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This section is all about women’s health, bone health, anti-aging, adult acne treatment, premenstrual syndrome, and natural HRT.

Urinary Incontinence in Women

Urinary incontinence might be called a “silent” condition, while it’s symptoms are obvious (involuntary loss or leakage of urine) many people hide it from family, friends, and their physicians. They are often embarrassed and assume it is just a part of aging. The good news is that urinary incontinence is NOT to be an inevitable […]

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DHEA and Antiaging

In a quirky “Far Side” cartoon, an aging and grizzled Superman pauses at the window. Instead of flying off faster than a speeding bullet, he turns to an equally graying Lois Lane and asks, “Dang, where was I going anyway?” While we might chuckle at the thought of Superman losing his edge as he gets […]

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Anti-Aging Methods That Work

Clinical studies continually show us we have new options for maintaining good health as we age. These include maintaining bone and muscle strength, vitality, and even a more youthful appearance. This is especially true for our skin. ARTICLES on What Anti-Aging Methods That Work The following articles offer specialized information about anti-aging and skin care […]

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The HRT Solution

The HRT Solution by Marla Ahlgrimm, R.Ph. and John Kells. This book will literally change the way you age. For the first time, you’ll find answers to the questions millions of women are asking. The HRT Solution gives you the straight story about a revolutionary, innovative hormone management program. No more “one-size” fits all. Instead, […]

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How to Get Glowing Skin

I have made a greatly reliable and accurate statement when I said my herbal remedies work as good as any creams in the market. I am 100 per cent certain that I was right about the statement. You might sometimes experience slight irritation or difficulty in following my herbal methods but I can guarantee you […]

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Mineral Makeup – Answers to Skin Problems

Mineral makeup is the newest craze in natural cosmetics, but has been around as long as makeup has been used. Benefits of Mineral Make Up It provides excellent coverage, is hypoallergenic and non-aggravating to acne, naturally anti-inflammatory, oil-free and provides effective UVA/UVB uv protection. What ingredients make mineral cosmetics so great? Mineral make up products […]

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Natural Skin Care Products

So you want natural skin care products. Tired of steroid creams to treat eczema symptoms? Frustrated with harsh acne treatments that have DANGEROUS side effects? For just about any skin condition that exists, there are alternative natural or organic remedies, without harsh detergent or carcinogenic chemicals. Why treat one problem, only to create another?? The […]

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Skin Function: What’s it there for?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and your skin functions are crucial for survival.What does it do? The most obvious functions are Sense of touch. You have tons of nerve endings in your skin, which sense pressure and pain. Thermal regulation, helping you maintain a constant body temperature. Capillaries in your skin […]

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Tips for At-Home Eyebrow Grooming Like a Pro

  One of the best ways to obtain a sloppy, unpolished look is to have poorly groomed eyebrows. All the same, even the most proficient makeup users get nervous about brow shaping, and for good reason: one careless mistake and bald patches or a really misshapen arch will mar the appearance of the entire face […]

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The French Woman’s Secrets to Beauty

The term “French Paradox” should not be limited to the famous French diet, but also the mystery of how less product, maintenance, and time in front of the mirror can equal such flawlessly chic beauty that we American women can learn a great deal from the French woman’s minimalistic approach to beauty that gives them […]

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Eyelash Loss – The Cause and The Treatment

The medical term for loss of eyelashes is madarosis. Normally, eyelashes fall out quite frequently. They do grow back, but their growth phase is short while their resting phase is annoyingly long. Lash hairs also tend to dry out fairly readily, leading to breakage. While lash brittleness and maximum length is definitely controlled by genetic […]

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