Familiarize yourself with the hormones

There are many natural breast enhancement products on the market that claim to promote natural breast growth through the functions of hormones. And most of the times, estrogen is mentioned to be the most responsible, with occasional occasions of progesterone being mentioned.

But the truth is natural breast growth has more to do with how different hormones interact with each other in your body, not singling out one hormone in particular. But before we get to how they interact with each other, why not have more understanding about them individually first.

We all know hormones are very crucial for us living beings. They work as chemical messengers in our body because they carry informations and instructions between cells and help them communicate.

They influence the functions between cells and organs in our body. Those functions include our growth and development, our sexual and reproductive functions, how we metabolize our foods, basically everything that makes us breath and live as a healthy human.

So it is only logical that when it comes to breast growth these important hormones play a bit part in the breast health and their growth in terms of size.


As we all know that the female hormone estrogen is one of the most important one regarding breast growth.

It has been mentioned again and again and for a good reason because it is responsible for the breast growth.

In fact, it is the main hormone that is in charge of regulating women’s menstrual cycles as well as the growth and development of breasts and other feminine characteristics such as hip width, accumulation of fat in certain areas such as buttocks and thighs, etc. It is also the contributing hormone to the less body hair in women when compared to men who produce less estrogen. Naturally, women produce more estrogen than men, especially healthy women who are still in their prime age of reproductive years.

Another fact we must address is estrogen is not a single hormone but a group of similar hormones of estrone, estradiol, and estriol. Especially estradiol as it’s the strongest hormone of all the three and is the one responsible for feminine characteristics. This is abundantly found in Pueraria Mirifica in the form of miroestrol and deoxyestrol. (This makes this herb very popular among natural breast enhancement community.)

Also, estrogen is producted in the adrenal glands, the ovaries, and the fat tissues. This is why women’s bodies produce less of it after menopause. And because of this another supplement called Bovine Ovary is also useful in natural breast enhancement, because it stimulates the production of natural hormones.

When it comes to the development and enlarging of breasts during the teenage years and also pregnancy, estrogen plays a large part as it sends signals to the body to stimulate milk ducts, breast tissues and breast glands. The receptors located in the cells in the breasts work better due to the presence of the estrogen hormones that have increased, resulting in the expansion and growth.

That’s why you see the major breast enlargement happening during puberty and pregnancy, as your body is fueled by the increased estrogen. Synthetic estridiol initially developed to treat menopausal symptoms is now used within the transgender community (and can be relatively safe when monitored by doctors) as a way to develop the feminine characteristics (soft feminine voice, less body hair, softer skin, and larger breasts, etc).


This is a steroid hormone important for breast growth. Progesterone has been mentioned and referenced quite a bit in the natural breast enhancement product advertisements. Progesterone works hand in hand with estrogen to maintain healthy reproductive system and feminine characteristics.

Progesterone is produced in men’s body as well in a much smaller amount, because it is less important for men than testosterone in terms of sexual maturity. While progesterone stimulates growth and development of the mammary glands of the breasts, estrogen is in charge of breast growth during puberty.

Since the first ovulation of a women’s body, the secretion of progesterone begins and that is why it’s also known as the pregnancy hormone; it is produced right before you ovulate each cycle. Its main function is to enhance the pregnancy possibility.

You can notice the increase of progesterone levels of your body prior to the ovulation by the body temperature, more vaginal mucus, and the milder contraction of the uterus muscles.

These symptoms, however, will switch to developing placenta if you happen to become pregnant (this happens around the eighth week of pregnancy).

There are chemical forms of progesterone products available and widely used by women for birth control purposes, because its function is to regulate the menstrual cycles.

During the first half of the cycle progesterone levels are low, while the second half is when the estrogen levels are lowered and progesterone levels rise. This is when the breast development begins.

Potentially, Pueraria Mirifica, which is the herb abundant in phytoestrogen, is encouraged to be taken in the first half of the cycle for the breast enlargement purpose, preparing the milk ducts for Breast Development with Progesterone

Breast tissues within your breasts are induced by estrogen first, then the progesterone is the one in charge of developing them and making sure they function properly. The alveoli or the tiny air sacs in your breasts are also induced and developed by progesterone.

In case you’re wondering; these air hollow sacs called ‘alveoli‘ are the milk-secreting cells. And when these little sacs get together, they form into groups which are called lobules. The progesterone hormone will go in and develop the lobules and alveoli making their cells bigger and increasing the size of the whole breast as the result.


You might have already guessed that testosterone, or more commonly known as the male hormone, is also produced by women’s body as well.

To be more specific, it is produced in small amount by the ovaries, the same organ that produces the female hormone. It is necessary for muscle building, and healthy libido. It’s the same as estrogen also existing in the men’s bodies in a much smaller amount it does in women’s; a woman’s body produces around three-tenth of one milligram testosterone per day.

And around 75% of that will be converted into estrogen through the process called aromatase. Taking place in the body’s fat cells, the process will create the aromatase enzyme that changes testosterone into estrogen.

The correct balance between estrogen and testosterone is very important for your health and also your breast growth

For a biological male who desires to develop feminine characteristics, including growing natural breasts, it is important to have your testosterone levels monitored and assessed by a certified physician. If you produce too much testosterone in your body, it can become harmful to your health and sabotaging your breast growth.


Another hormone called prolactin is produced in the brain or in the pituitary gland to be exact. The hormone is what causes the water retention and noticeable breast tissue expansion occurring in the first few days of the period.

This hormone is most present during puberty and pregnancy. Together with estrogen, this hormone works to develop the mammary glands to increase the estrogen receptors in the breasts.

The production of lipo-protein lipase or the enzyme responsible for fat storage in your breasts may increase as the result of prolactin secretion. This happens during puberty. While at the beginning of pregnancy, prolactin levels reduces, and the estrogen and progesterone hormones are the ones working to develop the breasts.

Later on in the pregnancy after the breasts are developed, that is when prolactin levels rise, and that’s when the breastfeeding period begins.

Growth Hormone

The growth hormone is produced in the brain or the pituitary gland. It is in charge of stimulating the release of hormone called somatomedine from the liver.

The growth hormone is evidently very important in our life and is abundant during our youth. It is what stimulates growth or our body; whether it’s our bones, organs, skin tissues, etc.

Growth hormone is also responsible for cell repairs, cell replacement, as well as maintaining female sex drive.

As we age, our body also produces less of the growth hormone. After the age of thirty till you reach sixty is when the significant decrease of growth hormone occurs. So significant as 75% lower than when you were at the age of twenty.

So it’s logical to say that to grow breasts naturally, you need to have the growth hormone. And if you’re no longer in your teenage years or you’re at least 25 years old, the chances are your body’s production of growth hormone levels are too low.

But the good news is, there are solutions…

Regular moderate intensity exercise, quality sleep, less consumption of sugary unhealthy foods, and increased estrogen levels will help.

When you’re in your teenage years your body produces more estrogen which as a result, also increases your growth hormone production. When that happens, the growth hormone in turns will help your body use the estrogen to develop the female characteristics, including breast growth.

So to sum it up

As you can see that when it comes to natural breast enlargement, raising one or two hormones will not be the answer. It’s the healthy function and collaboration between these hormones when they are at their correct levels that is the key. This will lead to my 30 Day Powerful breast enlargement guide which you can read here!

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