How Does Total Curve Work?

By Claire Mier | Total Curve

Jan 23
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Total Curve is a three step program that would enable women to increase their breast size significantly, thanks to the optimal use of natural and unique ingredients, in collaboration with the various functions of the body.

How Does Total Curve Work?

Estrogens play an important role in the size and shape of your breasts. This is why the first step is to use this system, which are the phytoestrogens in the herbal supplement pills in the Total Curve system.

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These pills contain a series of natural and safe phytoestrogens, which may help to increase the overall volume of the breast by mimicking the role of estrogen in your puberty years when the breast development takes place.

This supplement also contains a variety of herbs, nutrients and antioxidants that help the health of your breasts, reducing menopausal symptoms and sexual problems such as vaginal dryness found in women who have imbalance hormonal problems.

It is recommended to take one capsule every other day for best results.

The second step is the use of lifting and firming gel that has been designed for massaging your chest and breasts.

The Volufiline, is a patented ingredient whose clinical trials have shown to increase breast size by more than 8.4%, is the secret weapon in this case. In fact, this ingredient alone stimulates mammary lipogenesis.

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The third and final step is to maximize the benefit of  the Total Curve program is the breast enlargement exercises. Exercises alone do not increase breast volume. However, they help to tone the muscles that support the breasts, causing the natural lifting effect thereof and in many cases enlarge the cup sizes due to the growth of the muscles. (Click here to read the full information about Total Curve).

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There are many breast enlargement exercises you can do. You can choose to follow these exercises recommend on our blog or ask for more advice from your personal trainer. The exercises presented on this blog are easy to perform, whether at home or in a gym.


With these three steps; phytoestrogens pills, gel activator (Volufiline) the exercise program, you have one of the best natural enlargement programs there are.

Indeed, the Total Curve system is the third most favorite product in our ranking of the best natural products to increase breast size, after Breast Actives and Naturaful …

Important Note: The official website is available in English, but deliveries are everywhere.

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