Naturaful Testimonial from A Customer

By Claire Mier | Naturaful

Apr 14

naturaful customer testimonial

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We have a Naturaful customer submitting a testimonial to share her experience with the product and here is what she says…

“I’ve read the review of the Naturaful product from your website and decided to give it a try. I was looking into the breast enhancement pills but since I’m on birth control pills, I have read from Breastnexus forum as well as your website that the pills might mess up my hormones.

Anyway, I order 3 jars to get the discount. I figured it was a good buy considering I normally spend over $100 on a face cream, that’s the least I could do for my girls.. haha Plus, there is a money back guarantee so if I didn’t like it I could just get my money back.

The product instruction says I should use only tiny bits (a size of a dime) on each breast only. But I basically put a thin layer covering the breasts because I was impatient. The thing is if I did that right after I got off the warm shower, the cream sank in really quickly. Like around 3-5 minutes it was fully absorbed. I lightly rub and massage breasts with it to make it absorb even more quickly.

That was 2 weeks ago that I bought the cream and I’ve used up the first jar already. I’ve gained around 2 inches and my bra is starting to feel a little tight. This does feel a bit like right before that time of the month minus the cramp. I’m loving the fullness and the sensation. It does make me feel more confident and sexy somehow.

I’ll keep you posted on the final results after using up all the 3 jars that I bought. So far so good considering how skeptical I was and now the results are blowing me away.”

Lydia from San Antonio

Lydia is not the only person who’s happy with the product. I have used it myself and I still use it every now and then for maintenance. It is affordable, fragrance-free (which is a big plus), and it works.

Here’s another video testimonial of the Naturaful cream:

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