Brestrogen Review – Topical Lotion That Claims to Increase Bust Size

Here’s the thing with Brestrogen serum; if you are like me and have been trying natural breast enhancement remedies, you should already know that massaging breasts can really help firm up breasts.

That’s why Brestrogen breast serum is catching a lot of people’s attention due to the fact that it claims to help increase the size of breasts without any use of oral supplementation or painful surgical procedures.

But can it really deliver what it promises?

Brestrogen customer review

In this review, you will find out what this product is all about; its ingredients, potency, possible side effects if any, where to get them at the best price, and how to maximize the results with it.

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Calculations based on our average growth rate using Brestrogen Cream.

What is the main ingredient in Brestrogen cream?Brestrogen before and after photos

The cream has Pueraria Mirifica extract as the main active ingredient. This herb has earned its place in the natural breast enhancement community as being the most powerful phytoestrogen (natural plant-based female hormone).

And many products on the market contain the extract of this herb as the main ingredient.

It has been known to contain rejuvenating, and anti-aging properties. This herb is a commonly used herb in South East Asia by the local women in their beauty regime.

Not only that, it is known that the herb also helps relieve menopausal symptoms, and helps decrease mood swing during the time of the month.

How does it work? What Can You Expect?

It has been claimed to;

  • Lengthen milk ducts
  • Enlarge the fat tissues in breasts
  • Add more volume and size to breasts
  • Increase the number of fat tissues
  • Increase collagen production in the skin
  • Make skin smoother, firmer, and younger looking
  • Make the breasts more perky

What makes Pueraria Mirifica in this product any different from the competitors?

The manufacturer states that their source of the herb is directly imported from Chiang Mai, Thailand, and it is at its highest quality.

The manufacturing process ensures that the best of the herb is extracted before being put into the bottle with the most hygienic practice.

Vitamin E is another ingredient in the product which complements the effect of Pueraria Mirifica at making the skin smooth and radiant while stimulating the production of the fatty tissues in breasts.

How soon can you expect to see the results?

It claims to help you increase up to 2 cup sizes within the period of 5-6 months of usage. The increase of firmness and slight increase in size can also be noticed within the first two weeks of using in some users.

The results expected can vary from person to person, just like anything else.

The results can be maximized when combined with clean diet, regular usage (twice a day after shower), and given that the users are not having dramatic weight loss or gain.

Here are some of the testimonials by people who have tried the product!

Is it safe for everyone to use?

It is generally safe for everyone to use…

With that said, it is safe to use for most people unless you’re breastfeeding, pregnant, or having genetic tendency of developing gynecological tumors and cyst.

Also, if you’re taking birth control pills or contraceptive injections then it’s best to speak with your health practitioners before using.

How to use it for maximum results

It is designed to be very convenient; it takes 5 minutes for each time to use as easy absorption is one of their key qualities.

  • You need 2-3 drops on each breast after warm shower.
  • Apply the serum on when your skin is damped, and warm as the pores of your skin are still open making it better for the nutrients to get in.
  • No excessive massage is needed but it is recommended.
    R.D.K holdings S.A

The pros and cons

does Brestrogen really work


  • Convenient to use; it takes only 5 minutes each time right after shower as massage is not needed
  • It is topical; for those of you who are reluctant to undergo oral supplementation treatments will love this
  • The delivery is with discreet packaging; no one excepts you will know what is in the box.
  • Safe and painless alternative to other methods of breast augmentation
  • When order directly from the official website, there is also a money back guarantee. You can use it for 45 days (with certain conditions applied, ie. Start-off measurement compared to the measurement of when you wish to return the product. If there is no increase in bust size, you can have your money back. Click here to read more about their guarantee policy here)


  • To some, this product can be a bit pricey. That’s why it is best to buy it directly from the official website and buy the discount package (you can get USD$19 off when buy 2 bottles at once, or get one bottle for free when order 3 bottles at the same time)
  • It is certainly going to take longer for you to see the results when compared to getting breast implant surgery. But the results are more satisfying, and more lasting (yes, that’s right. Implants are not as permanent as people think they are.)

How much is it and where to buy it?

One bottle of this cream is USD$124.95. With selected packages, you can get further discount and free bottles.

It is not cheap but consider this; if you can gain up to 2 cup sizes without the pain permanently, how much do you think that is worth? I’d personally be glad to pay a thousand dollars for it.

how much is Brestrogen

This is completely risk-free as I said. Try it for 45 days and if you don’t see any difference, get your money back!

Just be sure to measure your cup size before you start the program and make a journal so you know for sure after you’ve tried it for 45 days whether you’ve made any improvement.

Enter values to calculate your estimated results.

Calculations based on our average growth rate using Brestrogen Cream.

Remember that for limited time only, the discount packages and the money-back guarantee is exclusively available on the official website only.


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