How to Get Glowing Skin

I have made a greatly reliable and accurate statement when I said my herbal remedies work as good as any creams in the market. I am 100 per cent certain that I was right about the statement.

You might sometimes experience slight irritation or difficulty in following my herbal methods but I can guarantee you some potentially life changing results if you do this properly.

I am going to introduce 5 of my best methods in this section. I might add few more later on but let’s focus on these 5 methods for now.

Home remedy #1 – Sizzler mix

Our first remedy takes 4 cycles before we see big results. One cycle is 7 days.

Take a full lemon and cut it into 7 equal pieces. Take one piece and leave the rest inside the fridge. Take the piece of lemon and slowly rub it all over your face, neck and ears. Avoid using them close to your eyes and do not use them on your hair either. Occurrence of slight irritation indicates that it is working and hence ignore it and continue to work it on your skin. Once finished, put few drops of honey on your hand and rub it on top of lemon and all the irritation would come to a halt. Leave it on your skin as long as possible for maximum results. Wash it off after few hours and put some Aloe Vera before you sleep.

Do it for 7 days and that would make one cycle. Do four cycles and it would make your skin glow like never before, this is certain. Within one week you would see effective skin whitening and in one month it would be huge.

Tips: Do 4 cycles and reassess the method. May be you would require to do it only 3 days a week after that. You need to be able to make your own tweaks at the beginning or half way through to find out what works best for you.

Home remedy #-2 – The Grand mix

Get some top quality turmeric powder/root. I would advise getting a turmeric root and grinding it yourself to obtain the finest pulp. I would also suggest 1-2 teaspoon of pulp depending on the area you would like to target. Add one teaspoon of honey to it. Add similar amount of lemon and mix it thoroughly. Then add two teaspoons of cucumber juice and then keep adding milk until it is liquid enough to apply to your face. Make it a fine pulp that can be painted evenly all over your face and neck.

Grand mix is now ready and it must be applied thoroughly over your face and left there as long as possible. This fine little treatment will make your face glow and you will attain a fine clearer skin tone. You will start noticing skin whitening effects of this treatment within 2 weeks of consistent use of this mix.

Tips: Do it for a month and you will get a much fairer skin. Keep doing it until you see desired results.

Home remedy #3 Exotic mix

Are you blessed with papaya in your neighbourhood? If you are, then you are among the lucky bunch of people who can take advantage of this great fruit.

Get some fine papaya pulp. We are using papaya as the main mask in this mix, so it should be more papaya. Add some orange juice to the mix and then some of the finest yogurt available. Mix them thoroughly until you get a great mask that can be applied on your face, neck and wherever necessary.

Now paint the mix on your face. Leave it on for an hour and wash it off. Don’t apply any chemicals to your face. It works wonders. And guess what? It is natural skin whitening at its best.

Home remedy #4 Green mix!

To prepare the exotic green mix, you require some top quality Oats/barley. Fill a bowl with enough oats/barley to apply all over your face and neck. Add enough yogurt to make it smooth and creamy. Add 2 teaspoons of fine turmeric powder and mix properly. Leave it in the fridge for few mins.

The mixture is now ready to go on your face and neck. Apply evenly all over your face and neck. LET IT STAY THERE FOR AN HOUR!

After letting the mix work its miracle, wash it off without using any chemical and dry your face. Once done, apply some Argan oil to your face.

Follow this simple yet effective method for a month and achieve astounding results that may change your life!

Home remedy #5 – Virgin mix!

For this mix you need wheat flour as the main ingredient. Fill a bowl with enough white flour to go over your face and neck. Add some cucumber juice to it, followed by milk and then top it up with extra virgin olive oil.

Stir the mix for 30 seconds till it becomes an even spread. Keep it refrigerated for few minutes.

Now paint it evenly over your face and neck. Leave it on for an hour or as long as you can to let the mix do its magic.

Wash it off and experience miraculously lovely skin.

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