The Best Over the Counter Diet Pills That Work

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According to the Center for Disease Control, in 2009, they were responsible for a telephone survey inquiring about obesity. This survey reports that an estimated 72 million adults in the US are obese, with the South being on top for the number of obese residents.

When asked, most individuals would welcome the chance to lose weight safely and quickly.

Many adults are searching for miracle drugs to help them to lose weight. Weight loss products or even the diet pills over the counter you may find are such as fat burners, carbohydrate blockers, appetite suppressants, and diuretics.

These products are all some people need to begin their weight loss regime of eating right and exercise. Everyone that takes one of these diet supplements understands that the diet supplements only work when exercise and a healthy diet are part of the program.

Fat burners and metabolism boosters help by triggering specific hormones in the body that jump-start the fat burning process.

Thermogenics are fat burners that increase your metabolism by increasing your internal body temperature. They are also referred to as ECA stacks, which accounts for ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin.

Increasing your metabolism with thermogenics promotes lipolysis, which is the degradation of body fat for use as energy.

Products that work as fat burners not only help burn fat, but also give your metabolism a boost that will help your body have more energy. When your body has more energy, the body burns more calories. Combining the fat burner and metabolism booster with a healthy diet and exercise will increase the results for weight loss.

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  • Appetite suppressants control the hunger factor. They help block the hunger sensors that go to the brain. They calm the hunger pains so you will eat less.
  • Fat binders collect most of the fat that goes into your stomach and discards it. They do this by collecting the fat into a capsule form and making the fat too large for the cell to absorb.
  • Carb blockers block the carbohydrates from turning into sugar in the body. They tackle the carbs in the large intestine and keep them from absorption.
  • Metabolism boosters’ are responsible for helping to jump-start your energy so that your body burns calories faster. Diuretics help to remove excess water from your body.

All of these weight loss products work as long as the person is following a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking the proper amount of water, eating lean meats, and incorporating exercise programs into their life.

Best diet pill over the counter:

When you make that New Year’s resolution to lose weight or your doctor says that you need to lose weight, it becomes very important to find something that can help control the hunger, give you more energy, and reduce the water weight that you have.

You have chosen the diet plan that you wish to follow and you have made an appointment to begin the new gym down the street, where can you find the energy boosting effects that you need to make the weight loss program a pills

There are no miracle drugs on the market today that a person can take and immediately drop 100 pounds. There are miracle drugs that can help with specific problem areas in weight loss. Below are some of the products that stimulate weight loss.

Top Fat Burners/Metabolism boosters:

For you to be successful at weight loss, you will need to spend energy by adding in some exercise programs.

You will also need to decrease the high carbohydrate and high saturated fat.

Diet supplements such as Metabolism boosters help by increasing the energy a body has during a day. They cause the body to burn fat quicker and make you feel more active.

Unhealthy fatty foods cause you to gain weight so combining fat burners and metabolism boosters with a new exercise program will most likely result in a significant weight loss.

If you happen to have low energy levels you may need some help to get the body moving in the right direction. Some of the best products on the market only work their best when you commit to a healthy diet and exercise while taking the supplements.

Combining these products with a healthy diet and exercise will surely give you the results you are looking for in the end.

Here are some of the top rated diet pills; the the best over the counter diet pills that work as boosting supplements on the market today:

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Appetite suppressants:

People tend to get very hungry when they start a new diet.

It’s understandable since they are used to consuming high fat and a large amount of calories.

After a day or two of dieting, a person will find themselves reaching for foods high in fat to curb the hunger. Appetite suppressants can help when this happens. A suppressant can reduce the amount of calorie intake and therefore can result in significant weight loss for that person.

Suppressants combined with a metabolism booster can help you reach your ideal body fat and body weight. They work hand in hand at helping you eat less and burning more calories by being more active.

You will not become dependent on the appetite suppressant because as you eat less and less your stomach size will also shrink. This will allow you to feel full faster. Of course, you will need to be aware of what you eat, as some sugary foods might not take that much room in your stomach but is packed with calories.

Plus, high sugary foods make your insulin levels fluctuate. This will cause you to feel hungry more often resulting in you eating unhealthy and excessively.

A good appetite suppressant can keep a person from getting the hunger pains or cravings that cause them to reach for the chocolate candy or the large cheesy pizza.

The appetite suppressant will calm those hunger pains by sending a message to the brain that says you are not hungry and that you can satisfy your hunger with something healthier.

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The appetite suppressant is very important when beginning a new eating program. The change from large portions of high carb, high fat foods, to a more sensible healthy plan, may cause hunger at first.

