Over-the-Counter Eyelash Serums and Lash Growth Promoters

Over-the-counter eyelash growth formulations do not have much in common with the prescription product Latisse, which actually does increase eyelash growth. Instead, cosmetic lash enhancers preserve lashes that have already grown out by keeping them in top condition. They help soften and strengthen lashes, making them less brittle and thus less prone to breakage or premature shedding.

Lash Serums and Lash Conditioning Formulas

Eyelash serums and other lash growth promoters or eyelash enhancers either coat the entire eyelash and are applied like mascara, or are meant to be painted along the lash line in order to nourish and protect the roots of each individual lash. They are applied once or twice per day, usually in the morning and at night; some can be worn under mascara and others are supposed to be used alone.

L’Oréal Lash Boosting Serum, Talika Lipocils Expert, Lashfood, Beauty Society’s Draw the Line and Enormous Lash, and Glymed Plus Eyelash Power Treatment are all examples of this type of product. Note that none of these products’ ads directly claim that they grow longer lashes; rather, they use phrases such “enhance and protect lashes” to explain the way these cosmetics work.

Unfortunately, selecting the one eyelash conditioner that will keep dehydrated eyelashes around a bit longer is a hit-or-miss proposition. Like hair conditioners, the eyelash serum that works well for one consumer may not do very much for the next one.

Botanicals for Eyelash Growth?

It is interesting to note that the botanicals apple and nettle in the formulation may not constitute the typical cosmetic company smokescreen that promises the moon while delivering few noticeable results. Apple stem cells possibly delay the aging of hair follicles; and nettle not only contains many beneficial hair conditioning agents, but also has been used in hair tonics to allegedly restore the hair’s natural color.

In a pinch, plain petroleum jelly will moisturize and soften eyelashes; but it is definitely not as elegant as the above-listed formulations, nor does it contain as wide a range of softeners and conditioning agents.


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