Naturaful Review – Does This Breast Enhancement Cream Work? 64

By Claire Mier

**Recently updated on September 7, 2016**

You might have heard of the breast enlargement cream called Naturaful and if it really works. You might have seen the video reviews on YouTube and wonder if the reviews are genuine right?

This breast enhancement cream is becoming more and more popular. But does it really work? And here in this article, you are about to find out!

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Naturaful products

Why should you care?

If you are like most women around the world you also want bigger and firmer breasts.

Before many of us had to undergo dangerous breast augmentation surgeries but now there are natural options that work.

According to many doctors and scientist herbal supplements have been proven to induce growth in breasts. If this is true breast enlargement will be both much cheaper and safer.

But Not All Products Are Equal…

Unfortunately there are many scam products on the market that just don’t work. The ingredients they use are not good enough and they prey on women’s hopes.

That is why I wrote this so that you can get all the facts before you buy. After you have read this you will know everything there is to know about this breast enlargement cream.

naturaful new

In this review you will learn:

  • What is in the Naturaful cream / does it work / is it safe?
  • The Pros and Cons – what are the consumers saying?
  • What is the best way to use Naturaful?
  • How to avoid getting scammed

Does Naturaful Really Work?

It is a breast enhancement cream produced and manufactured by a Canadian company called DFLK Corporation.

The product contains herbs that are supposed to increase the size as well as promote the firmness of the breasts. The herbs known to do the job are Mexican Wild Yam, Blessed Thistle and Dong Quai.

Accordnew packaging of naturaful creaming to the company’s claims, through the use of Naturaful  for a period of 6 to 9 weeks it can lead to a significant improvement of breast size and shape.

The manufacturer claims that these herbs are able to give you fuller and bigger breasts for no longer than a period of 6 months.

To get the best results you have to apply the cream twice a day after shower, preferably after hot shower, or after blowing your bust with some warm air of a blow dryer to open up pores allowing better absorption.



Natural Cream before and after photos

And here is the thing:

Some users have reported back that they have increased up to 3 cup sizes within 6-12 months of using the product.

Some even start noticing the changes within the first couple of weeks of using it. Here is what Sarah from San Jose in California said:


“Simply WOW! I didn’t expect it to work at all. I was only hoping that it’ll just enhance the firmness of my breasts. After 2 weeks of using, I could start to feel the tingling sensation like when you’re about to start your period. Before I knew it, I am now buying new bras because my old ones suddenly feel too small nw.” Anna (29 years old) Jacksonville

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naturaful active ingredients

How Does Naturaful Work Exactly?

When a girl enters puberty her body starts to produce hormones unique to breast tissue development. As puberty ends the production of these unique breast growth hormones declines. This in turn stops the growth of the breasts.


naturaful testimonials

The only time in a woman’s life when breast growth hormones are produced again is during pregnancy. These hormones stimulate the mammary glands to make them grow.

This is to help with milk production and retention. Unfortunately this change in size is only temporary.

The herbs in this product contain something called phytoestrogen. To the body these phytoestrogens look like the hormones responsible for breast growth during pregnancy.

This makes your body develop your mammary glands growing your breast bigger and fuller. And because you are not pregnant you will not start to lactate.



Because this breast cream is simply encouraging your body’s natural growth process,

Here’s the best part:

the product is safe and the results are real and permanent!

Naturaful breast enlargement cream

naturaful amazon testimonials

Are There Any Naturaful Side Effects?

naturaful before and after pictures 2015Some women have experienced a little tingling or soreness in the breasts in the beginning. This is similar to original breast development (i.e., growing pains) and is a sign of the cream working.

It’s not like lip-plumping ingredients that temporarily swell the applied areas. This product makes your breasts grow from the inside out and does it naturally.

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Naturaful testimonials by real users


    Naturaful features:

    ·  balance estrogen levels, ease cramps and alleviate PMS symptoms.

    ·  natural post menstrual hormone therapy

    ·  uses plant-based phytoestrogens

    ·  some ingredients prevent and treat cancers, such as breast and endometrial

    ·  stimulate new cell growth with maximum gains in 6 – 9 months

Apart from that there are no reported negative side effects. And there shouldn’t be. After all, these herbal ingredients have been safely used for centuries to help women all over the world.

Naturaful Customers’ Testimonials – See What Others Are Sying About the Product

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** Update ** Amanda has reported that she’s continued to use Naturaful  cream and has gained around 3 inches of breast gain in total time-frame of 2 months.

