Breast Enlargement Without Surgery

While it is true that breast augmentation through surgical means is the fastest way for a woman to increase the size of her breasts, it can certainly break your bank accounts should you opt to for this breast-enhancement procedure.

On the average, a good boob job can cost you USD 5500. However, if you are not financially capable of going for this method to increase the size of your breasts, don’t lose hope as there are many other options that you can resort to in order for you to achieve bigger looking breasts:

  •  Cleavage Contouring. Be warned that this process does not, in any way, increase your boob size. Nonetheless, this can be counted upon in making your breasts appear bigger. With the use of makeup, your breasts can appear larger than how they really are. All you need is to apply a bronzer and a shimmer that reflect light and, eventually, create an illusion.
  • Exercise. If you think that exercising is only for losing weight or building muscles, then, you should think again. It has been proven that doing pushups can increase the size of your breasts as it hits the inner chest by working the upper pectoral muscles. If you lie flat on the floor and lift dumbbells, your breasts can become bigger, too.
  • Massages and Breast Enhancement Creams. If you are willing to spend some cash on breast enhancement creams, your breast size can also increase. This is because these creams contain ingredients that increase the production of estrogen. In addition to applying a natural breast enlargement cream, you should also massage your breasts regularly because doing so will aid in the production of more estrogens in your body.
  • Breast Enhancement Pills – Permanent breast enhancement pills can also be counted upon in increasing the size of your breasts. Most, if not all, of these pills carry the same ingredients that are found in breast-enhancement creams.

It is true that breast enhancement through invasive procedure is the fastest and surest way for you to increase the size of your breasts. However, because it comes with a high price, not everybody can afford it. Nonetheless, there are other options that you can consider in order to improve the size of your breasts. They may not deliver the kind of results that a surgical procedure can do, but they certainly work.

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