How to Control Your Hunger

Control your hungerOne of the biggest enemies of weight loss regimen is hunger. It is also a very frequent problem that most people who embark on a fat loss diet come across. One can be as determined to follow the prescribed diet program and be very religious in following it, but as soon as hunger gets the better of you, there are chances that you end up giving in to the temptation. However the only good news is that you can avoid getting hungry by keeping away from some foods that are known to cause hunger.

Let’s have a quick overview of foods that are known to cause hunger so that you exactly know what not to eat:

  1. White Rice – White rice is one of the most commonly eaten foods that cause hunger shortly after its consumption. The tendency of white rice to raise blood sugar levels shortly after its consumption is what makes it a problematic food. After the blood sugar spike, the sugar levels decline sharply as insulin is released which siphons away all the glucose out of the blood. This decline in sugar levels sends a signal again to the brain that you are hungry and you are prompted to have more food.
  2. Sugary Cereals – Another food guilty of causing much hunger for reasons similar to white rice are sugary cereals. It is advised to go through the label of the cereal that you plan to buy while you are on a weight loss diet. It happens at times that cereals that appear to be very healthy on the face value have a heavy amount of sugar in their ingredients. A good morning meal that can prevent hunger from revisiting you soon can be oatmeal or bran.snacking
  3. Snack Bars – Snack bars are full of carbohydrates and have very less protein and fat content. After consuming this carbohydrates-bomb, you have little chance of balancing out the carbohydrates consumed. The process thereafter remains the same as it is for the two foods mentioned above. The sugar level spikes are followed by energy lows. The person tries to restore them by eating more and this tendency completely offsets you weight loss plan. This is why snack bars are regarded as another tricky food that can cause hunger revisits quite frequently.
  4. Candy – Most commonly, candy is considered a food that gives you a burst of energy and fills you up, however that is just the temporary high of sugar intake that is doing the talking. As a matter of fact, candies are the worst of all foods that one can have as far as hunger is concerned. A sugar candy is even worse than having fat containing snacks because at least fats do not shoot sugar levels that are responsible for subsequent hunger sensations.

So now you are adequately armed against foods that will cause hunger and will upset your weight loss plan. To learn more about suppressing hunger,  visit this section of our site!

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