4 Top Rated Breast Enlargement Pumps on the Market

For many of us who are proud to be high-maintenance, we do what we can to get the body we want in the safest way possible.

Having  weighed pros and cons of the breast augmentation surgery, I’ve decided the natural way is the way to go. Having tried so many methods out there, one of the most effective method so far is using breast enlargement pumps. This is something that is accepted and certified by the medical board. And the positive results and success stories are seen everywhere.

Taking a quick look at what’s available on the market today, you will see many affordable options of the device. It can become frustrating at times when you’re looking for what works best for you.

So in this post, I will go over the breast enlargement pumps I’ve tried and considered them to be worth looking into. Consider this as your shopping guide if you will. If you want to skip to the list, go right ahead and click here.

I’ve tried it as well as many other getcurvynow’s readers (men and women). And 90% of us are satisfied with the results. And the gains I get from the pumping are permanent (although it would take some time before they last. In the beginning, they might seem like temporary swelling!)

The Best Breast Enlargement Pumps 2017

These are the breast enhancement pumps that have been proven to be effective. And believe me , there are a few out there that are just some cheap gimmicky devices that could end up in your trash cans. I understand the frustration. So what the products I mention here, despite their pros and cons, will work if you do use them as per instructions and regularly.

Now before we get to the list of the products, I have my shopping tips I want to share with you just to give you ideas of how I rate them and why I chose these items.

Consider how long you can wear the domes or use the pumps in a day. Usually, it is recommended that you spend some hours to retain the tension for the results to be lasting.

Some devices even require you to wear the domes for 12 hours a day. With that said, the manual or hand-operated pumps require less hours of wear time per session.

Although it allows fewer hours, the suction pressure from the hand-operated ones are stronger (so it’s best to avoid using too much pressure to avoid injury).

I know what you’re thinking, you might get impatient and therefore end up pumping too hard in order to see the results faster. Don’t do what I did; this would do more harm than good! Just let things take their course and eventually the growth and gains will be visible and lasting. Don’t overdo it by putting too much pressure as it will leave purple or red marks that could lead to permanent scarring if you’re not careful. Always remember to put safety before anything else.

So without any more babbling, here is the list of our favorite breast enlargement pumps! Enjoy!

Noogleberry Breast Enlargement Pump

This is a no surprise and there are endless testimonials for this product. Noogleberry is by far the winner in their playing field for many reasons. It’s very affordable, it works, the customer supports are great. That’s why it made it to the top of our list.

Being the expert in the field of vacuum enlargement product industry, Noogleberry breast enlargement pump is also one of their top-selling products.


The company is the specials in many affordable natural enlargement products, including other adult products and accessories.

And they know what they’re doing when it comes to manufacturing top-quality products made from lasting, and practical materials. While being very affordable the products have long-lasting durability and they work. For example, the rubber cups are resistant to cracking, the silicone tubes are very durable.

It’s not one of those ones that use cheap rubber bulb that breaks after a few use. The Noogleberry pump has been compared to the medical-grade BRAVA from time to time, but it costs a fraction of the BRAVA pump. Some people even prefer Noogleberry despite the fact that they can afford BRAVA, just for the sake of the comfort and convenience of using the pump at their homes. The pump is manual so you have full control of the pressure of suction, and this like I said earlier allows you to wear them only a few hours a day to see results.

You just have to be careful with the suction pressure and work your way up to longer wear to avoid bruising. Although it comes with an instruction (and a community forum for users to interact with support and share pumping tips), you can be flexible with your techniques and do what works best for you.

How it works: the principle is by drawing blood flow to the focused area (your breasts in this case), for prolonged period of time the swelling becomes the expansion and the permanent gain.

You can start of by using 15-30 minutes a day. In the beginning, the breasts are noticeable firmer and swollen, but not noticeable bigger. But after you work your way up to 30-60 minutes a day (2 sessions of 15-30 minutes), you will see more permanent gains. Instructions are provided with your purchase.

Here’s our full Noogleberry review and customers’ testimonials!

How I do mine is gently pressing the pumps over my bust areas and pumps, then leave the domes on for the 15-30 minutes. Just make sure to check on the suction pressure; you want it to be firm but not too hard. I recommend applying Bio Oil after every use to avoid stretch marks and the ring marks.

Check the price and available accessories on the Noogleberry Official Website!

Our final thoughts :

The product is very promising, but the results may vary from person to person. As you might already know, some people experience amazing gains, while others not so much. But once you’ve tried it you will know what I mean, it is totally up to how much time and efforts you put into it. Aside from this one drawback that you have to manually pump the breasts, and that the results depending on each person’s effort, this product is still the best one out there! And it is very inexpensive compared to many other options out there!

If you follow the instructions, and put in the time you will see the improvement and the lasting gains!

