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pu erh tea health benefits
Jun 06

Is Pu erh Tea the Real Weight Loss Tea?

By Claire Mier | Weight Loss Tips

Pu erh tea has been popular in China for hundreds and thousands of years. Until recently, the western countries are catching up on the tea’s health and weight loss benefits. How is it so?

In this article, you will learn the wonderful things of Pu erh tea and how it can help you reach your ideal weight, lower cholesterol, and give you the energy.

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green tea benefits weight loss
May 24

Can You Put Your Faith in Weight Loss Tea?

By Claire Mier | Weight Loss Tips

Is there such a thing as weight loss tea? While sitting still sipping on this hot beverage won’t make you lose inches over night, there are some amazing properties of the herbal teas that might make just make the whole process easier.

This article will let you know if the weight loss teas exist, if they are safe, and how to use them to your advantage. Read more about the amazing benefits of the teas now…

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May 04

How to Control Your Hunger

By Claire Mier | Weight Loss Tips

Being able to shed off pounds and lose unwanted inches means you get enough exercise, and eat less of unhealthy foods. It might sound easy but if it’s your habits to eat unhealthy, this will require some self-control and discipline.

This article talks about how to control your hunger so you can manage to stay on the right track to losing the weight and becoming fit.

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diet to lose belly fat
Feb 22

GetCurvyNow’s Ultimate Guide – How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

By Claire Mier | Weight Loss Tips

GetCurvyNow encourages you to pursue the ideal body and appearance using healthy methods. Losing belly fat is one thing you can do to be healthy; lean stomach not only makes you look attractive, it’s also healthy for your heart, liver, and overall health.

In this post you will learn the ultimate guide on how to lose belly fat fast the healthy way. So you can get the healthy curvy body you’ve always dreamed of.

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