5 Scientific Ways to Make Him Fall in Love With You

Love, love and desire are of course about emotions, but in spite of that, there is some help in science – which can actually show you how to become irresistible to the one you want.

Forget about Tinder and dating sites. Skip Friday’s hunt on the dance floor. And also forget all the awkward nerve wrecking blind dates that are waiting next week.

The pursuit of it alone does not have to be so demanding, because with the help of science you can maximize your chances of attracting that person directly to you instead – AND make sure that they become stormy in love with you.

1. Become interested in taking care of the environment

It does not take too much to be a little conscious of the environment, but there is a lot to gain – not just for the environment but also for you.

An American study from 2014 reveals that people who act environmentally conscious – especially by purchasing environmentally friendly and organic goods – are perceived as more attractive life partners.

It also works the other way around – if you are looking for a quick relationship here and now, splurge on luxury goods.

The same study shows that people who prefer to buy expensive and luxurious goods are perceived as physically attractive and suitable for short relationships without obligations. Whichever you are after, the more power to you!

2. Place the face in the right fold

A well-known attempts by the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia in Canada revealed in 2011 that men and women are attracted to different facial expressions of a potential partner.

Men found women as most attractive and worthy as potential partners when their faces radiated joy and as least attractive when they radiated pride.

Women found men who radiated joy least attractive while the men who radiated pride clearly ended up as the most attractive and sought after.

3. Be a bit mysterious (applies to men)

In 2011, psychologists at Harvard University conducted a study of women’s attraction to men based on whether men had said they were interested in women.

In the experiment, the researchers took a collection of pictures of men and presented them to three different groups of women who were asked to evaluate how attractive they considered the men were.

One group of women was told that the men had seen the women’s Facebook profile, saying that they found the women “attractive”, while the other group had the same story, but that the men had perceived them as “average”.

The third group of women did not know anything about men’s reaction to Facebook profiles – neither good nor bad.

Based on the valued women in the third group, the men are significantly more attractive than the women in the other two groups.

4. Use the body language

Touch, use your arms while speaking, do something in the environment and make sure you are alive when communicating.

It may sound strenuous and simplified, but there is plenty of scientific evidence that people who are “open” in their body language and gesticulate a lot when they speak are perceived as much more attractive.

In a survey by the University of California, Berkeley in the United States in 2016, a research team found that people on speed dating categorically preferred to go on a new date with a partner who had actively used the body when they spoke.

The same group then examined whether the effect was clearly enough to be labeled only with images of potential partners and also here they found that both sexes considered that people with an open posture were significantly more attractive than those with a closed posture.

5. Keep the eye contact a little longer

Close Up Eye Contact

Yes, yes, maybe this is not something you can do entirely on your own, because it requires the opposing party to pay attention to your eyes as well.

But if you can keep the eye contact with the one you like for two minutes (ok, it’s a long time), that’s a sure winner.

In 1989, psychologist Joan Kellerman of the University of Massachusetts asked 96 and 72 students, respectively, in two next-leg legendary attempts to pair themselves with one of the opposite sexes and constantly stare into each other’s eyes for two minutes.

After the trial, the students told “the feelings of intense love”, “great attraction” and “personal interest” for the partner they had looked into the eyes.

“This indicates that prolonged periods of eye contact can tie people together and even raise feelings of love in two people who have never met each other,” said Joan Kellerman.

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