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Before And After Of Breast Augmentation

  Before Breast Augmentation: Have your primary care physician run the complete blood tests if your plastic surgeon doesn’t recommend it. This will help to prevent any potential complications caused by anesthesia or antibiotics. Exercise and eat right. A healthy body recovers from surgery faster and more easily than an unhealthy one. Also, you’ll want to […]

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Buttock Augmentation – What are the options?

Different cosmetic buttock enhancement procedures Fat Transfer Technique for Buttock Augmentation A buttock augmentation can be obtained using different techniques depending on the patient’s wishes. Autologous fat injections are when surgeons take fat from one part of the person’s own body to add volume to the buttocks. Donor sites may include the abdomen, hips, back […]

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Teardrop Breast Implants

When a woman goes into the doctor’s office to find out about getting breast implants, they will talk about the reasons why the implants are needed, what the procedure will involve and which shape the woman would like her breasts to be in. There are two basic shapes and they are the rounded breast implant […]

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High Profile Breast Implants

The profile of a breast implant is the amount of forward projection off of the chest wall versus the width of the implant base. There are three basic profiles that are associated with breast implants. They are the moderate, moderate plus, and the high profile breast implants. The way to describe these profiles better is […]

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Incisions of Breast Implant Surgery

Apart from choosing the right implants, incision placement is something you need to go over with your surgeon before the surgery. Each placement of the incision has its pros and cons, and this information will help you get better understanding of them so you can discuss it with your surgeon.
In this article, we will talk about the 3 most common incision placements. You can familiarize yourself with the methods so that you know what to ask or discuss with your surgeon.

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The Truth Behind Breast Lift Surgery

The breast lift surgery is one of the most conducted cosmetic surgeries done in the United States. What does the procedure involve? What makes a good candidate for this type of surgery?

This post talks about the procedure, the cost, the qualifications of the candidate and whether you need it done. It is more than just a simple nip and tuck. The preparation before the surgery is an important part of the success.

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Selection of Breast Implants: Silicone Vs Saline Implants

Silicone vs saline implants? This is one of the most important questions to consider when it comes to having breast augmentation surgery. There have been so many debates to what qualifies as the best material for breast implants.

There are many things that define each type and what makes one more popular than the other in each area of the world for example, surgeons in the U.S. prefer to choose saline implant over silicone based on number of reasons. In this post, we go through the differences between the two. These are things that you must know, should you consider getting breast augmentation surgery.

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Choosing the Right Shapes and Sizes of Silicone Breast Implants

There are many shapes and sizes of silicone breast implants to choose from. It is something that you should do a bit of a research about prior to discussing and making the decisions with your surgeon.

First of all, you need to have some idea of how you want to look and set realistic expectations. Then you need to discuss it with your surgeon. But certainly, it is best to know what you’re going to put into your body prior to meeting up with your surgeon. …

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Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation

Just imagine being able to lose inches in the areas like waist and thighs only to put that back in the areas you want to gain more volume like in your breasts and buttocks… Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

It is indeed! And now it is possible! The latest innovation and techniques allow you to suck out the fat cells from the abdomen, and thighs or other areas to re-inject them into the areas you want. But how does it work exactly? Is it long-lasting? How much will it cost? Find out about all that here!

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Breast Augmentation Surgery: Is it for me?

More and more women are considering breast augmentation surgery. It’s no wonder why it has become the most popular cosmetic surgery worldwide. But before you decide to get the work done, there are several facts to consider such as the risk factors, what to expect, and how to prepare yourself prior to the operation…

In this post, we will discuss the relevant facts regarding breast augmentation surgery in details to help you make a well-educated decision, should you consider getting breast implants. Familiarize yourself with the process and be aware of what to expect. All the details are discussed here!

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Uncover the Science behind Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

The latest medical advancement in cosmetic surgery has offered a new way of breast enhancement using patient’s own unwanted fat. Fat transfer breast augmentation is certainly receiving a lot of attention, and at the same time there are debates to whether it works, and more importantly, if it is safe in both short and long terms.

It definitely sounds like a dream come true for every woman to lose the unwanted fat from other areas only to have it put back into the breast or buttocks to create a more curvaceous shape. But is this procedure as good as it claims? Is there any side effects? What about the cost? …

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Dangers of Breast Implants

No one says getting breast augmentation surgery is a walk in a park. We heard of it but we have never really got the picture. There are so many other things involved when it comes to getting breast implants.

If you’re serious about getting breast augmentation surgery here’s what you need to know; it involves long down time, the high and on-going cost, and the pain, not to mention other dangers of breast implants and side effects. But what most of us still don’t know is around 10% of all the implants have to be redone within the 10-year period. There are also other life-threatening risks that are side effects of this cosmetic surgery.

If you are one of many people who are considering getting a breast augmentation surgery, are you aware of these risks?

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