Naturaful Before And After Pictures

naturaful testimonial


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The pros and cons

Natural Cream before and after photos


  • Easy to use; no massaging is required. You basically need to rub a small amount on to the desired areas twice a day after shower
  • Safe and proven to increase the perkiness of the breast within the first few weeks of using
  • Effective at increasing the dimensions of the breasts up to 3 cup sizes with consecutive usage over a 3-12 month period
  • Cost-effective when compared to breast augmentation surgery
  • Suitable for those of you who would like to get started on natural breast enhancement, but are still reluctant to take herbal supplement pills


  • If you look for a solution to increase breast size from A cup to C cup within 2 weeks, this product is not the answer. Natural growth takes time
  • Some users prefer to take supplements for other health benefits such as mood enhancing, cramp relieving effects

Where to Buy Naturaful and How Much is It?

It is USD 69 per bottle which is a fair price considering that this is a high-end beauty product.

But what I love about this product is that you don’t have to pay if you don’t see any results.

The thing is, you can simply return the empty bottles and the unopened ones within the 60-day guarantee period, and you will be fully refunded. No questions asked!

This warranty is only available when you buy Naturaful cream from its official website only.

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This is what Sherryl from Des Moines, IOWA said:

“I love that they are confident enough about their product that they offer the guarantee. The good thing is I didn’t have to return mine because I was satisfied with my purchased and I’m still making my annual purchase to keep up with the results I have gotten.”

** Updated testimonial March 2013**

Naturaful testimonials


To sum up

Here at, we believe that the perfect natural breast enhancement solution should be the combination of the breast enhancement supplements as well as the cream.


Naturaful Testimonials before and after pics

The truth is, we didn’t actually have that much faith in a product that only comes in an external use.

But based on the consumers’ feedback of this product as well as our own experience, it has proven us wrong.

What’s the bottom line?

A topical cream can also do a fantastic job at firming breasts and when used for at least 2 months, you notice the increase in cup size.

Where is the best place to buy Naturaful cream?

By now you have all the information about this product, so you can make an educated buying decision.

Usually, the big merchant site like Amazon and Walmart do offer competitive prices for personal care products, but in this case, we recommend that you buy directly from the manufacturer’s official website.

They offer the special discount for certain packages, not to mention the satisfaction guarantee.

Naturaful before and after photos

The official website also offers worldwide delivery when you order from the Naturaful official website!

Right now they offer free bonuses when you buy selected packages:

You get 4 free jars when you buy 5! Which is a great deal and if it doesn’t work just return it and get your money back. Plus the promotional code : SUM64.

Update 2016 Here is how to use the cream correctly for maximum results!

Now that you’ve read this Naturaful review, it is time to start taking advantage of the special offer available on their official website.

I don’t know how long the special discount packages will last so I recommend you go straight to their website and take advantages of this great deal or wait around and lose this great chance to grow your breasts by 2 cups or more …


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64 thoughts on “Naturaful Review – Does This Breast Enhancement Cream Work?

  1. Reply mark Sep 19,2014 2:08 pm

    besides hopefully making may male breast bigger. will they look like female breast. and what else will it affect on me. not looking for big breast just more female looking. sincerely mark

  2. Reply Lynn Oct 10,2014 9:54 pm

    Hi, I’m interested in trying this product, but just out of curiosity how does the packaging look? Meaning, will it say anything about the product or a “breast enhancement cream” somewhere on the box where anyone could see? I’d rather not have to hide it from my husband because of anything it may say on the packaging! Note, will not change my mind, just want to know ahead of time so I know whether I should be the one to keep an eye out for it! Thanks!

    • Reply Claire Mier Oct 13,2014 7:46 am

      The delivery package will be very discret Lynn. It will not show.. as for what is on the jar itself, the word “breast enhancement cream” is present (as obligated by the law) but it’s not obvious.. Very settle..

      On the shelf it’ll look like a face cream you have lying around.

      Hope this answers your question 🙂

  3. Reply Lyssa Oct 16,2014 8:52 pm

    Hi. I’m wondering if this product could affect my hormones to where my menstrual cycle is changed? I have been using it for a little over a month and my cycle has always been average, but this month, I have been bleeding for 2 weeks and that is not normal for me.

    • Reply Claire Mier Oct 20,2014 4:39 am

      Hi Lyssa,

      Is it Naturaful cream you’ve been using? are you taking any birth control pills?


  4. Reply Jasmine Oct 18,2014 7:29 am

    Hi. I’m sincerely interested in this product. However, when I tried ordering it, the name of my country wasn’t included in the list of countries they deliver to. My country is Nigeria. Please I’d like to know what other step I could take. Thanks.