The suppressants trick the brain into telling the stomach that they are full. The brain sends a message that gives the person the feeling of fullness. This will allow the person to make better choices when it is time to eat.

When using appetite suppressants make sure to eat a healthy diet. Some people may find that the appetite suppressants work so well that they do not eat enough food during the day. It is just as important to eat the right amount of food, as it is to eat too little. Check out future articles online that discuss appetite suppressants in detail.

Here are some of the top selling diet pills / the best diet pills over the counter that work as appetite suppressant;

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Fat Binders:

Fat binders act like the “Pac-man game” by chomping down on bad fat and consuming the fat. When you eat food that is high in fat, a fat binder supplement will take up to 50% of the fat and capture it by capsuling the fat, turning it to a gel-like substance.

The capsule form surrounding the fat makes it too large for our body to use it so it remains in the stomach until the completion of elimination.

Fat binders are one of the dieters’ unique supplements that are helpful for someone who enjoys eating fried foods. I don’t recommend that you rely on this supplement. Just try to eat as healthy as you can and only use this type of supplement occasionally when you feel like treating yourself some of your favorite fried foods.

Possible Side Effects:

fat bindersA few individuals have stated that fat binders have increased the grease in your stools or bowel movements. Some people may experience this side effect but not everyone.

Fat binders work really well when a person eats too much fast food or junk food.

The binders will attach to portions of the fat that someone consumes but does not remove it all. Some fat is a necessary in a healthy diet. You need to eat some fat for your body to function properly and be able to absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

Here are some of the popular fat binding supplements; the best over the counter diet pills

Diuretics/Getting Rid of Bloating:

Diuretics have been around for a long time. They became popular and very helpful in reducing the water weight and the fluid retention that women experience each month.

Companies began producing these diuretics to help the women reduce their bloating and water weight gain. After research and testing, it was also discovered that the properties in caraway seeds and sauerkraut could help reduce the bloating.

When researchers began to learn how bad, excess fluid was for the body and that it could lead to heart problems or blood pressure issues, they began working on solutions.

Researchers learned that diuretics could help by removing fluid from the cells in the body. People on diuretics were happy with their quick weight loss when the fluid was removed. A diuretic is good when someone needs to drop a few pounds fast for important events such as weddings or for body builders in the competition.

It is important that diuretics be only taken for a short period with a doctor monitoring blood pressures and electrolyte balances.

Removing fluid also means you’re removing some necessary minerals such as sodium and potassium from the body. Some salt is important in the body but too much can be dangerous.

When someone is overweight, the body is usually holding at least five extra pounds of fluid.

To jump-start the weight loss, some people will search for a diuretic that is safe to take temporarily. These over the counter diuretics will work by increasing the amount of filtration of water from the body.

It is important to know that fluids lost with diuretics will quickly replace themselves as soon as you begin eating and drinking again. Drinking at least eight glasses of water along with a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables can help reduce water weight gain on a daily basis.

Carb Blocker:

Carbohydrate blockers or starch blockers help prevent the body from absorbing carbohydrates. These are useful when a person is diabetic. Physicians sometimes prescribe a carb blocker when someone has problems with sugar absorption from the carbohydrates they eat.

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Extracts such as Phaseolus vulgaris, found in white kidney beans, is a safe and effective ingredient found in carb blockers. Every person has a starch digestion enzyme in his or her body. The carb blockers help to prevent this enzyme from absorbing the carbs therefore; helping the body to release the carbs during elimination instead of turning them into sugar.

Some people who took the carb blockers have complaint of gas or bloating. This is a side effect as the result of the carbohydrates reaching the large intestine.

This side effect causes some people to stop taking the carbohydrate blocker after a short period.

For those who can tolerate or do not experience the side effects see great results in lower blood sugar levels and even less craving for starchy foods.

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According to the American Dietetic Association, it is important to combine fiber into the diet to help one feel full. This will cut down on the amount of carbohydrates you might feel compelled to consume.

With a balanced diet of fresh fruits, and vegetables, and weight loss supplements, a person can be successful at losing large amounts of weight. The answer to weight loss is sticking to a plan of healthy diets, drinking water, exercise, and the best weight loss supplements on the market.

Following an eating plan with all natural foods, low bad carbohydrates, smaller portions of red meats, and including the correct amount of water can help any of these weight loss aides to work. The Food and Drug Administration requires clinical trials and testing to approve any diet pill for the market. Rest assured that the products on the market today have testing to back up their safety and promises.

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