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By Claire Mier

Regardless of what cultural background we are from, most of us  agree that women with hourglass silhouette are very physically attractive.

According to a study by scientists from the School of Biological Sciences; Victoria University in Wellington in New Zealand, men find women with hourglass body shapes more attractive.

In fact, they even provide the number; those with a ratio between waist and hip of 0.7.

photo credit to Eboni Khan from HUCCI

photo credit to Eboni Khan from HUCCI

But let’s give ourselves a break and be realistic and supportive to each other here.

You would agree with me that it’s more important our body is healthy and that we are happy with it, regardless of how we are at the moment.

Relax, take a deep breath and congratulate yourself as you’re here now reading this article.

You are taking the first step towards achieving your desired body.

And that’s what we are going to talk  about here. We are about to tell you the step-by-step guide to having an hourglass body.

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To have an hourglass body, you will want to focus on three major parts of your body;  bust size, waistline, and hips (buttocks).

Essentially, we want to have the shoulders and hips in line, full breasts, and a pronounced waist.

So let’s go over each part specifically.

Getting fuller breasts naturally

Get Bigger Breasts Without Surgery

While there is a surgical option for you to go about doing all of this, I have a feeling that you have found because you want to go about it the natural way right?

Getting fuller or bigger breasts without surgery can be done easily. But it doesn’t mean the results can be expected overnight.

It does require some effort and patience on your part.

Basically, it boils down to eating the right food, taking supplements, doing breast massage twice a day after a shower, and doing some chest exercise.

The supplements that I recommend for this program are;

  1. Purafem Program (Use this for 15 days of the month starting day 1 of your menstrual period)purafem3
  2. then switch to Total Curve (Right now they have special 25% discount with the code: TC25 on their official website) or  Breast Actives (take this for the rest of the month or until you start your next menstrual period).


    USE code “TC25” for 25% Discount When Check Out!

  3. Do the breast massage twice a day after the shower. If you prefer a tool, Noogleberry breast pump is what I recommend.
  4. Do the exercise. This will help strengthen pec muscles to prevent the sagginess.

You can read my complete guide to natural breast enlargement here.


Getting Slim, Pronounced Waistline

There are many approaches that you can go about doing this. It starts with what body type you currently have.

If you happen to be skinny with straight mid-body and expanded rib cage, you can go about getting slimmer looking waistline using corset training as I explain in this article.

If you have more body fat collected around the belly, surely the right approach will be to reduce the belly fat with diet and exercise.


The right diet for this is to include more protein, fresh fruits, and veggies while cutting down on the junk food. If you have a weight problem, to begin with, you can use a little extra helping hand such as weight loss supplement (optional, though recommended).

My most recommended one at the moment is Phen375 as it is 100% natural appetite suppressant, energy, and metabolism
booster, all combined in one.

For the exercise, you should not focus too much on doing sit-ups if you want to maintain good curves. The better exercise to flatten your stomach without having your torso ending up looking too much like a straight board is called ‘Plank’.

See the video below;


If you’re interested in reading more about how to get a flat stomach, I have a complete guide on how to lose belly fat fast here.

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Getting Nice Looking Buttocks and Hips

Widen your hip bone

What a better way to make your waistline more defined than to widen your hip bone.

Yes, it can be done.

Yes, it does require some work on your part. But you’ll love the results you get from this hard work.

Well, the truth is it’s not even going to be hard work.

It just requires a little bit of a discipline.

Note: It’s good to have some fat around your hips. Just workout the muscles. You’ll be surprised how good and curvy you’ll look after you do the workout for a week or two.

Workout moves that get your hips wider

Lift up the buttocks

This is good news for you ladies who got some meat on the buttocks already. Doing the buttock workouts can strengthen the muscles beneath the butt cheeks, lifting them up making them look perkier  and rounder.
For those of us who have less body fat around the butt cheeks can do the same workouts (and combined with the right diet which I explained in this article).
We all will need to work those muscles and pump them up to get more volume on the buttocks. That combined with the hip-widening exercise, will get you a nice-looking lower body.

Have you heard about Maca Butt Enhancement Program? Read more about it here…


24 thoughts on “GetCurvyNow’s Complete Guide To Getting Hourglass Body

  1. Reply Endora Mar 30,2014 4:21 am

    I am looking at purchasing breast actives, but im also looking at garcinia cabogia. Will a weight loss supplement effect natural breast enhancement? Should I look to lose weight before I start my breast enhancement? Or can I safely take both and get the wanted effects?