  5. Reply Lyssa Oct 21,2014 5:08 pm

    Hi. Yes it is Naturaful. I am on my second bottle and i have noticed a difference even with one bottle. There is not a chance that i was pregnant and having a miscarriage. I don’t use birth control and I never have. I don’t take any medications and the only supplements i take on a daily basis are digestive enzymes and a whole food powder called Pure Nutrition. I’ve never had that happen before so i just wondered if that might be the cause of it?
    Thank you:)

    • Reply Claire Mier Oct 27,2014 6:59 am

      Hi Lyssa,

      This could be the results of hormonal imbalance. Try taking abreak from the cream for awhile and see if the bleeding stops.
      Pls keep me updated.


  6. Reply Danielle Oct 26,2014 1:20 pm

    What happens after you stop using the cream? Do your breasts go back to their original size over time? Is this something I’ll have to buy for the rest of my life in order to gain and maintain the results? Also, is it safe to do if I have an IUD?

    • Reply Claire Mier Oct 27,2014 7:09 am


      If you have existing health conditions, its best to talk to your doctor first.
      The results can last as long as you maintain your body fat and weight. They do shrink when you have unhealthy diet, stressful lifestyle, lack of sleep, or drastic weight loss.

      Hope this answers your question,

  7. Reply Lakiesha Brown Oct 28,2014 10:24 pm

    What happens when I stop using naturaful, will my breast decrease?

  8. Reply Sarah Nov 10,2014 5:36 am

    I’ve been trying this cream for 3 days now and have developed a couple of hives. I did purchase a 3 month supply and would hate for it to go to waste, Should I stop using this product? and just take allergy medication while I’m using this product?

    • Reply Claire Mier Nov 10,2014 8:31 am

      I think its best you stop taking it if you developed allergic reactions. Please contact customer service and discuss possible refunds!
      Continue with massage using coconut or olive oil (preferably organic, cold-pressed ones).

  9. Reply Felz Nov 18,2014 2:30 am

    can you tell me where to buy it? my country wasn’t in the list of the countries they deliver to.
    My country is Vanuatu, please i want to know what i can do..


    • Reply Claire Mier Nov 23,2014 4:36 am

      they do offer shipping to most countries. If it’s not listed there, give them a call or write the email to them as they will give you an option on how to complete your purchase.

  10. Reply marry Dec 2,2014 7:16 pm

    hi : am exciting i d like too use it but am afraid to get allergic :'(

    • Reply Claire Mier Dec 3,2014 11:35 am

      it is very unlikely that you will since they minimize the chances by removing alcohol and perfume. With that said, everyone’s different so I’m obligated to say that it is possible. But the good news is that the product offers money back guarantee so you can test it out (please see the agreement terms on the product page for further details!).. I’ve used and loved this product! It’s one of the products I highly recommend with genuine experience.


  11. Reply IClaire Mier Dec 10,2014 6:59 am

    Does this product ship to Malaysia or Australia?

    • Reply Claire Mier Dec 29,2014 7:03 am

      Yes, they ship to most countries. It takes up to 2 weeks for international orders! 🙂

  12. Reply elizabeth Dec 11,2014 7:09 pm

    I am barely a B cup. could I possibly get to a full C or even D cup using naturful? I’m very athletic and workout almost everyday, after I get the size I want will working out affect the breast size, by going back to it’s original size? also I’m still not done going in that department my mom and grandmother didn’t fuller develop till they were at least 19. I am 16 right now, should I wait till I’m done growing?- Elizabeth

    • Reply Claire Mier Dec 29,2014 7:14 am


      I think since you’re still growing you will see results by just using coconut oil with the breast massage. Just be sure to never go on the crash diet as that will mess up the growth quite bad. I’ve been there, trust me! 🙂

      Good luck,

  13. Reply Crystal Dec 13,2014 7:29 am

    Will your areola also get bigger? Mine are very large and I have very small breasts, don’t need my areola to cover my entire breast

    • Reply Claire Mier Dec 29,2014 7:12 am

      If you are worried, you can use the nipple pads to cover them when you do the pump or massage. Generallyy, it will not be a problem..


  14. Reply Alex Dec 16,2014 1:40 pm

    I would like to know if i live in Australia how long does it take to received my order or naturaful? Because i have already purchased and waited 6 weeks! The product has not even left the US yet is this normal ? The support team simply told me to let my local post office deal with this issue. What should i do next ?

    • Reply Claire Mier Dec 29,2014 6:41 am

      Hi Alex
      So sorry to hear about the delay. Have you contacted them again now?
      Usually it takes 2 weeks for the international order to arrive in asia, and australia.


