Anti-Androgens and Natural Breast Enhancement

There are several herbs that are ingredients in many natural breast enhancement products and remedies. They claim to have anti-androgenic effects. What does that mean and how does that help or does it help with natural breast enhancement? That is what you’re about to find out in this post.

The Definition of Anti-Androgens

Anti-androgen is a substance that acts as an antagonist to male hormones. It is used in some therapeutic applications, such as tumors or certain people with virilization or hypertrichosis problems. Antiandrogens usually work by blocking androgen receptors, competing with the binding sites on the surface of cells, literally blocking the function of androgens.

What are the natural sources of anti-androgens?

Saw palmetto, White peony, chinese skullcap, spearmint

Take small amount of these herbs together with other phytoestrogenic herbs like Fenugreek, Dong Quai, Pueraria Mirifica will help accelerate the enhancement results as well as preventing breakouts.

How much is recommended of each herb?

There is no need to take all three. Just choose one and do low dosage of the herb (250mg/day) to begin with.

Anything to watch out for when taking them?

  • They effect the reduction of Estrone to Estradiol, which means it can lower the efficiency of contraceptives.
  • Cutting out too much testosterone means you lower the ability to prevent blood and bone related problems, hence my reocmmendation to only take small dosage.

If you have any further questions regarding this matter or anything natural breast enhancement related, feel free to leave some comments below and I’ll do my best to try to answer them.

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