money back guarantee so you can even try it for 30 days just to see how you respond to this particular formula.


Has anyone experienced any possible side effects?

As I mentioned above that it is generally safe to most people. With that said, some people might be allergic to certain things. But it is not anything dramatic. It cannot be otherwise, you’d need prescription to buy. And in this case obviously you do not.

With that said, it is best for women over the age of 21 to use. Also, women who are breastfeeding or pregnant should NOT be using the serum. If you’re taking birth control pills, you might want to skip anything with Pueraria Mirifica as there are not enough studies to guarantee safety of excess estrogen production, and its effect on effectiveness of the birth control pills.

To sum up

This product is produced and marketed by a trusted company who produces high quality products. It is worth giving a try and it is certainly a much safer way to enhance your confidence and appearance. Feel free to click the link below and visit the official website for more information and find out their bonuses and discount now.
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