Dakolen Breast Enhancement Enlargement Pills Reviews

Dakolen Breast Enlargement Pills are herbal breast enhancement product from the Czech Republic. It has been certified by the EU Organic Food regulations by the control body LU-BIO-04. 

One package of the product contains 40 tablets of herbal blends that allegedly enhance the size and firmness of breasts when taken over a period of time.


  • Enlarge, firm, shape up breasts in the natural ways




  • Normally US$ 30 per 40 tablet pack
  • Promo Pack 4+1 at USD$ 120


  • Unclear of the supplementary facts cause me to doubt the safety and integrity of this product, despite some positive reviews available on Amazon.co.uk’s website.
  • From what I can find out it seems the main ingredients in the tablets are herbal extracts of fennel, flaxseed, and hops.


They worked to reverse post-nursing “deflation”!
on December 20, 2014
“I used these after both of my children stopped nursing because my breasts were like deflated balloons and I’m small to begin with. I followed the directions and they reflated 🙂 after three months each time. Also greatly decreased my irritability and improved my mood. Any change post-pregnancy has not reverted. Back to “me” made me very happy and relieved.”

“Will keep taking it

By Edita Vinslauskiene on 26 Feb. 2016

Verified Purchase

I’ve been taking this tabs for a month. The result is not impressive, but my breast became a bit, just tiny firmer. Will keep taking it”

My Thoughts on the Product – Pros and Cons:

Many positive reviews on Amazon.co.uk which is somewhat trustworthy since they are verified buyers’ reviews.

I personally believe that supplements work best with the combination of massage cream (Volufiline cream), and massage (manual or enlargement pumps).

My personal favorite

I prefer Total Curve as it comes with the supplement product with a clear list of ingredients, and Volufiline cream at the price of USD 40 per month (when you buy it in a promo package). It is US FDA approved and has endless positive feedback from real users from

It is US FDA approved and has endless positive feedback from real users from their website as well as our readers. I have personally used the product and experienced great growth.

To make the growth last, you have to use the massage and watch what you eat. Nutrition plays important part in this. So my thoughts on the pills are that they will give you the tingle and temporary growth (mostly from water retention). But if you want to maintain the growth, combine it with the massage and pump like I have recommended.



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