Best Magnetic Eyelashes for Small Eyes

Magnetic false eyelashes are the beauty experts’ favorite formula for achieving the most glamorous eye makeup look, especially for Asian monolids and small eyes. (Afterall, you’ve landed on this page because you typed in the best magnetic eyelashes for small eyes right?)

The eyelashes do have the problems of adhesives that can be sticky and leave a trace of stains. In the case of magnetic false eyelashes, the problems are solved because there are no glue. Instead, they use ultra-fine magnetic particles that make your eyelashes stand out like never before. Of course they are waterproof and resistant to stains.

What are magnetic false eyelashes?

Magnetic false eyelashes are two strips of false eyelashes with magnet in the root area. These magnetic false eyelashes are a new beauty technique that allows you to easily show off heart-stopping eyelashes. They also do not need glue, so they do not leave sticky traces. It is an incredible way to show off beautiful eyelashes.

In this way, the magnetic false eyelashes achieve the desired effect of achieving that depth in the look that you are looking for. They just use a magnet to join the lashes while our lashes stay in the middle. And all this easily and quickly.

The best magnetic false eyelashes for small eyes will be the ones that make us look better and adapt to our type of eyes. When buying false eyelashes, those with natural hair are better, which look less artificial than plastic ones.

Although the most important thing is its placement, which has to go according to your eye shape:

Separated eyes: lashes with uniform length from one side to the other.

Slanted eyes: lashes thicker in the center.

Round eyes: lashes with thicker and longer ends.

Eyes together: lashes with a thicker and longer outer end

Amazon’s best magnetic eyelashes

There are several types of false eyelashes, such as:

  • Natural false eyelashes
  • Hair to hair false eyelashes
  • Permanent false eyelashes
  • Magnetic False Eyelashes

Natural false eyelashes are made with natural hairs in strips or in groups of several lashes. The texture of natural false eyelashes give a very natural result. They are inexpensive and widely used, but you have to learn how to apply false eyelashes.

Natural false eyelashes come in different shapes, either in long strips or in short strips. The downside would be that these false eyelashes usually come with a false eyelash glue. Hence, sticky remains and stains may later appear.

Regarding how long natural false eyelashes last, the duration is usually one day, since once it is time to remove makeup, the eyelashes have to be detached. They can be reused as long as we keep them in good condition.Hair to hair false eyelashes

Hair-to-hair false eyelashes are hairs that are glued one by one to our eyelashes. The size of our eye is analyzed, and the most suitable length is chosen. Then the extensions are applied one by one on each eyelash with a special glue.

Hair-to-hair false eyelashes are the most comfortable and most natural option. However, it is more expensive than natural ones. This is due to the fact that the common strip inserts are worn for one occasion and are removed at night. On the other hand, the hair-by-hair eyelashes are glued one by one to our lashes with a highly durable glue and should not be removed.


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Best Magnetic Eyelashes for Small Eyes

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The extensions stay glued until the lash dies and falls to make way for a new one. The effect usually lasts between 3 and 4 weeks. With this type of eyelashes it is better not to use oil-based makeup or makeup removers.

Permanent false eyelashes

Permanent false eyelashes are placed with a surgical operation. They put about 30 or 40 lashes in each eye and in theory they last forever on the eyes.

Magnetic eyelashes for Small Eyes

Magnetic false eyelashes are being the latest revolution in the beauty trend and the best magnetic eyelashes for small eyes are also available on through this link. They are multipurpose, have a very affordable price and are easy and quick to place, in addition to not needing glue to put them on.


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