Best Skin Lightening Creams

You can bring back the natural beauty of your skin by enhancing its appearance today. There are different means of doing so. For instance, you can settle with the correction of your skin tone. There are already various products that can correct your tone and bring back its natural glow. On the other hand, if you want to improve it in the most optimum way, you may then consider using solutions that may brighten your skin. Brightening your skin is possible as long as you use efficient compounds or products.

To give you the best product to try, you may then consider the following:

1. Illuminatural 6i 

This is an ever effective solution that can give you advanced skin lightening. It also promises to provide an airbrushed look. It will visibly erase the dark spots on your face and body. In addition, it is guaranteed that Illuminatural 6i will give you results in as short as four weeks. The marks it can address are freckles, acne scars, birthmarks, age spots, sun spots, and even the hyperpigmentation of your skin. If you want to try it, you may do so and take advantage of its 90-day money back guarantee.

Why Illuminatural 6i?

The advanced formula of will erase the marks on your skin effectively and quickly. It will give you the best final development of skin complex that can dramatically fade and eliminate the areas of hyperpigmentation on your skin. All in all, expect that Illuminatural 6i will ideally whiten, lighten, and brighten your skin. The complex will give you that airbrushed look without difficulty. There is also a noted freedom from potential risks, expensiveness, and side effects, which are often encountered with other products.

The Formulation

Illuminatural 6i is made up of right brightening solutions for the skin. It is strictly noted that it is free from steroids, hydroquinone, toxic substances, as well as mercury at the same time. It only contains a gentle combination of plant-based sun filters, skin lightening, natural exfoliants, healing anti-inflammatories, as well as antioxidants among others. The ingredients work effectively in penetrating deeply into the skin’s surface. They stop the production of melanin, which when produced dramatically, will likely produced dark pigmentation effects to the skin. It does not cause injury or scarring, which is why expect that overall rejuvenation of the skin can be achieved with Illuminatural 6i.

2. Dermology Skin Brightener 

This is termed as the second best brightening solution for the skin. It can give you a standout solution that will improve the complexion of your skin. It can target the age spots, sun spots, freckles, and the unevenness of your skin tone. Dermology Skin Brightener also guarantees that it will keep the skin moisturized and well taken care of, which is in courtesy of the vitamins found in it. Easier treatment can be achieved with this solution since it only infused safe brighteners.

Why Dermology Skin Brightener?

The product is a trusted name in the industry, giving you the plus of using a high quality solution for whitening the skin. It will free you from side effects as well since it contains non-dangerous solutions. Needless to say, it will give you nothing but skin whitening. Aside from guaranteeing your high quality skin tone correction, Dermology Skin Brightener will also give way to tested and proven effective reduction of hyperpigmentation of the skin. Consequently, you will be able to promote your even skin tone as you gain a lustrous skin. You may also trust the word of Dermology Skin Brightener regarding the claim that it really works.

The Formulation

As said, it is made up of only natural ingredients for treatment. One of the top solutions you can find in it is arbutin, which is from Bearberry. This will give you no serious side effect, just a perfect means of suppressing the effects of melanin to the skin. On the other hand, it also gave way to the use of derivative of leaves and bark of Boldo tree. The compound is an anti-inflammatory, which is necessary in inhibiting the growth of cancer. It also suppresses the effects of melanin production to your skin. Other compounds it has are shea butter, comfrey plant extract, and grapefruit seed extract among others.

3. Lactic Acid 50% Gel Peel 

This is a perfectly formulated solution that can lighten the current pigmentation of your skin as you also even out your skin tone. It inhibits the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin in the skin. The compound it has, which is lactic acid, is known for reducing the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles at the same time. It is also expected that the compound will stimulate the proper production of collagen in the skin as the turnover rate of the cells is enhanced as well.

Why Lactic Acid 50% Gel Peel?

The product is an ideal gel peel to use. Aside from giving you an option to get rid of the uppermost layer of your skin for a lighter skin tone, the solution will also provide a balanced texture of the skin. The brightening solution will successfully reduce not only your pigmentation issue, but also other problems, such as acne, stretch marks, pregnancy marks, and even aging signs. If you will keep your skin looking radiant, you can expect to naturally bring back the youthful appearance of your skin.

The Formulation

The product is made up of GMP certified compounds. These compounds include lactic acid, kojic acid, licorice extract, and bearberry extract among others. They are naturally infused in the formulations in order to kill the blemish-causing factors to the skin. These include toxins, germs, bacteria, and even dead skin cells. Furthermore, the formulation works well in maintaining the suppression of melanin production, which is the primary reason why your skin becomes dark.

The given products are your top choices if you want to properly lighten or whiten your skin. You just need to select one that will best treat your pigmentation complaints.

4. Mederma

This amazing product has not got any hydroquinone in it. Hydroquinone can bring in amazing results but it could prove potentially harmful for some skin types. Manufacturers have also taken special care to avoid mercury and parabens in this product.

Avoiding all these potentially harmful chemicals makes sure that this product is safe for all its customers.

It probably is the safest Skin whitening cream in the market. This product claims results within 2 weeks but I would say that it takes at least 1 month before you notice any changes to your skin. It took me well over 3 months to experience a real big change. Read the full Mederma Review here!


5. Nur76

Nur76 isn’t among the most famous skin whitening creams. It could be because it is not marketed as much as the other big brands in the market. Nur76 works like a charm. It is as effective as Meladerm. Manufacturers have avoided contents with bleach or hydroquinone and it is suitable for long term use.

I have used Nur76 product called NUR76 Skin Lightening ADVANCED over a period of 3 months and it had a huge impact on my skin tone. It comes with a set of 3 creams and a soap. Only spoiler is the fact that you have these 3 different creams and a soap to use every day and it could be a little annoying. Use of this product consistently over a period of 3 months will give you a glowing, lightened and spotless face without doubt


6. Makari

Makari offers a wide range of skin lightening products and is very popular. I have had great success with this product. It had some genuine whitening effect on my skin. While choosing, make sure that you choose the one which provides protection from the sun. A distinct feature of this cream is that it contains Shea butter. It also contains several different types of multivitamins and works efficiently as an anti-aging supplement as well as an excellent skin lightener.

Another great advantage of this product is the fact that it comes with an in-built sunscreen feature to cover your exposure to direct sun light.

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7. Fair and white

Fair And White Lait Aloe Vera Body Lotion is just an around great product. It’s so good that if your skin could talk it would thank you for using it. Ok so maybe that is going a little bit too far, but let me tell you exactly what this body lotion does to your skin. You skin takes much more abuse than you probably realise. It can take a great deal of punishment from the hot or cold weather or even from just rubbing against your cloths all day. And one that really can do a number on your skin is shaving. Shaving your legs while making them smooth can be pretty devastating to your skin. That is where this body lotion gets to work.


8. Triluma

Triluma whitens your skin, period! However its main disadvantage is the fact that it contains 4 percentage of hydroquinone. Hence it is not suggested for prolonged usage as I would not advise the use of any product with hydroquinone for a prolonged usage. Use of this product for anything more than 8 weeks is simply not advisable. Also you have to avoid exposure to sun while using this product. If you want to go ahead and use this product, make sure that you use it before the bed time so that you will not be exposed to sun light.


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