GetCurvyNow’s Guide to Breast Massage for Growth

Breast Massaging – Why It Works

breast massage for breast growth

The Greatest Advantages of Breast Massage Include:

    • It is extremely easy to perform and doesn’t require any professional training. You can do it in the comfort of your home and won’t require a lot of time invested to achieve excellent results
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  • While the breast consist of tissue and adipose fat, it is the stimulation during massage that has a beneficial effect on the tissue. Stimulating the tissue will improve it’s elasticity and also will improve the overall skin tone making breasts look and feel much healthier
  • The massage works in a similar fashion to exercise in that it can help to improve the contours of the breast. Some massage techniques are also known to simulate suckling which can prompt the breast to increase in size.
  • While massaging is beneficial for it’s affects on the breast tissue, it is also a great way to remain aware of the changes in your body and women who massage regularly are far more confident about the health of their breasts and will notice any changes in fibrous tissue very early on.
  • As with any massage, you will experience a release of toxins stored in the cells. Breast massage as the added advantage of targeting the lymphatic system which a large number of women have find problematic.
  • The stimulation of the tissue and skin can have a dramatically positive effect of the structure of the breasts. Even if you are not embarking on using supplements, there are foods that we eat that can activate growth and better cell structure which is promoted by stimulation. It also improve ligament health which will result in better breast support i.e. lift.
  • Finally, women who partake in breast massage tend to feel more feminine and in touch with their bodies. This is a huge benefit for their mental and physical health and often results in better relationships with their families.

How to do breast massage?

breast massage for growth

Breast massage techniques will vary from women to women depending on their size and sensitivity. When performing breast massage, it is important not to stretch the skin or put undue pressure on your breasts. For women who have very sensitive breasts, you may wish to use cream or essential oils to prevent undue friction.

Any amount of gentle kneading, squeezing and rubbing will result in an increase in blood flow and lymph flow within the breasts. Breast massage should be conducted only with your hands and where possible, it is a good idea to warm your hands first.For women with firmer or less sensitive breasts, you may use more pressure but will still want to prevent any undue pressure and in the event that you feel discomfort at any time, you must stop immediately. Breast massage must be a comfortable and pleasant experience.

Here are some simple examples that will promote blood flow and improve tissue health.

  • Massage 1 – Place your hands under your breasts. Rub your hands in a circular motion around your breasts. First complete circles towards your cleavage and then reverse the motion, rotating away from your cleavage. This is an ideas massage to do with warm hands, so rubbing your hands together before starting will release more heat energy into your breasts. Utilizing essential oils such as tee tree or camomile will facilitate the clearing of lymph fluids.
  • Massage 2 – Another very effective massage that will facilitate lymph fluid release is make redial outward strokes from the nipple to the outer edge of your breast. Start at the center of your breast with the tips of your fingers and gently stroke outwards towards your underarm from your nipple.
  • Massage 3.-Place the palms of your hands on the lower outer section of your breast and make small circular motions moving upwards and then inwards towards your cleavage. Don’t let your hands pass over your nipples, but rather remain on the lower outer section of your breasts.

After a short period of time, you will feel a tingling warm sensation in your breasts. This is due to the increase in blood flow to the massaged area. It is important to maintain a massage routine. You will initially notice an improvement in the tone and texture of your skin, then in the shape and form of your contours and finally in the size and form of your entire breasts. If done in conjunction with a breast exercise routine and a herbal supplement course, you will easily notice the results within just a few short weeks, but even with just breast massage the advantages are well worth the investment of time.

Here’s the product we recommend to use for maximum growth from breast massage

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2) Brestogen

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