  15. Reply Charlotte Apr 4,2015 10:59 am

    Hi, I use a contraceptive pill (mycrogynon 30ED) will this affect the cream and can I use the cream whilst on it or can the cream affect my pill? Also how much is the cream in British pounds only I can’t find how muc it is? Thank you.

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 8,2015 7:09 am

      Its mild yet effective. But there is a recommendation that physical contraception is advised if you use any hormone-effecting products both topical and oral ones. 🙂

      The cream is around 25 GBP per jar. You can check out their available discounts and special packages on their official website. x Claire

  16. Reply Jane Apr 26,2015 3:06 pm

    Hi Claire,
    If my period cycle is every 2 months lasting for a week, will it be affected too becoz of the hormones introduced by the cream?

    Thank you

    • Reply Claire Mier May 3,2015 4:40 pm

      Hi Jane,
      It’s best to talk to your gynecologist before continuing with the program for your safety! This might be due to the cream or something else prior to the program.

      Let me know how it goes.


  17. Reply suganya Jul 30,2015 11:21 am

    What is the price of this product in Indian price?? Where I can book this product??

    • Reply Claire Mier Aug 4,2015 7:00 am

      9 Jars BUY 5 JARS & GET 4 FREE – SAVE $326!($33 per jar) $295
      5 Jars BUY 3 JARS & GET 2 FREE – SAVE $168!($35 per jar) $177
      3 Jars BUY 2 JARS & GET 1 FREE – SAVE $89!($39 per jar) $118
      1 Jar BUY 1 JARS & GET 0 FREE – SAVE $00! ($69 per jar) $69

      The 9 Jars is the best value of your money.
      The individual jar purchase costs 931,547.35 IDR
      For 9 jars, you pay half the price per jar!

      This comes with a non hassle 60 day money back guarantee. Simply return your unopened products for a refund within 60 days of making purchase. (less restocking fee and shipping and handling).

  18. Reply Peace Aug 1,2015 10:35 pm

    Hi Claire ,
    Just started using naturaful 2 days ago. How long should I massage my breasts for? I use a hot damp clot on them before I apply the cream and I use a blow dryer after massaging it, is that how it’s done? Or should I use the blow dryer before massaging? Also, trying to lose weight so I go running,would that affect my progress? And lastly, I don’t feel any tingling sensation so far or is it too early?

    • Reply Claire Mier Aug 4,2015 6:55 am

      Hi Peace,

      The reason for using the hot damp clot or blowdryer is to open up pores on skin so the cream can sink in better. So it is best to use before the application.
      5-10 mintes is enough for the massage. Some people feel the tingles, some don’t but the growth will definitely be there providing that you’re not on extreme diet plan where you will lose a lot of body fat.

      Keep us posted!

  19. Reply Ali Aug 8,2015 2:08 am

    how many jars would you recommend if I’m just looking to perk my breasts. they are already a large size but sag a bit.

    • Reply Claire Mier Aug 18,2015 9:16 am

      Hi Ali,

      If you’re looking to just perk up your breasts, simple bench press and pushups together with breast massage after shower will do that job.
      It however will take up to 1 month to see some changes, so please be patient and give it a go!

      You may try out one jar to see if this is for you. Naturaful is a natural progesterone cream so it is generally healthy since we tend to be more estrogen dominant with all these processed soy-based foods we eat these days. Applying natural progesterone cream generally helps balance that out.

      Best wishes,

  20. Reply Paige Aug 15,2015 6:13 pm

    Hi Claire

    My breast are very small seems like it never grew due to applying some incorrect product in a teen age. My breast only gets bigger when I got pregnant and had 3 kids. My breast goes back to same size after I stop breast feed. I have unwanted hair around nipple. will this product help me?

    • Reply Claire Mier Aug 18,2015 9:11 am

      Hi Paige,

      The cream will not help with the hair, but it’ll surely help balance your hormones (natural source of progesterone to balance out the oestrogen dominance that happens to most women).

      The exercises (bench press, push ups) will help perk up the breasts and the massage will help add the volume. The cream will be additional if the two are already working, but if you want faster results and are looking for natural progesterone, this product would be great for you.


  21. Reply Stephanie Aug 15,2015 9:04 pm

    Thanks ! Don’t have a blow dryer ! Is it enough to just use the hot damp cloth? And how do I know if it’s working?

  22. Reply Stephanie Aug 22,2015 3:50 pm

    Started feeling some tingling at 2 weeks and after that it’s been more than 3 weeks and my boobs seem even smaller now! Like an inch smaller. What did I do wrong? Or what should I do next?

