How to Get Sexy Arms: Sexy, Sleek and Lean Arms is what Women Want

While the elusiveness of abdominal muscles continues to be the number one problem area in regard to the physiques of both women and men, the arms seem to be creeping up the list according to most women. Adorning the covers of many fitness magazines these days are women with sleek, lean and sexy arms. This new appreciation for female biceps and triceps has women going sleeveless move often than ever before.

The process of getting into tank top shape may be as easy as going back to the basics. With all of the new fancy, high tech workout gadgets marketed through infomercials it all can get confusing to those looking to hone in on what really works. When all else fails it’s good to know you can always turn to good old fashioned weight lifting. Here are a few simple elements involved in optimizing the biceps and triceps.

Tantalizing Triceps

The triceps muscles make up the back of the arm. This is an area that tends to droop or hang when a woman begins to get out of shape. For many women this is a very embarrassing occurrence. Although performing cardio, while sticking to a super strict diet can help resurrect these slumping muscles, weight lifting is the key to super triceps for both women and men.

There is one triceps exercise that should be included in any quality weight training program: triceps push-downs. This movement can be performed in the gym on a cable machine or at home with a resistance band and accompanying door knob. While standing, knees slightly bent, back arched and head raised, grab hold of the apparatus or resistance band handles and push down. Extend the movement downwards until the triceps are fully engaged. Slowly allow the resistance to bring your arms back to the starting place where your forearms should be parallel to the floor.

Bionic Biceps

The much more celebrated muscles which make up the biceps are actually built upon the mighty foundation of the triceps. When each muscle group of the upper arm is optimally trained they complement each other beautifully. While the biceps are much smaller than their counterparts, the triceps, they also need consistent resistance training in order to attain a sexy leanness.

Biceps are worked primarily through curls. There are many different variations of the curl including; dumbbell, cable, barbell, incline, concentration and resistance band curls. They should all be experimented with, while using all of the different equipment available; however at the core, curls are simple and can be performed at home with dumbbells and resistance bands. The emphasis of any type of curl should be the slow process of squeezing the biceps really hard.

Synopsis of Sexy Arms

Women should no longer be intimidated by weight training. It is the greatest form of exercise and must be included in everyone’s health and fitness repertoire. For lean, sleek, sexy muscles each exercise should not exceed three sets and repetition ranges are best when kept between 8-15. The intensity must remain high by changing exercises, raising poundage and using a variety of grips and repetition sequences.

There are many valuable tips available on weight training for women in publications such as Prevention magazine and Self. For a more detailed exploration of weight training and how it affects the entire body-mind-spirit connection, check out the book, In the Bunker.

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