  2. Reply wafa Jun 26,2014 12:22 pm

    hi claire my name is wafa i am 23 years old i live in africa i really like your articles and your advices..but i have a problem that makes me feel in confident and insecure i am 165 cm tall my weight is 49 kg chest 32 weist 27 and hips 38 inch …i have like 5 years try to gain weight but i cant i feel so skinny and i have a very very small breast but my but is very nice shaping…so can you give me some advices to how gain a weight and get a bigger my country surgery is not available and medicament of breast are not available too…thanks alot for reading my msg and am waiting for the answer..
    ps.i went to the doctor to check if i am sick but all the reslts said that i am well so how can i gains some weight

  3. Reply Grace Sep 18,2014 11:13 pm

    Hi! So I’m at a loss for what to do. I’ve been sort of big all my life but I don’t really look my weight. My parents were both stick skinny into young adult hood but now my mom is a stacked hourglass and my dad is muscular so I know it’s in my genes to grow. I even have quite a bit of meat on my butt already but mostly at the bottom. For my goals, I want a slim face, slim but muscle toned arms, a slim defined stomach and back, shapely perky breasts and a perky lifted and more round butt to give it a bubble look permanently. I just don’t know how to lose weight where I want while gaining the right amount of muscle/fat where I want. Please help!

    • Reply Claire Mier Sep 27,2014 6:22 am

      Hi Grace,
      Firstly, I apologize for the late reply.

      What you would want to do is to a short detox program to reset your system. This has shown to help both boost metabolism for weight loss, and with natural breast enhancement program.
      The detox can be very simple. Take one – two days of a week when you only drink freshly made veggies + sour fruit juices and live on green leafy salads. I know it sounds like hard work but it only requires a little getting used to.

      Then, get started on the breast enhancement program and be persistent! (read this post: You will see results so quick you wish you had known about this years ago… haha.. I know that because that’s how I felt too.

      Keep me updated on your progress. 🙂

  4. Reply wendy Oct 8,2014 3:33 pm

    I’m a big boned girl, my thighs seem to be the biggest thing on my body and very hard to control. it took me 2years but I’m close to my idol weight, i went from 248 lbs to 148.7. My body is still flab, its hard to tone up my body. i have been using a corset, which i like the compressions on my belly, makes me feel smaller. i feel my body is unpprpotipnal, i am trying to work on a bigger butt, seems so hard because my thighs get most the results.

  5. Reply KC Rivera Oct 27,2014 1:21 am

    Hi Claire,

    I am going to be purchasing the Raw Ovarian Glandular, 250 mg 60 Caps…I just hope there aren’t too many negative affects. From the reviews I’ve read, however, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be that bad to at least try. I am 29 and I have always had VERY irregular periods…like once a year or more but when I would have them it was like hell on Earth because of the pain and so much blood it was unreal. I couldn’t hardly move for 2-3 days. My Gyno did some blood work on me and he said my testosterone levels are very high so he wants to put me on BC pills BUT I’ve been holding off on taking them cause I’d rather take a more natural approach since I have not had good experiences with them in the past (no matter how low the ‘dose’ they tell me they’ll prescribe me)…they cause me to be rather emotional and moody. After a sonogram it was also determined that I have PCOS. Not to mention thinning hair on my scalp and hair on my chin and neck to which drives me crazy. They believe it’s my thyroid that’s all out of whack…ugh. I just wanna be a semi normal female for crying out loud. So this will be the first time I’ll be taking pills like this and I hope it helps out. Do you think this would be smart for me to take especially cause it promotes estrogen which I believe I’m lacking? Thank you in advance 🙂

    • Reply Claire Mier Oct 27,2014 7:58 am

      Hi there,

      Since I am not a certified medical professional I cannot give you medical advice. But I think the best things to do in your situation can be;
      1) avoid all the processed foods; white rice, white bread, processed sugar, low- quality ice cream that uses processed sugar, foods that are cooked in hydrogenated oil ( and the reason for that is they seem to be the cause of many health problems; hormonal imbalance included.
      2) Check with your doctor if you have hypothyroism or hyperthyroism. They ‘re two different things. If you have the latter, taking iodine supplement is very harmful. But if it’s hypothyroism, I would recommend taking kelp (natural source of iodine) and magnesium choride (we’d get into the details later when you have sort out what you have!) That is to get your thyroid working and in good health.

      all that could be done prior to taking the raw bovine supplement. Should you choose to take the bovine supplement now, start with smaller dosage than they recommend to begin with. If the condition worsens, stop immediately, and get those things sorted out first.

      Hope this helps!

