Dangers of Breast Implants

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Breast augmentation surgery has grown in popularity since the 1990’s, with a lot of women now walking around on this planet with breasts that they were not born with. Although breast augmentation surgery has become so popular, this does not mean you should assume that it is relatively harmless. It is important to realize that this is still an invasive surgery and that complications can – and does – occur, perhaps more often than you know.

The following are the known dangers of breast implants;

High risk of leakageYou might think having a leaking implant will never happen to you? Think again. Over 1/3 of all women will experience an implant leakage within their first three years of having surgery. This will not only cause for a breast to look like a deflated balloon, but it can also be very dangerous for your health. There is no insurance for this, so repairs and ongoing health consequences are all on you and our wallet.

  • High Risk of Scar Tissue There is a very good chance you will develop some scar tissue around the breast, also referred to as capsular contracture. In this particular case, scar tissue forms, and drags around the implant, and presses against the implant. This can cause infection and pain, the scar tissue will need to be removed by surgery, and often the implant must be removed as well.
  • High risk of hematoma and seroma Hematoma and seroma refer to the collection of the aqueous portion of blood within the blood tissue. If you develop a hematoma or seroma, you can develop an infection and capsular contracture as mentioned above. Although these can be treated without surgery, if the problem persists, hematomas and seromas will need to be drained so that they can heal. 
  • Reduced Sensation If you have breast augmentation done, you can expect to have both reduced the nipple and decreased breast sensationdangers of breast implants(although there are events when the sensations increase). This can be either temporary or permanent, but there is usually some form of permanent loss of sensation in the breast implant.
  • Increasing pain Immediately after surgery, there will be a lot of pain. If you continue to be in pain for a long time, you may need your breasts re-adjusted. The size of the implants may be incorrect, or placement may be incorrect. If you experience a significant amount of pain, you should make an appointment with your plastic surgeon for a consultation.
  • Breast asymmetry It’s not uncommon for breast implants to be asymmetrical. One may hang lower than the other, or your nipples may be noticeably uneven. In such a case, you will need to undergo another surgery to fix your breast augmentation.
  • Breast tissue atrophy and chest wall deformation The pressure in the breast implant can cause a lot of health problems for you. This can result in the breast tissue to actually becoming very thin and to shrink around the implant, and may exist either as the implant is in place, or even after it has been removed.

So there you have it, the list of all the most common side effects and dangers of breast implants. And remember that even though you know someone who has got it done, and that none of these things has happened to that person, it does not mean that they will never happen to you. I don’t mean to scare you but I would like you to be aware of the possibility. I’d like to also inform you that there are thousands of women including myself, who have used natural methods to grow 2-4 cup sizes. The results are safe, easy, painless, and permanent. If you’d like to learn more about it, go to this page to read more!

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