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There are a variety of weight loss supplement products made from coffee beans available today. The reasons for the popularity of the extract of pure green coffee beans are their ability to control blood sugar, helps you lose weight and delay aging.

Similarly, there are several products on the market that contain this ingredient, but which product is the best and most pure one? This review will provide an in depth view of the new product using green coffee bean extract for weight loss called Green Coffee Bean Max. So please read this post before buying as we will discuss the benefits and more.

This review will provide an in depth view of the new product using green coffee bean extract for weight loss called Green Coffee Bean Max. So please read this post before buying as we will discuss the benefits and more.

Pure Green Coffee Bean max bottle

This weight loss product is a pure extract of 100% green coffee bean extract that is being widely used due to its extraordinary power and effectiveness in fat burning. It caught the attention of a lot of health enthusiasts and has also been featured in a number of television stations. It is a proven and powerful supplement composed of 100% natural substances so that the risk of negative effects almost unbelievable.

What are green coffee beans?

Usually, the coffee beans are roasted to a degree to get the aroma, and the process is what makes it dark. However, studies show that in the process of roasting coffee beans destroys many of the components that are beneficial to human body. One of which is chlorogenic acid, the main component of coffee beans that prevent the formation and development of cancer.

Because of this finding, the discovery of the use of fresh green coffee beans rather than the roasted ones became a breakthrough in the world of science and herbal remedies.

Apart from this, another interesting discovery emerged. Even without the roasting process, the flavor and aroma of a cup of coffee made from green coffee beans do not change much.  In fact, there is no difference between the coffee made from fresh green coffee beans and the one with the beans that have been roasted.

Interestingly, in regards to the weight loss supplements, the coffee beans used are taken only from fresh coffee berries while in roasted coffee beans used in coffee are from the old or stale berries.

Green Coffee Bean Health Benefits

green coffee bean extract weight loss

There are so many benefits from taking this supplement, which include the following:

  • It lowers blood pressure – The roasted coffee is commonly referred to its effect in increasing blood pressure. However, contrary to common public knowledge, green coffee beans have the ability to lower blood pressure of a person. Studies have shown that patients with mild to moderate hypertension have shown a significant decrease in blood pressure when taken green coffee products. The possibility of these results is very high component associated with chlorogenic acid green coffee beans.
  • Has anti-cancer effects – Cancer is one of the most common causes of mortality and morbidity worldwide. Coffee is usually known for its high antioxidant components and use fresh green coffee antioxidant effects makes much better. Coffee antioxidant components actually work by the elimination of free radicals which are precursors of cancer and in the process to protect cell membranes.
  • Can stimulate the metabolism – Chlorogenic acid component of green coffee is known for its effect in altering the absorption of glucose from the body so that the faster metabolism. The body’s energy levels also increase as a direct result of rapid metabolism. A compound is known as cafestol, which becomes active with roasted also absent in the green coffee beans. This compound is actually known to increase the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood can be harmful.

Effects on Weight Loss

Weight Loss Properties in Green Coffee Bean Extract
Recent studies on the green coffee beans have shown a high possibility of weight loss from the use of the product. Several components of green coffee beans are linked to this opportunity to the high content of chlorogenic acid and antioxidant effects.

Chlorogenic acid, as mentioned above, affects the absorption of blood glucose. It actually works by ensuring that glucose is used properly. To this end, the body does not need to increase your intake of foods such as glucose requirement is supplied correctly. The compound also increases the body temperature, which is a natural process that facilitates fat burning.

Research has also shown that in normal people, the best way to lose weight is by eating foods with high concentration of antioxidants. Thus, green coffee beans may decrease naturally weight loss because it contains large quantities of such compound.

Product’s Ingredients

ingredients in Green Coffee Bean Max
Green Coffee Bean Max is pure green coffee beans which are made of natural materials. Contains high amounts of antioxidants and chlorogenic acid. No preservatives and additives are added, as they may affect the benefits that can be obtained from the product. Each serving contains 800 mg of extract of green coffee beans.

Side effects

The supplement contains 100% natural ingredients so that the risk of side effects almost unbelievable.

green coffee bean max review

What do the experts say?

Due to its numerous health benefits, experts suggest the use of green coffee bean. In addition, professionals who worked closely with the product added that since prepares naturally has no serious side effects or harmful.

In terms of its weight loss benefits, effective use of the product in combination with activities weight loss, such as exercise and diet modifications have proven to provide maximum results.

What is the price?

The price of a 1-month supply of the supplement is $ 39.95 and for a 2 month supply, the price is $ 79.95. However, those who want to save money you should get a supply of 6 months. 3 bottles have to be purchased, and 3 additional bottles are free. While the actual price of the offer 6 months should be $ 239.70 but can be purchased at a price of $ 119.70.

The product also comes with premium bonuses to help you get to your weight loss goal more easily.

  • Bonus #1 – free online weight loss management program
  • Bonus #2 – free weight loss secret e-book worth USD$29.97
  • Bonus #3 – free summer diets ebook worth USD $29.97

Therefore, the conclusion is that this product is a supplement of pure green coffee extract that stands out from the rest for the reasons mentioned.


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