Full List of Natural Breast Enhancement Herbs

Breast Enlargement Program – Using Breast Enhancement Herbs

Breast enlargement is a popular and controversial subject which involves on ways to enlarge our breasts. Many women (even  men) want to increase the size of their breast for their own personal reasons. And there are a lot who refuse to use plastic surgeries to do so.

From incorporating herbal medicines, medical or surgical procedures, diet changes to breast massages, the breast enlargement programs are quite comprehensive. However, the natural procedure or programs that you resort to enlarge your breasts is of prime importance.

This website highlights various breast enlargement programs and shows you the way on how to go about it.

Great Tips to Follow For a Natural Breast Enlargement Program

It is guaranteed that, even if you only followed just a few of the tips here, you will definitely see some results. But for these tips to be actually effective, it is required of you to put in some work.

Breast Enhancement Herbs

For most natural breast enhancement programs and regimen, herbs are used to balance hormones and induce breast tissue development. Int his post we will go over the most effective herbs that you can learn to take advantage of so you can achieve the desired results naturally.

You can say that 95% of the natural breast enhancement products on the market contain at least 1 herb. It is because they are very potent and effective when it comes to producing the desired results. Guys, this is nothing new to the traditional medicines.

Before they were introduced to the natural breast enhancement community, they had already been used to enhance libido, or promote general health and well-being, or boost fertility. Fenugreek, for example, is widely used by Middle Eastern women in harems for beauty purposes.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Pueraria Mirifica

This powerhouse herb can be found in the northern of Thailand and also in some areas in Myanmar. Pueraria Mirifica or PM as the abbreviation used by the NBE community is by far the most powerful phytoestrogenic herb out there. It contains Miroestrol which is one of the phytoestrogen responsible for the feminine characteristic development. (Click here to read more about relation between hormones and breast growth). When compared to isoflavones, Miroestrol is twice the strength.

It mimic the effects of your body’s natural hormones have on estrogen receptors. Other phyesotrgens in PM are puerain, daidzein, and puerarin. Pueraria Mirifica can be found in the wild or can be farmed

Unlike what you may assume, cultivated or farmed Pueraria Mirifica has better potency than the wild PM when it comes to natural breast growth. You can read more about Pueraria Mirifica on this post!

A word of caution: before using Pueraria Mirifica, make sure that you get yourself a blood work to find out if you are estrogen dominant.

Products Containing PM as the Main Ingredient;



Hops are one potent phytoestrogenic herb. It is primarily grown in Germany, Poland, and South Korea and the phytoestrogenic compound available in this herb is called 8-prenylnaringenin. It is initially used to intensify and preserve beer flavor and quality. It is considered to be an an-androgen meaning it will help reduce testosterone levels.

Products that contain hops as one of the ingredients are;

Wild Yam

This anti-adrogenic herb also is packed with phytoestrogens. Wild Yam extract helps your body produce more prolactin and progesterone, this herb is commonly found in Tennessee and Boston.

The diosgenin which is a phytoestrogen in wild yam helps improve estrogenic activity in your body.

Products that contain Wild Yam as one of the ingredients are…

  • Total Curve
  • Nature Day

Sheep Sorrel

Sheep sorrel is one great herb which is also called Sheep dock. It’s great for breast enhancement for its phytoestrogenic properties that stimulate body’s own production of estrogen. You can find two types of the sorrel; French and wild sorrel. They are relatively the same in terms of their properties.


On this list, you probably have heard of Fenugreek more than the other herbs. And it’s for a good reason as this herb contains various types of phytoestrgens which are diosgenin, tigogenin, gitogenin, and yamogenin.

As you already know that this plant-based estrogens mimic natural production of the female hormone estrogen that is responsible for breast growth. But this herb also increases prolactin and progesterone levels. You may have heard of this herb as a supplement for nursing mom, as this herb is used to stimulate milk flow for breastfeeding moms.

Saw Palmetto

This popular breast enhancement herb is available in many of the products. Primarily grown in Florida, this berry extract is what makes the supplement potent.

Its anti-androgen is what makes Saw Palmetto ideal ingredient in your natural breast enhancement regime. Anti-androgen in saw palmetto reduces DHT levels in your body.

And that’s a good thing as DHT should be lower than other female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. DHT is what stands in your way to getting the feminine characteristics such as smooth hairless skin and ultimately breast growth.

Products with Saw Palmetto


Lignans from flaxseeds are the phytoestrogens that we are looking for here. Out of all the foods we can eat, flaxseeds have the most abundant lignans.

And it is the lignans from the seeds that help increase sex hormone binding glubulin, and act as body’s own estrogens which stimulate breast development.


The high levels of phytoprogestins in Fennel is what helps stimulate your body to produce its own progesterone. Not only that, fennel seed extract also stimulates production of prolactin, the very hormone responsible for milk production and breast growth.

Products with Fennel

  • Natures Day
  • Breast Actives


Whether it be soy milk, soybeans, or tofu, anything with soybean products in, you name it. All these products are the sources of powerful phytoestrogen (isoflavones). These are easy to co-operate in with your diet to give your body the isoflavones it needs to grow breast tissues.

Binding to your estrogen receptors, the isoflavones will also promote breast growth. They also help protect you from breast cancer by regulating cell growth. That’s why some experts believe that in places like Japan or China whose diets are soy-based have lower rates of breast cancer when compared to Western countries.

Blessed Thistle

This plant belongs in the Mediterranean and in some Asian countries. In northern Europe or in America, there are some cultivated Blessed Thistles.  During the Middle Ages and later, it was of great medical importance, and today it is used in medicine. The name is thought to be because the herb was grown by the Benedictine monks.

This herb has been used to treat gastrointestinal diseases, strengthen the heart, lungs, increase circulation and increase milk supply in nursing mothers.

Products with Blessed Thistle

  • Total Curve
  • Breast Actives
  • Natures Day

Here are a few great tips for your herbal breast enlargement program:

  1. Eliminate caffeine from your system. In other words, avoid any products that contain caffeine such as chocolate, coffee, tea, etc.
  2. Make it a point to exercise daily to greatly minimize stress. Try to get as much sleep as possible while eating a healthy diet that stabilizes blood sugar.
  3. When consumed with high protein meals, oral breast enhancement works best.
  4. Make sure to follow all the proper dosages and instructions as indicated in the manual or the box of breast enlargement pills by its manufacturer.
  5. Perhaps wearing a loser bra may help. Have your breasts be free most of the time from constraints as possible.
  6. To stimulate breast growth just a little further, try to gently massage your breasts as often as you can.
  7. You must immediately stop taking in breast enlargement pills if you feel that something strange is happening to your body. Possibly request a refund from where you bought it.

When followed properly, these tips will make so much difference in the way you feel and look. Not just for breast enhancement, but for overall health.

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