The French Woman’s Secrets to Beauty

The term “French Paradox” should not be limited to the famous French diet, but also the mystery of how less product, maintenance, and time in front of the mirror can equal such flawlessly chic beauty that we

American women can learn a great deal from the French woman’s minimalistic approach to beauty that gives them that coveted “Je ne sais quoi”. Here are five key tips to help you approach beauty like a French woman.

Skincare – Get that natural glow

Great skin starts from the inside. You’ll be surprised at how much drinking lots of water and eating tons of fruits and veggies (which are a strong foundation to the French diet) will improve skin clarity and tone, giving it that illustrious glow.

Also, having a great skin care regimen is key. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize daily.

Be sure to also incorporate an exfoliating scrub twice a week as well as a mask.

Investing in a monthly facial for a deep cleanse will also help improve your skin’s health and texture. When you have a great base it alleviates the need for too much product on your face, letting your natural beauty radiate.

A Natural Approach to Makeup: Minimalistic and understated

When it comes to makeup French women keep it simple. They don’t clutter their makeup bag with a lot of products and they don’t obsess for hours in front of the mirror, but yet they always have a look of sophistication and glamour. Here are a few products that no French femme could do without.

  • Concealer – for blemishes or under eye darkness
  • Mascara
  • A great everyday natural lipstick
  • Eye liner
  • Red lipstick – a nice bold touch for the evening

These few products are great for creating that nonchalant French beauty that we admire so much.

Diet – They don’t get fat!

How is it that French women can enjoy a diet of pastries, baguettes, chocolate, cheese, and wine and still remain so slim?

Mireille Guiliano, the CEO of Veuve Cliquot, who wrote the best seller French Women Don’t Get Fat reveals the secrets to the French approach to food and diet like no other. She draws our attention to the American obsession with fad diets, eating on the go, and lacking a basic interest of what we put into our bodies.

Instead, she urges American women to focus on the art of dining, to take our time while eating and enjoy the meal and the conversation, to pay attention to every bite so that you can also pay attention to when you are full.

Changing your focus to developing an overall healthier lifestyle instead of trying to lose pounds quickly will attribute to an overall better understanding of our bodies and food.

They Don’t Obsess at the Gym

You don’t see French women spending hours at the gym. In fact, you don’t see French Women at the gym at all.

Incorporating natural exercise into everyday life is the French woman’s key to staying slim. Walking, biking, taking the stairs, are all ways of having a more active lifestyle and keeping the pounds off.

Confidence and Sexuality at Any Age

French women are incredibly comfortable in their own skin and their sexuality and confidence continues to blossom with age.

They aren’t afraid of becoming undesirable because they don’t equate youth with beauty.

The American fascination with eternal youth has women screaming for the hills at 40, running towards plastic surgery, anti wrinkle creams, hair extensions, anything to make them appear forever young and retouched.

No wonder we are terrified of our own natural process, we seem to be so repulsed by it. Find the beauty and confidence within, and you’ll feel sexy and radiant no matter what.

Have a Great Perfume

Perfume is as synonymous with French culture as cheese or champagne, and is every great French woman’s calling card. Coco Chanel even stated, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future”.

Smell is one of the strongest forms of sensory we have. We announce our presence with our fragrance, and it’s the impression left lingering when we go.

So when picking your signature scent, be diligent about it. Try many different scents and don’t be shy about asking for a sample so you can observe how the scent wears and how it makes you feel. Find something that is uniquely you don’t be afraid to combine different fragrances to create something original.

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