      Keep me posted,

  6. Reply Elle Feb 2,2015 1:43 am

    Hi! Recently, I bought six months worth of breast actives and pueraria mirifica. I am debating whether or not to use these after I do my twelve week bikini body workout plan or during the workout plan? I read some articles saying that it is best to lose weight first and then start the breast enhancement routine. However, I also read that exercise is okay while taking these pills as long a it is med-low intensity. What do you think is best? I am just trying to get my beach body ready by my trip to Spain!

    (Just as a reference, I am 5’4″ about 130 pounds, currently breast size before the regimen is full 34B or 32C, and I currently have a skinny-fat physique)

    I would really appreciate your opinion. Thank you so much 🙂

    • Reply Claire Mier Feb 2,2015 6:41 am

      Hi Elle,

      as long as you maintain 21-25% of body fat, you can do the workout and make the natural breast enhancement program work at the same time.
      It’s also good to keep in mind that you don’t want to emphasize the shoulders and arms workouts too much to get the feminine curvy body. Focus on the abs. Do a low intensity cardio and focus on strength training on abs and sides of your mid section.

      Be sure to join our newly set-up forum community:
      You will get more answers from me and other knowledgeable NBE community members! 🙂


  7. Reply francisca Mar 16,2015 6:47 pm

    Hi,am francisca and am 24.I have a broad shoulder,a big lap,my huttock is ok but I have no hip and it makes me feel so so afraid of going under the knife and I really wish to have a curvy hip.even if not that curvy but something lap is seperated from my hip due to its largeness giving me a terrible shape.I need your help

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 8,2015 7:22 am

      The guide gives you some idea of what might work! If you’re serious and consistent, you will see the results you want! 🙂 , x Claire

  8. Reply shelly Mar 25,2015 8:49 pm

    Hi claire i have my question similar to endora.As per m current weight i have enough fat to be grafted on my breast for bigger breasts however i wanted to loose of the leftover breats and i am considering garcinia cambogia .
    So my question is should i get an inch more than the size of breast i need or should i first do the weightloss and then go for fat grafting.Because i seriously do not want to lose any more of my breast fat after the surgery.

    AWaiting your helpful answer,thanks & regards

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 8,2015 7:15 am

      If you’re considering fat grafting, do that before going on diet as you’ll need a lot of it as 60% of the fat might not survive after grafting.

      Once the procedure is done you might do some strength training exercises to tone up certain parts.
      Hope my advice is helpful! 🙂

  9. Reply Mandy Mar 30,2015 5:43 pm

    Hello Claire,
    A month ago I bought a waist cincher and I have a big bust and a well shaped butt ,however, I don’t have very wide hips and between my lower stomach and hips i have a tiny gap which doesn’t give me a full curved/round hips. I want a hourglass figure so bad and I want to ask you will the exercises in the video (buffie the body shapes curvier hips) help me get a curve/rounder hips?
    thank you!

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 8,2015 7:11 am

      The exercises will focus on giving you bubble butts mainly. The waist cincher is what you do to get smaller rip cage over time. Use it with caution .. combine it with exercise and the right diet and you’ll be amazed with the results. 🙂

  10. Reply reema Jun 20,2015 12:36 am

    Hai Claire,I am 19 years old..I really lack self confidence to get out of my house to face public. My body weight is 40kg and height is 154cm.My breast size is 28 and waist is also 28.Have got a stomach size of 24.I’m of a darker complexion too.I’m really depperesd with my body.please do help me to attain more weight ,complexion, and a hour glass body that every woman would dream of.

    • Reply Claire Mier Jun 24,2015 7:52 am

      Hi Reema,

      with the complexion I find using sunscreen religiously to be very helpful with any skin problems, provided that you get the right formula for your skin type.
      With the getting curvy body, the info is all here! So be sure to spend time browsing through our website and take actions!


  11. Reply claire Jul 28,2015 4:19 pm

    hey im ifunanya, i subcribed to your website…how can i get a small waiste and loose my lovehandles

    • Reply Claire Mier Aug 4,2015 4:10 pm

      Please do the exercise given in the post. I think you’ll see results wihin weeks if combined with clean diet.


  12. Reply Margarida Jul 20,2016 10:04 pm

    So, I am 15 years old and I don’t want you to tell me : Love your body. I know I should but Just answer me like a normal person.
    I have a thing called banana rolls under my butt and I would like to change it. Can you help me, please? Then, I would love to grow a much bigger butt and to have a smaller waist. Can you please help me? Help me Love my body…

    • Reply Claire Mier Aug 23,2016 9:48 am


      I find that doing the resistance training exercises do improve the shape and roundness of butt dramatically. This however doesn’t happen over night but you do see the results rather quickly.

      Squats and hip thrust exercises (45-50 reps of each divided into 3 sets) per day is a good start. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can notice the results.

      Best wishes,

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