    • Reply Claire Mier Sep 27,2015 5:02 am

      There are several factors to this;
      1) are you eating enough protein?
      2) have you been exercising and doing a lot of cardio or fat burning exercise?
      3) have you gotten enough sleep?

      add more protein and collagen to your diet in combination with the breast massage will help. Naturaful is natural progesterone and help you balance the hormone for best growth but without the nutrients the results might not be as satisfying!

      Hope that helps,

  23. Reply Miriam Oct 23,2015 7:59 pm

    I mean how old do you have to be to use this product

    • Reply Claire Mier Oct 30,2015 5:09 pm

      I’d recommend you’re at least 21 years old, as you won’t need it when you’re in your teenage years. Simple breast massage on regular basis will already give you good results!


  24. Reply Leslie Jan 17,2016 5:50 pm

    I am currently 18 and a size A cup, my mother was a size D by this age… Prom is in about 4 months and I would like to have some type of cleavage. Can this product help me in the sort time?

    • Reply Claire Mier Feb 3,2016 10:59 am

      I feel that best results are seen when you maintain high protein + complex carbs (fruits, veggies, high fiber carbs) together with using the cream and massage.

      You might be able to see some growth with just massage alone, but if you want to give it a try make sure to check out how to use the cream correctly for maximum results in this post (just put in youtube video as the latest update).

      Good luck!

  25. Reply Cici Jan 24,2016 2:57 pm


    Could you please provide a complete list of ingredients this cream is made of ? I was reading several posting pertaining to paraben so that got me worried as paraben cause cancer. I’m 32 years old 120 lbs female, slightly underdeveloped breast only A cup, at this point is there hope to increase it using this cream assuming all every ingredients used to produce this cream is 100% natural/organic?

    Thank you

    • Reply Claire Mier Feb 3,2016 10:45 am


      Naturaful is paraben free. I don’t have the whole list of ingredients, but they do emphasise on the safety and ‘organic-ness’ of the product.

      The progesterone from Wild Yam and the oestrogen’s from Dong Quai are the main active ingredients, plus vitamin E.

      It’s not 100% natural or organic. No products can be 100% actually. But from my personal research it has come very close to that.

      Good luck!

  26. Reply Lora Feb 1,2016 1:29 am

    Hi! I’m thinking about buying this product from Amazon. I have small boobs and I live a very active lifestyle. I run 3-4 days a week. Would that be a problem with the growth?

    • Reply Claire Mier Feb 3,2016 10:41 am

      Cardio workout usually makes you lose curves. So I recommend doing some strength training more than cardio and take protein shake while using this product.

      Good luck!

  27. Reply Kyla Feb 17,2016 7:15 pm

    Hi I’m doing workout 3-4 times a week though I’m slim working out to have abs and and body fit with diet is this will effect? Also I’m taking WHEY PROTEIN supplements and glutathione with collagen capsule..Can I continue all that when I started Naturaful cream?

    • Reply Claire Mier Feb 28,2016 12:45 pm

      Hi Kylia,

      I think that’ll be great addition to Naturaful. You need to have enough nutrients to grow muscles and also other parts of your body. 🙂
      Collagen is great help to prevent stretch marks. Make sure you get collagen peptides (5000mg/ day)

      Hope this answers your question.

  28. Reply Nancy Apr 6,2016 10:30 pm

    I have a question… does naturalful contain estrogen or progesterone properties?
    Can Naturalful have the opposite effect causing breasts to reduce in size?

    • Reply Claire Mier May 15,2016 1:31 pm

      It is a natural progesterone cream. Use it in combo with oestrogen and whey protein for maximum effect.

      Best wishes,

  29. Reply Jany Apr 24,2016 12:08 am

    Hi,can I buy Naturaful in Amazon it’s the same product ? Because I’m try to buy in the official site but I can’t, some problems with my visa. Please hepl me

    • Reply Claire Mier May 15,2016 10:07 am

      Yes it’s from the same supplier, but through the link on this page with the coupon code you will also get the discount (25% off).

      Good luck!

  30. Reply Dana Apr 24,2016 8:13 am

    Hallo , I would like to ask if it is ok to use breast actives and BO and puereria mirifica = Chiyomilks plan with naturaful cream or is it too much and the cream does not work then ?

    Thank you for this very helpful Blog !!
    Best wishes

    • Reply Claire Mier May 15,2016 9:41 am

      You may want to choose between BO or PM and on top of that you may add Naturaful cream (natural progesterone) to balance out the oestrogen.
      Make sure to add whey protein + collagen as they’re building blocks of body tissues.

      Hope that helps!

  31. Reply miranda Jun 8,2016 6:07 am

    It’s not letting me put my name and email on the official site? Do y’all ship to Texas?

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