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Hello my beautiful readers! It’s been awhile since the last post on our website. But today as you have found your way here to this post I’m sure you are delighted to make a quick stop to read this inspiring story.

I have received an email from our reader whose success with natural breast enhancement is going to blow you away. But before we get into the inspiring story, let me firstly introduce you to our beautiful friend who’s kind enough to share with us the story.

Michelle Dawn is a cross dresser. She contacted me via our official facebook page and told me about her program and her growth including some lovely photos.

“how I have grown my breast for nothing to awesome in a few short weeks My plan is very intense on my days off from work like today I do extensive vacuum and massage therapy I am taking several different things to increase the chances of reaching my Goal I set it high I am shooting for 42 DD.

I started out as a AA as most of us do. Now I have a much different method of reaching my goal than most first I was a tad bit over weight so I redirected this to my breasts. Not easy but over time I was able to increase from a AA to an A then to a B by the use of the vacuum cups and I have used them daily for about 1 to 2 hours a day to increase to the D cup I am now.


michelle FB

Read Michelle’s Blog :

“To show where I am now, I use Bust Bomb cream, Breast actives pills and Cream, Raw ovarian glandular, estroven, Pueraria Mirifica, phyoestrogen cream,it is not recommended to use all of these at t he same time.

I tried TransFemme cream also to be honest breast massage and vacuum cups are the best way to go from what I have discovered I do a 30 minutes massage before using the cups and then after and I use a very strong pull on the vacuum cups. I have a commercial vacuum pump (this can be painful) to stretch the skin. This all takes total dedication and some days you just want to quit (and be careful you can cause nasty stretch marks). I am lucky Ii have very tough skin.I use the vacuum pull for 1 to 2 hours a day depending on how much time I have to dedicate to this.”

The results now

**Updated Photo in March 2015**

michelle dawn natural breast enlargement progress

“I know that I have quite sizable breast the clerk at the store said well they are certainly poking out there. and when I was at the mall a woman said to the guy she was with look that man has bigger breast than I do. I just kept walking but it was funny I did not realize my jacket was open. I am usually very cautious of not showing them when I am in my work clothes,all in all I am working hard to grow my breast and keep them firm and desirable at my age I will have to work hard to keep them firm and desirable.

I wish each of you wonderful luck in getting curves my next quest is to loose some very unwanted belly fat if I could just get that to my butt lol”


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