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Changing From Brunette to Blonde: Tips on Making the Dramatic Hair Colour Switch

Many women who are natural brunettes dream of becoming blondes someday. Natural blondes are rare, so it is a highly coveted hair color. Going from brunette—especially very dark hair—is a dramatic change and there are several steps involved to do it the right way.

Why Go Blonde?

Someone considering making this change should be honest with herself about why she wants to go through with it. If she has always admired blonde hair and thinks it would be a great look on her, she should go for it.

However, if she has recently suffered a break-up or some other difficult life change, perhaps she should wait a while before making a drastic change to her appearance. Ultimately though, hair can always be dyed more easily back to brunette if a woman decides blonde is not for her.

Choose the Right Shade of Blonde

Magazines—whether they are fashion themed or specifically on the topic of hairstyles—are a great resource to research different shades of blonde. Blonde hair can range from subtle highlights in otherwise light brown hair all the way to platinum. Each woman looks best in a different shade depending on her skin color and personal sense of style.

A woman considering going blonde should schedule a consultation with a trusted or highly recommended colorist and discuss different options before booking the final appointment.

Blonde, Gradually

Some might be afraid to immediately commit to such a drastic change. One option is to try highlights first, and gradually increase them over time for an all-over lighter effect.

However, if this approach is taken, the hair will not look consistently blonde as it will have been colored at different intervals. A benefit is that root growth will be less noticeable, though.

Maintaining New Color

Once all decisions have been made, trust a professional colorist to change hair from brunette to blonde. The average home hair colorist will not have the experience necessary to make such a drastic change, lightening the hair so many levels.

The colorist should give advice on how to properly maintain the blonde color, including avoiding sunlight, using a color safe shampoo, conditioning regularly, and washing occasionally with a purple rinse, which counteracts brassiness.

Root touch-ups will be necessary every 4-8 weeks, depending on the shade and extent of the lightened hair. Going from brunette to blonde can be expensive and time-consuming, but the effect can be beautiful and, sometimes, even natural.

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