How to Achieve Healthy Summer Glow without a Sun Tan

Everyone knows that having a golden sun tan helps them to look glowing and healthy. This can however bring with it the risk of skin cancer, sun damage and premature aging. The following advice shows how a healthy glow can be achieved without the danger associated with sun bathing.

Always Drink Plenty of Water for a Healthy Glow

Hot weather leads to dehydration, causing dark circles under the eyes, dull skin and constipation. By taking in plenty of water and fluids, the body and therefore skin, will be better hydrated. The water will also help to flush toxins and impurities out of the body.

When it comes to drinking eight glasses of water a day it is not only glasses of pure unflavoured water that count. The water found in fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods all count towards a person’s daily consumption.

Eat Plenty of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables for Healthy Skin

This is the ideal time of year for eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, as many seasonal varieties become available. These provide a welcome boost of vital nutrients. Fruits and vegetables will brighten the eyes, add a natural glow to a complexion and boost energy levels with natural fruit sugars and nutrients.

It is always advisable to eat as many different colours of fruit and vegetables as possible. Colours can be indicative of what nutrients are contained within food. By eating a wider variety of colours, the body is consequently receiving a wider variety of nutrients.

Alcohol and Skin

When people go on holiday they may indulge in more alcoholic drinks than normal. In the summer heat, this leads more quickly than usual to dehydration, headaches and hangovers.

By eating before having a drink the body and stomach can cope more easily with alcohol, reducing any possible nausea. Also, remember to drink plenty of water – at least one glass for every unit of alcohol will dramatically reduce any headaches or hangovers.

Eat Probiotic Yoghurt Every Day for Skin that Glows

Being dehydrated and drinking more alcohol than usual can lead over time to constipation and bloating just as swim suit season arrives. Drinking a daily probiotic yoghurt can help the gut and stomach to operate more efficiently.

Probiotics are live bacteria that are beneficial to health, when eaten in an adequate amount. By eating them in yoghurt form, they are hoped to improve nutrient bio-availability for certain vitamins, constipation, lactose intolerance and possibly immunity.

Exfoliate Skin Every Day

Dull and dry skin will always struggle to glow. Exfoliate regularly to bring the natural shine to the skin. For the face, usual a gentle exfoliator and avoid harsh scrubs that might damage delicate skin.

On the body, use a “salt in oil” scrub, as this not only removes dead skin but adds hydrating oil at the same time. Using exfoliating gloves instead of using a sponge or flannel is another easy way to exfoliate without taking any more time than a normal shower or bath.

Get Glowing Skin with a “Fake Tan

A “fake tan” is a great way to add a natural glow to skin without the associated sun damage and skin cancer risks of normal tanning. There are great products on the market that have far less scent than previously. To maintain a constant, even tan apply a daily tanning lotion each night before bed and simply wash it off in the morning.

To achieve the best results, apply fake tan lotion on dry and clean skin. Do not take a bath, go swimming or do exercise that will cause sweating until the product is fully absorbed. Within one to six hours the product normally gets absorbed by the skin.

Sleep is Essential for Healthy Skin

There is no doubt that getting plenty of sleep improves energy levels, healthy complexion and general alertness.

Try to be disciplined. Set a time to aim for each night and set off for bed with 30 minutes to spare. This will allow for delays and dithering. If the body has plenty of sleep, it is easier to perform tasks more quickly and efficiently during the day, making an early bedtime more achievable in the evening.

Looking good for summer need not be about getting a sun tan that causes sun damage and skin cancer. By treating your body the right way, a true glow can come from within.

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