Breast Enhancement Pumps – Do They Work?

noogleberry breast pump

Manufacturers that sell breast enhancement pumps often claim that it is a miracle treatment. Women who dream to have supple, fuller, larger breasts without facing the health risks and the pain associated with surgery can use these pumps. The device involves a pump that is attached to special cylinders or cups. Every cylinder or cup would have to be attached to the breasts and then manually pumped in order to create pressure. The process has to be repeated for fifteen minutes two times a day in order to see results.

How Do these Pumps Work?

Breast enhancement pumps are inexpensive and a non-invasive method to create larger breasts. It is also a very old method and is easily available in the market today. Marketers often claim that these pumps are safe to use and there are no known side effects. There are also no known complications for you to worry about.

Although there are several positive points in favor of these pumps, the question is if these pumps really are what they claim to be or if there are better choices available. Basically, these pumps work in a very unique way. The pumps are shaped as domes and the curved design allows it to be tightly fitted over the breasts.

Generally, the pumps are manually operated and they place pressure on the breasts to stretch and then stimulate tissue expansion and growth. It is said that by using these pumps one can trigger the release of the hormone estrogen which is responsible for creating growth of the breasts.

The Cons

Although there are several positive claims made in favor of breast enhancement pumps there are also a few negative effects. There is only  minimal rate of success documented for this method. There are also many negative view points that are difficult to ignore. Many say that these pumps are only successful for creating milk production. Another point to keep in mind is that pumping continuously may create damage of the breasts for mothers that are breastfeeding since their breasts would be already sagging. By applying further pressure only more sagging and damage would take place. Other women often claim that the pumps never work on them at all and that they cause skin chafing and pain. The key is to find the pump that has been tested and used by many women. The Noogleberry pump is by far the most recommended and talked about among many natural breast enhancement communities, and seem to be the only one that has provided results when used correctly. (Read more about the Noogleberry here:

Whether breast enhancement pumps are effective or not for increasing the size of the breasts is only a matter of speculation yet. Several doctors deny that pumps play any significant role in increasing the size of the breasts. In the event that the size does increase, it is only placebo effect. Because the skin is elastic in nature, it would respond to continuous pumping and would stretch to create a look of enlargement. Considering all of the factors given above it can only be said that there are several other, more effective, safe and natural methods that can be used for good results in comparison to pumps. With so many different options available it is best to select something that is known to have better results.

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