Increase Your Bust With Fat Injection – Is It Safe And Effective?

Breast augmentation with fat injection is a cosmetic surgery procedure that it was popular  in the 1980’s before the invention of silicone implant. Now more than a century has passed and some cosmetic surgeons returned to reintroduce this method to increase breast size , but with the help of advanced technology .

fat injection breast augmentation


How Is It Done?

Basically the surgeon removes the fat from your body such as the thighs , buttocks , or any part that has fat , and then transfers these fats to the breasts. At present, this method is actually called autologous fat. Others call this micro-liposuction as it is performed, to remove fat from the body parts and then re-inject it into the breasts .

Is this procedure safe and effective ?

Like any surgical procedure, this micro-liposuction is prone to infection. There is no guarantee that the operation will be 100 % safe. It’s a good idea to go to discuss the possible effects of this procedure with your doctor. As for its effectiveness , it is necessary to note that even if the fats are taken from your own body, it is not a guarantee that breast enlargement by fat injection is the best method for you. Usually, the 50-70% of the fat cells will survive, and will last 2-5 years.

In fact, fat cells injected into the breast are absorbed by the body over time. But that was in the eighties and they didn’t have much success . The breasts form some lumps, strain and a rough texture. Today , with the help of modern technology , the limitation of this procedure is resolved. Adipose tissues undergo lipectomy suction, separating the fat cells and the stem cells. The stem cells then will be injected back to the breasts.

However, there is yet a solid scientific evidence demonstrating the efficacy of this procedure. In fact, a study under a controlled environment has not yet been carried out. So no one can really say it is a valuable method to increase the size of their breasts. This procedure may be a better  and less invasive than silicone implants filled or saline -filled breast because their breasts are not mangled by the knife. Patients have seen best results when combining the fat injection with silicone implants.

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