Breast Enlargement Massage – The Brushing Technique

You might have heard it all before that breast enlargement massage is a must do among other techniques to grow bigger breasts naturally.

But here’s another technique introduced by the legendary Chiyomilk, the Japanese lady who has grown 3 full cup sizes in 3 years naturally with the use of herbs, supplements, and massage.

breast enhancement massage

This technique is called breast brushing and the concept around it is to lightly brush the fat from other parts of the body and move it to the breast areas resulting in less accumulation of fat elsewhere and more around the chest area.

I know this seems a little bit too good to be true for many people, but obviously it has worked for her. So I don’t think there is any harm in trying. See the video below for the instruction.

More about Chiyomilk

Chiyomilk is a Japanese lady who has had a tremendously great success in growing her breasts naturally.

In fact, she runs a breast enhancement blog in Japanese and has been discovered by American audience and shared her success story on the breastnexus community forum.

Chiyomilk (of course is her alias) began her journey back in 2006, with a loose B cup size because of her ex-boyfriend’s terrible comment that he had been with another girl before her who was skinnier with bigger bosoms.

Thanks to that comment of his, Chiyomilk was determined to make the man regret he ever upset her. And so the journey began.

3 years later, her breasts grew 3 cup sizes with no weight gain or any health threatening side effects or skin problems (due to the use of phyto-estrogen, some women might experience hormonal imbalance when not taking the supplements correctly.)

You can visit her Japanese blog to look at her before and after photos here

This breast brushing technique and the video belong to Chiyomilk. I promise I will do more research and gather more information to give out the full program of hers very soon!

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