Coarse Hair Secrets: Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Growing longer hair takes time. It is unrealistic to expect to gain several inches in one month. Learning how to treat each strand of hair is important. Adding different techniques to a daily routine can help hair grow faster. Here are three tips on developing a hair routine.

Habits base the quality of each individual’s results. What is done each day determines the current physical state of the coarse hair. Creating a written hair routine can help increase hair growth. Below are the basic categories of a hair routine.

Healthy Diet for Healthy Hair

Consuming hair supplements can help hair grow faster. However, the body must be consistently hydrated and receive enough nutrition through foods eaten for the supplements to work. Increase the intake of vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes. Heart healthy protein choices such as lean cuts of beef, fish, eggs, and chicken are important. Unrefined oils can be used internally as well as applied often to the ends of the hair.

Protective Styling

Resist the temptation to wear hair down each day. Examples of protective styles to try are buns, French rolls, two-strand twists, individual extension braids, braids without extensions, wigs, and half wigs. The ends of the hair need extra attention. Limiting their direct exposure to clothing, coats, and daily heat styling will help retain length.

Deep Conditioning

Be selective about moisturizing hair products. Always read the label to understand the ingredients. Quality products with natural oils and hair strengtheners will be more expensive. However, less product is needed to detangle and moisturize. Deep conditioning treatments should be applied each week, or more often for damaged hair.

Conditioner wash hair after working out to remove sweat, but keep in moisture. Sodium laurel sulfate based shampoos should be avoided. Apply a leave in conditioner or hair strengthener each day.

Silk Scarves

Choose to protect your hair with silk scarves. Large scarves or squares of silk can be used to tie hair down each night. This protects the brittle ends of the hair and keeps moisture. Cotton scarves and pillow cases eat away at the hairline and ends of the hair. If silk scarves can not be located, purchase silk pillowcases, or satin scarves.

Follow a hair routine to keep track of which part of the hair routine is working. Retaining six inches of hair each year will yield shoulder length hair in two years. Bra strap length hair may take three years or more. Use these tips to grow hair faster.

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