Does Fenugreek Really Work to Help Enhance Your Breasts?

About Fenugreek

Fenugreek seed or fenugreek is a legume similar to those of cereals. It is widely used in Indian cuisine, which when roasted a bit it tastes less bitter and has reminiscent of caramel or maple syrup. Fenugreek can be consumed, whole, crushed or germinated. This last way is delicious in salads, providing crisp texture. You can also steaming.

Fenugreek flour is used for making different types of breads, like bread called Egypt and batter. Fenugreek powder is used as a spice to flavor soups, vegetables and pickles.

The leaves of the plant are also used: can be added to salads or prepared as a vegetable.

Fenugreek plant

Fenugreek and Natural Breast Enhancement

Fenugreek plant is an herb medicines used for various purposes, among which is increasing the bust. This is because it contains a high percentage of protein (27% of the weight of the seeds). Because of this through its consumption alone or other beverages the infusion allows the growth of breast tissue.

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There has been some talk about whether the fenugreek plant works and if it has more to do with weight gain rather than growth specifically around the bust. But each person’s experience with natural breast enhancement is unique. Some people might experience the growth and improvement in the breast size and firmness rather quickly with one fenugreek. At the same time, some people might feel only slight tingling on their breasts.

How is Fenugreek Related to Natural Breast Enhancement?

Fenugreek is rich in phytoestrogens, a plant-based form of the female hormone which is responsible for the growth of the breasts during puberty. It is believed that by by taking the right doses of the fenugreek in combination with other breast herbs (like Pueraria Mirifica, etc) on a daily basis will increase and make the breasts larger within three to six months.

Properties of Fenugreek

  • Because of its composition is a very suitable food to strengthen the body and treat digestive ailments.
  • Low sugar rate and stimulates diuresis.
  • In poultices, used to “mature” frozen beans or some kind of boils.
  • Fenugreek is widely used in tea or tablets to whet your appetite.

Fenugreek nutritional information (per 50 g.)

  • 395 calories.
  • 28 g. carbohydrate.
  • 14 g. protein (25 percent of the daily requirement)
  • 4 g. fat.
  • The highlight of fenugreek is its extraordinarily rich in easily assimilated protein: nothing less than to 30% by weight.
  • It is also a good source of vitamin A, iron and phosphorus.

Usage Suggestion

Fenugreek seeds

If you try to increase your breasts naturally, drinks tea from fenugreek and accompany it with a low calorie diet, like the Mediterranean diet or any other balanced diet with high lean protein, in addition to daily physical exercise.

This way you control your weight through diet and exercise and you’ll get the properties of breast enhancement that the fenugreek offers.

To speed up the results, you can also mix it up with other herbs such as Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam, Red Clover, Kelp, Dandelion Root, etc.

This is why we recommend Breast Actives as well as Total Curve as the supplement has the right blends of all the herbs in the right proportion for maximum benefits and results. (You can read our Breast Actives review here!)
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