Foods You Should Avoid This Holiday Season

I agree that it’s holiday season, no one wants to be hard on themselves when it comes to food. Everyone wants to enjoy whatever there is. But the thing is this type of attitude always comes back to bite us in the behind when the holidays are over. Those inches that we added just wish we had been more careful.

And that’s what we think to ourselves sometime in the 2nd week of January every year. Well, I don’t know about you, but I certainly have been there.

healthy foods for holiday season

So here’s my quick guide to you. Ok, we know that we probably should be eating things like cookies, cakes, and soda , or at least just not so much off. But while being able to avoid those foods, thinking we were safe, some foods just really sneaked up on us.

There are 5 obvious ones that you can cut out of your holiday diet and I can promise you that while friends and family whine about their holiday weight, you will be asked by them out of envy what you do to stay in such great shape!


Eggnog is full of empty calories (calories without nutritional value), very high in saturated fat, and the alcohol is known to be the first thing that will be turned into that fat around your waistline.

If it’s a really inevitable choice of food for you, compensate by eating more of salad or healthier choice of food with it.phen-cta3

High-calorie Stuffing

This is another high-calorie holiday food that we love and should try to avoid (or at least cut down on). It is so high in carbohydrates, which means that is the first thing to turn into fat, should you not use up all the calories.

The fat used in the Turkey stuffing is the turkey fat itself which is saturated fat (the worst kind of fat there is). And this fat gets soaked up into the bread of the stuffing and ultimately, that’s what ends up in our belly.

So if you can, cut down or avoid the stuffing altogether. This will serve you good!

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Spiced Nuts

It’s true that while nuts are generally healthy and are recommended as snack food for people on diet, spiced nuts are just another story. These nuts are high in sodium and seasoning like butter, which ends up adding extra amount of extra calories into them. So if you really would like, take a handful of them and no more!

Cinnamon Buns

This is a tough one for me. There is something about these buns and hot coffee on cold days that just is the perfect combination. But soon after you munch on those buns, you’re going to realize that you will have to pay for this, health-wise.

If you really have to have some, try and bake them yourself so you can make better choices of what to use. Choose whole-grained flour or add oatmeal for extra fiber and protein into the buns, and use less of the sugar. It might not taste as good, but you won’t have to spend as long on that treadmill after the holiday is over.

Chocolate Truffles

Even though chocolate in itself is not the worst thing (in fact, dark chocolate is quite healthy), when you buy it from bakery or supermarkets, they usually use a lot of sugar and high-fat shortening in it.

If you want some, why not make a healthier version of it yourself. You can choose to put less sugar in and use low-fat milk.

So here they are, the 5 foods that you should avoid (or go easy on) this holiday.

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