Will Breast Pump Enlarge Your Areolas (Nipples) ?

This is one of the many concerns that women have and that I got asked. The concern is mainly about the size of their areolas or nipples if they will also get bigger after following breast enlargement programs.

Firstly, there are several ways to enlarge breasts without using implants or surgery.

You can use the herbal supplements, bovine ovary supplement, exercise, or use the breast enlargement pump.

I normally recommend to switch and combine. That means some people respond better to herbs, some people grow better with Bovine. Everyone can enjoy the benefit of the breast enlargement pump and massages.

The size of the nipples can increase in some cases of NBE, particularly when you use enlargement pumps.

So does using Noogleberry pump increase the nipple size?

Yes and no. The results vary from a person to person. In some biological male users, taking Bovine ovary together with noogling does increase both the cup and nipple size.


With that said, there is no research or study that suggests that biological male users do get the same effect (increased nipple size) from combining Bovine and Noogleberry.

Noogleberry does sell the nipple cover patches in case you worry that the pumping will increase the nipples (or not, in case you desire to have bigger ones 😉 )

The truth is in most cases, the growth of nipples will not be a problem as usually it’ll be proportionate to the size of the cups that are increased.

If you desire to increase the nipple size however, Noogleberry does offer nipple enlarging device in case if that’s what you desire.

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