Apart from the fact that they do produce results at a very affordable price point, their customer support is also exceptional. You know you’re not alone doing this! You will also join the like-minded community of ‘Nooglers’ who share their methods and tips.

Plus, you get the money-back guarantee and a one year warranty. This should reassure that you’re going to be happy with your purchase as long as you put in the work.

BRAVA Breast Enhancement Program

This breast enlargement pump system is very popular due to the fact that it was the first in the market and it has been used by medical professionals. It is one of the trusted brands for that reason, and it might be the reason why you got interested in breast enlargement pump in the first place. My team and I have tried the products and the results were noticeable.

BRAVA breast pump has been medically proven to work; the principle is to multiply breast tissues naturally using 3-dimensional pull to put tension on our breasts. It is somewhat referred to as an external tissue expander.

It has been clinically tested. The test requires 10 hours per day of wearing over a period of 10 weeks. The results were astonishing; the increase of 1 cup size when the pumps were used as directed.

They key to your success with BRAVA system is the frequency and the persistence. You do need to put in the hours and the intensity to see some real permanent change with the system.

How it works: The breast cells tearing apart and replicate to fill in the gap is the results of sustained tension caused by the pumps. New breast tissues are generated as the result of that prolonged tension. This is a very safe and effective way of breast enhancement that has been recognized by the medical board.

The procedures should be done under the supervision of the professional as this is not a manual device. The advantage of that is that you can be sure that the process will be gentle, painless, and relatively safer than doing it yourself. And also the cups will stay put and hold the breasts in place as it comes with a bra vest that will make it easier to wear.

Where to buy brava breast enhancement system ?

BRAVA system is available on Amazon.com. However, I do recommend that you do consult a professional who has receive proper training from the company and do it under their supervision. This service might add extra cost to the procedure.

Bosom Beauty

Bosom Beauty breast enlargement pump is somewhat of a hybrid between BRAVA and Noogleberry breast pump. I was quite excited about this product when I first heard of it. After having tried both BRAVA and Noogleberry which are the two leading products when it comes to the breast enlarging pumps, Bosom Beauty had quite a big shoe to fill.

Bosom Beauty pump is similar to Brava because they both are electric enlargement pumps; you wear the bra vest to keep the cups in the right places, and then turn on the machine. The pumping mechanism is like that of the Noogleberry pump.

Bosom pumps come with comfortable cushions on two cups that go on the chest. The thick and comfy cushion seals the air tight, ensuring better hold.

You use the small controller in the pump to suck the air out of the dome creating the suction. As the results of the suction and the pulling, the breast tissue generation and expansion occurs.

The controller has 9 power settlings; the boost option allows you to double the intensity. Again, start slow! You don’t want to be using the power setting right off the bat. The design is user-friendly; the curved cups are designed for them to not bump into each other. This is what I love about the device; it is more comfortable to wear than the other two firs tones. When it is easy to use and more convenient to wear, you want to wear them for longer hours. Technically, this makes it more effective and result-oriented.

The sustain-and-release technology combined with automatically vacuuming motions are the functionality of this device. These motions are claimed to reduce the time it takes to get the wanted results.

The only problem I might have with this device is that it could be quite painful. Just like how I mentioned that when you use Noogleberry, it is best to start slow and build up. This one seems to try to rush things, and unnecessarily so.

Sure you can use the padding which does help, but it still does leave the red circle marks on your skin after you’re done. And even with the 9 levels of settings, the lowest one is still not gentle enough for newbies. Someone with higher pain tolerance might find it fine, while others might feel that it is too harsh.

All these pulling and sucking motions are done within 30 minutes of the session. This is automatically timed. If you want to use the device longer, you might have to do it multiple sessions. Another drawback or complaint is that it is not as durable as Noogleberry and BRAVA.

These are the two drawbacks of this machine, but generally, it is still one of the top breast enhancement pumps on the market today.

Automatic Twin 2 Cup Breast Pump

I love this product for its affordability. You can either be using Noogleberry pump and give this one a go on the day when you feel tired of pumping manually.

This automatic twin 2 cup pump works by using high intensity of pressure (this is also newbie friendly! )

This device is convenient as it comes with the stretch bra vest with two cups inside of them.

The controller allows you to adjust the intensity and time. And unlike the Bosom Beauty this is not painful at all. It starts off slow but you can increase the intensity just by adjusting the controller.

It is also very comfortable to wear; you can move around freely while using the device.

This is very newbie friendly and very affordable. There are some drawbacks to this device; the cushion pads are not very protective. So you do need to be careful with the intensity to avoid the ring marks. And because it is not very intense, you do need longer hours to wear them to see results.

The limitations are there, but that doesn’t mean that the pump doesn’t work. The gains can still happen if you put in the time and effort. Just make sure to use the Bio Oil to massage the breasts after use to avoid marks.

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