Fat Burning Workouts In Under 20 Minutes

Many of us who want to lose weight think that in order to do so, we will need to spend a very long time in the gym. After all, getting ripped always takes a long time and a lot of effort, so this means that the average Joe will have to invest a lot for achieving his goal.

However, you need to understand a few important aspects before you will want to begin training so you can lose weight. One of the main things to keep in mind is that losing weight depends very much on your diet and in fact, it represents 80 percent of your weight loss results. Even if you will spend a long time in the gym, if you don’t eat properly, then you are not going to see results. Next, you need to focus on very intense and short workouts, as they are more effective than the lengthier ones.

Getting ripped fast is possible and if you create your very own twenty minute workout, great results will be visible really soon.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the things you should bear in mind about this.

Utilize Compound Lifts Only

20 minute workout

Compound lifts are mandatory if you want to lose fast as soon as possible. Doing them you’ll stimulate as many muscle fibers as possible and thus burning up a lot of calories. At the same time, they are also useful if you want to boost your metabolism after you finished your workout and maintain your strength while on the diet.

Super-set Upper and Lower Body Exercises

When creating your workout program, you should pair your lower and upper body exercises back to back. You can easily move throughout the session if your exercises are designed so that one muscle group is working and the other is resting. More to that, it will give you the chance to work harder, since one muscle group will rest until being worked out.

Keep The Weight Heavy

A common mistake people make when wanting to lose fat is to lighten up the weight. Their logic is that more reps with lighter weights will help them more with losing weight, but that’s just not going to happen. To keep the lean muscle mass it’s important to keep the weight heavy. That is why it’s very important to lift the same amount of weight every time and maybe increase it in the future.

Your 20 Minute Circuit Workout

Below you can find out more about your twenty minute workout circuit. Considering it 3 times a week, you’ll soon achieve your fat loss goals. Be sure to repeat the following workout 2 times.

  • Superset
  1. 8 repetitions of Squats
  2. 8 repetitions on the bench press
  3. 60 seconds rest
  • Superset
  1. 8 repetitions for the deadlifts
  2. 8 repetitions for the bent over barbell rows
  3. 60 seconds rest
  • Superset
  1. 10 repetitions for the lunges
  2. 10 repetitions for the dumbbell shoulder press
  3. 60 seconds rest
  • Superset
  1. 15 repetitions for the hanging leg raise
  2. 30 to 60 seconds hold for the plank exercise
  3. 60 seconds rest

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