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Sexual intercourse is important for any budding relationship, which is why ladies with a low sex drive need a female libido enhancer. However, many couples opt not to discuss the matter and would rather have sex infrequently.

Others do away with the meaningful, personal part of the act and take to it as a sense of duty. This not only builds a rift between them emotionally but it takes away a vital and intimate aspect of the relationship. A female libido enhancer can help rectify the situation and rebuild the relationship. Sex drive boosters are varied and they can be utilized depending on the circumstance.

Female Libido Enhancer


There are different foods that can be used to increase a woman’s sex drive. This is one of the most effortless and healthy ways to employ a female libido enhancer. These foods include;

  • Pumpkin seeds – They are known to contain arginine, an amino acid that increases the flow of blood in the genitals thus enhancing female libido. Additionally, pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, which helps maintain sexual yearning in women thus an essential female libido enhancer.
  • Soy – Foods made with soy have sufficient amounts of phytoestrogen, which increases a woman’s sexual desire and arousal.
  • Oysters – They are a rich source of zinc and they help increase testosterone production in women. This contributes to a boost in the female sex drive.
  • Almonds and Brazilian nuts – They both have essential fatty acids and also have the amino acid arginine present in pumpkin seeds. Almonds are known to be a female libido enhancer through their natural scent.
  • Garlic – It contains the compound Allicin, which is known to enhance the flow of blood to the sex organs.
  • Asparagus – Besides the good taste of asparagus, it has the added benefit of various nutrients including Vitamin E, which aids in testosterone production. In addition, asparagus contains folic acid responsible for increased production of histamine thus a woman can attain maximum sexual pleasure.
  • Bananas and avocados – A banana is also known to be a good female libido enhancer. It not only provides energy necessary for sexual intercourse but, it also increases testosterone production, similar to avocados. What’s more however is that avocados also have potassium, which enhances female libido by regulating the thyroid gland.


A relationship can fizzle away due to lack of communication. Likewise, a woman’s sex drive can decrease due to lack of conveying what she likes or doesn’t like. As a female libido enhancer, openly talking about sex keeps a relationship strong and fresh. It also adds essence to the sexual experience because the couple is looking to please and enjoy each other.

It is unfortunate that many women fear bringing up what they would like their significant others to do for them, sexually. However, if there is to be an increase in sex drive, it is important that your partner understand what feels good and turns you on.

Of course, when discussing the issue, it is necessary to broach the subject in a positive and sensitive manner. Let your partner know your concerns and then you can both come up with ways to improve your sexual encounters. This is a female libido enhancer that can bring a couple closer and increase intimacy in the relationship.

In regards to communication too, compliment your partner and have him or her compliment you back. This builds confidence which in turn increases sexual desire. Women like feeling good about their physical features and appearance. Flattering remarks and loving gestures are a great female libido enhancer and a wonderful way to keep the fire burning.


Even though prescription drugs should be a last resort, they are necessary in some instances where a medical condition is concerned. As a female libido enhancer, drugs should only be prescribed by a doctor to avoid complications. Some women suffer from low sex drives due to medication they may be taking for other ailments. Through tests, a doctor can determine whether this is the case and get you a prescription that will not affect your libido.

There are pills, sprays, gels and patches in the market that are being promoted as female sex drive enhancers. However, it is crucial to understand the side effects of any female libido enhancer before purchasing the drugs. Doctors are in a position to offer sound advice and information on sexual medication in the market. Be well informed before taking any drugs.

Women suffering from depression usually have medication that may interfere with their sex drive. Doctors are aware of this and it is now possible to get antidepressants that will not hinder your sex drive. It is important to discuss the issue with your doctor to ensure you get a prescription that is helpful while keeping your libido active. Drugs as a female libido enhancer should always be taken as directed by a doctor.


There are sex therapists that can help out with cases of decreased sex drive. An experienced counselor can be invaluable in instances where trauma, sexual fear, emotional indifference and past experiences are affecting a woman’s sex drive. This kind of counseling is important because it helps individuals face their fears, get answers on various sexual matters and learn techniques that can help improve their sex life.

Therapy is a female libido enhancer that works much better than drugs especially in cases where emotions are the result of a low sex drive. Couples can visit a counselor together and learn ways to improve their intimacy. They can also learn to communicate better thus enhance their sexual experience.

The Conclusion

A female libido enhancer is only part of what can help a woman increase her sexual desire. The other part has to do with her brain connecting with her body and enjoying the whole experience. The brain works by sending signals to the rest of the body thus drawing a reaction. If a woman has her mind on getting intimate, then this will increase her sex drive and thus produce a pleasurable encounter. Therefore, it is vital to note that the psyche plays a role as a female libido enhancer.

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