How Can You tell if Stretch Marks are Fading

Naturally, stretch marks will fade away after quite some time, typically in one year. At first the stretch marks has red, pink and purple color that can show up in any part of people body from their thighs, upper arms, breast and stomach. After 6 months to one year, the color will start to fade and turn into white or silvery.

Despite the color is fading, people will feel not confident enough to wear something sexy that allow other people to see those stretch marks. This is when the quest to lessening stretch marks appearance begun. But, hear this out, especially for those who get their stretch marks after pregnancy.


Some people considered stretch marks is a form of battle marks, a battle where a woman engage in a very unique and special process in order to deliver a new life to this world and having stretch marks is something that they can show the world about and be proud of it.

That doesn’t mean that women should do nothing about their stretch marks, it simply show them that they should be realistic about it and never despair for any failed attempt.

Basic Treatment for Stretch Marks

There are several basic treatments that people can do to get rid of their stretch marks. Things such as having regular exercise drink enough water to keep the skin hydrated and of course using specific treatment such as topical treatment. This is the kind of treatment that people must willing to do if they really want to get rid of or at least lessen their stretch marks appearance. As the basic treatment, it will take some time to show the result.

Stretch marks don’t form in just over night so people can expect that the treatment process also will take longer time than that.

People also need to be realize, that despite their best attempt, the stretch marks will always be there although it may not look that obvious anymore. But, the best thing that people can do is try to prevent it from the first place. Trying to moisturized the skin both from the inside and the outside the best way to prevent any stretch mark to form, although it may not work 100% but at least it will lessen the amount that shown up.

More Advanced Stretch Marks Treatment

For more advanced stretch marks treatment, people can opt for laser treatment and cosmetic surgery that although it cost more expensive, it also show faster result. But, there is downside from this kind of treatment.

Not only it cost more expensive than topical treatment (the insurance don’t cover the expense of such thing), it usually take some recovery time where the person should not engage in any heavy activity, which is not something that some people can afford to.

Topical Treatment Application

Since most people can afford to have any kind of laser treatment or cosmetic surgery, than topical treatment is the best thing that they can do. No matter what kind of topical treatment that people use, there are things that they need to pay attention such as:

Making sure that the affected area is totally dry before applied any cream on it

Never miss an application so make sure to do it regularly, usually in the morning and before go to bed

Allow the treatment to absorb into the skin before start to dressing

Once a week, people can perform skin exfoliation before they apply the cream. Skin exfoliation will clean up any dead cell and allow the cream to absorb better

One of the best anti stretch marks product that people can use is Skinception stretch marks cream. In just four weeks, people can see that their stretch marks is begin to fade. The affected area will look smoother, thicker, and healthier while the stretch marks length and indentation will greatly reduce into more normal look

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