Fennel Seeds in Natural Breast Enlargement Remedy

Fennel is a spice or a magnificent aromatic herb that is used both as a spice, vegetable and medicinal plant.

The origins

fennel seeds_There are many tales about fennel. The Roman Pliny tells us for example that snakes cannot see until they rubbed their eyes against the fennel. It is no surprise that the herb gained a reputation for being good to poor vision and cataracts.

Even earlier, the Egyptians were so fond of fennel that it has been featured on papyrus scrolls that have since found in the royal tombs. In the Middle Ages was considered fennel to protect against evil spirits and devils, and they hung up because of the doors and carried it in bags on the neck. Even Shakespeare was interested in fennel and argues in Hamlet that the herb is a true oracle.

Most people think that fennel is derived from the Mediterranean region and spread further across the world by the Romans and Arab traders. The herb is also known in Indian and Chinese medicine.

The name fennel originates from the Latin name, Foeniculum, from fenum that means hay. The herb smells much more than hay and the source of the anise-like aroma is the essential oil anethol (aniskamfer). The smell comes up if you touch the leaves.

Fennel is actually a perennial herb, but it is difficult to grow in cold climate. The herb has deep roots, hollow stems and feathery puffs and blooms with yellow flowers that bloom in summer time.

Fennel can be nearly two meters high and therefore need plenty of space.In appearance it is like dill but the rewards are more ovoid and it has a longer leaf discs than dill. It is also easy to recognize the fennel on the scent.

Fennel flowers usually do not bloom until the second year. Seeds  can be harvested in the fall most easily by cutting the stems and through the process later they will become yellow. The stems can then be hung upside down in a paper bag that gradually collects the seeds when they fall.

Fennel seeds in alternative medicine

Fennel is often used in natural medicine. The seeds have antispasmodic properties and are believed to promote digestion, reduce flatulence and help with indigestion. They can also be chewed to enhance the breath. In  the old days, people ate fennel seeds to suppress hunger pangs.

The herb can also be used for coughs because the essential oil is an expectorant. It is also considered anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and increases the formation of milk in nursing mothers.

Fennel is also available as a vegetable, tuber fennel or sweet fennel. The edible part consists of the swollen leaf brackets .

Fennel is a popular vegetable, especially in Italy.

How do fennel seeds help when it comes to natural breast enlargement?

Since one of the properties of fennel seeds is they increase the formation of milk in nursing mothers, they are supposedly able to help promote the formation of breast and uterine tissue when consume in high doses.

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Who should avoid taking fennel seeds?

Studies show that fennel may lower the effectiveness of the antibiotic Cipro (ciprofloxacin) and very likely the other medicines in the ciprofloxacin family. So if your medical condition requires these drugs, it is recommended that you avoid taking the herb.