The Best Face Cleansing Brush Kit Reviews

The cleaning routine is one of my favorites, it’s nice to wash the day and with the right products you can really see a big difference. Especially if you have a lot of dead skin cells.

Something that makes the routine both more luxurious and efficient is a cleaning brush. However, it is usually a huge investment and it can be very expensive if it turns out that you actually prefer to massage your fingers. Or can not use your brush and it just stands and collects dust.

You know how crazy I’m in skincare and I’m really obsessed that my honey will get the best care. I go to the best of my mind, go to the top skin therapists and use the best possible skin care. But what I’ve missed is to find something that makes my skin really clean, not products without a tool. I have tested different except earlier (rotating) but feel that they have not been hygienic in the long run.

Therefore I like Foreos mini-variant of the brand’s electrified silicone pillow Luna, has been tested for a couple of months already. I really like it, the biggest originator, Luna, which is a bit unimaginable. On the other hand, Lilla Luna play is easy in hand, like a macaron, which makes it accessible to all angles and angles of the face.

The skin is massaged and the feeling afterwards is extremely lenient, fresh and clean. Simply not having the same effect with just cleaning and fingers. This is also a great way to check if the electric cleaning tool is yours.

Luna play is intended as an introduction and costs only $70 but can not be loaded as the other range. It’s enough for about 100 washes and it’s long enough to know if the significantly more expensive Luna go (or other similar tools like Clarisonics Mia and Cliniques Sonic) is a good investment for you.

In addition, it’s perfect for traveling because you do not have to worry about chargers, adapters, etc. This little candy is available in many colors, from canary yellow and baby pink to elegant black.


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