Breast Exercise To Do At Home

Woman measures breast by measurement tape. Close-up shot of a female chestBreast exercises and breast yoga have a distinctive advantage in that any women of any age can perform these exercises and achieve excellent results.  Before you embark on an exercise regime, it is important to get yourself organized and to understand exactly what you are going to do and what your efforts are going to achieve.

Different exercises will produce different results, so before you get started, you may want to spend some time assessing what you want to achieve from your routine.  Do you want a deeper cleavage, or more lift or perhaps you would like a more rounded shape.  Many women will want all three, but knowing what is more important or more vital will allow you to focus attention of one area, while systematically working all three.

As with any exercise routine, it is important to be consistent and to work at the exercises on a daily basis.  Sporadic exercise will not achieve the best results, so find a time of the day that you can set aside around twenty minutes and keep to a schedule.

Here are two easy to perform exercises that you can begin your routine with.  There are a variety of different exercises to do as well as breast yoga which will not only improve the appearance of your breasts, but will also rejuvenate the skin and tissue of your breasts, resulting in firmer younger looking breasts.

Exercise #1 The Pushup

pushup cat

We are all very aware of the impact that pushups do for a mans pectoral muscles.  This same results will be achieved with women resulting in the breast looking fuller even with no additional tissue.  This is because the pectoral muscles lie beneath a women’s breasts and by toning and firming these muscles, they lift the breast tissue resulting in more volume.

Changing the distance between your hands will work different muscles in the chest area resulting in different benefits.  Although you can start this exercise with the knees bent, by keeping the knees together, you will improve the overall effectiveness of this exercise. To see this in motion, go here!

Exercise #2 The Palm Push

When performing this exercise you will notice that the muscles above the breasts as well as the pectoral muscles are worked.  These muscles will improve the lift, resulting in a more ‘perky’ looking breast.

You can perform this exercise by sitting on a chair with your back straight.  Raising your hands to chest level, you will want to push your palms together.  By alternating tension and release between your palms with your elbows level to your chest, you will find that this is an excellent workout for your muscles.

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