How to Dye Hair at Home

Although coloring hair at home can seem like a big risk, there are some easy ways to help make sure it’s a successful process that leaves any woman with beautiful hair. Ensuring that everything is prepared for dyeing hair the right way is a simple process that anyone can complete successfully. It’s easy to save time and money by dyeing hair at home instead of scheduling a salon appointment.

How to Choose the Right Hair Dye Color

When dyeing hair at home, it’s important to choose a color that will be simple to use –pick a color within two to three shades of the natural color. Doing an extreme color, such as going from brunette to blond, is a difficult process and should be done at a salon. However, doing a simple gray cover or coloring hair slightly darker or lighter can easily be done at home.

Most hair color boxes have a shade scale on them. Use the scale to determine how close the dye color will be to the natural hair color. This is a good measure of how easy it will be to use the dye.

Prepare Hair for Hair Dye

Hair needs to be ready for coloring for the dye to take successfully. Dyes contain harsh chemicals that can damage hair if it isn’t strong enough to hold them, and this can result in hair that looks burnt or damaged. Be prepared to dye hair several days in advance. There are a few things that can be done to get hair in shape for coloring.

Condition hair with a deep and strengthening conditioner in the two days before coloring hair. This will strengthen hair, help it hold on to moisture better and prepare it for the damage that can be caused by dyes. Strong, healthy hair is more likely to hold a color better.

Wash hair the night before coloring, instead of that day. Shampoo and conditioners can leave chemicals in hair that interfere with the dye process, and wet hair won’t color as well.

Supplies Needed to Dye Hair at Home

There are a few things that are necessary for a successful hair color treatment at home. Aside from the dye kit, which should include dye and gloves, ensure that a few other essentials are available. Home hair coloring needs include

  • A wide-tooth comb
  • Several large hair clips
  • Petroleum jelly
  • A button-down shirt

Wear the button-down shirt instead of a T-shirt while applying the dye. This will eliminate the need to pull a shirt over the hair before washing it, which can interfere with the color and ruin the shirt. Choose an old button-down shirt to wear so that it won’t be ruined if dye gets on it.

Hair Dye at Home

Follow all instructions on the dye kit for the best results. They have specific instructions that make the brand of dye work best. However, there are some basic steps to follow that work for any type of dye.

  • Wear gloves when working with the dye.
  • Mix the dye and ensure that it matches the description in the instructions before using it.
  • Separate hair into four sections with the wide-tooth comb.
  • Create a central part from the forehead to the crown of the head, and then make a part from ear to ear, so that there are four individual sections of hair.
  • Clip the hair up using the large hair clips to keep it separated.
  • Place a small amount of petroleum jelly on the parts to prevent the skin from being dyed.
  • Begin with a front section of hair. Apply the dye from the roots of the hair to the ends, and make sure all of the hair is covered. Clip the hair back up and color the second front section before moving to the back.
  • Once all sections of the hair have been dyed, set a timer according to the instructions, and allow the dye to set.
  • Rinse hair out before shampooing and conditioning with products designed to protect and enhance colored hair. These will help keep colored hair looking better for longer, instead of stripping the dye away from the hair.
  • Wait at least a full day before washing hair again to allow the dye to sit.

If the color comes out wrong, call a salon and ask for tips, or call the dye manufacturer. Coloring hair at home is simpler than it seems, and it can save a great deal of time and money –important things for any busy woman. Keep in mind that hair needs a touch-up every four to six weeks as the roots grow out.

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